Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Pickleball Boy Helps Show Off New Pickleball Merch

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And we have some great new items.

First we have this t-shirt.

I love this t-shirt.

It's very cool, very Summery.

It's got a van on it.

Very cool.

Then we have this hoodie right here.

Of course they're all very soft.

This cozy hoodie, double strings, Andy,

you like the double strings.

Love it.

Yep, all right.

Two strings are better than one.

That's what they say.

And then finally, y'all have heard me talk about pickleball.

We have these pickleball paddles.

If anybody plays pickleball-- and if you don't, you

should start playing, and the proceeds of this

go to the Ellen Fund to help save the mountain gorillas.

So it's very, very fun game.

If you don't-- and you can play anywhere.

You don't have to have a court. tWitch

and I are going to play right now.

We're going to show you how easy it is.

Get like a net or something.

I need a ballboy.

There he is.


Pickle boy ball.

Pickle ballboy.

Pickle ball boy.

Do you want a ball?

Yes, I do.

I do.

All right.

So anyway this is a very fun game.

All of these items are available online at the Ellen Shop,

and for the first time ever, you can also

buy them through our Instagram.

And then-- oh, no.

I was trying to get you there.

No thanks, pickleball.

Got them here.

Ah, I was trying to get you again.

Seriously, why am I here?

Just because you're very handsome.


See, I was about to give you the backhand.

Yeah, ready for It.

No, it was a play.

We'll be back.

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