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Hi guys, it's Annaliese again. We have been

inundated with all of your emails and

questions about what products we use in

our hair tutorial videos and I have to

actually be really honest with you

we're not actually that loyal to any

product I mean me personally I use a

variety of different products and I'm

not very happy with any of them.

Most products for curly hair tend to

leave your hair quite sticky with like a

kind of sticky residue after or I get

flakes in my hair or I find that the

product just ways my curls down.

Basically there's nothing that we find

that works a hundred percent. Right guys

so here's the big news

I'm so happy to announce that we are

going to be launching our very own hair

product range. We want to challenge the

hair care industry. We want to find out if

we can create a product that works for

curly hair. So a product line is not going

to be driven by financial targets and

how many volumes we can sell. It's all

about creating a high-performance

product that actually works for curly

hair, but don't worry guys we are still

going to be here for you with all that

hair tutorials as well as our tips and

tricks on how to maintain lashes curly

hair. You can always get in touch with us

leave us your comments and ask for advice

if you need to. Guys we want to let you

know what drives us and basically what I

manifesto is, we want to celebrate curls

in all their different shapes and sizes.

We want you to unleash your curly wavy

kinky self. We want to nature curls with

gentle natural products and we want you

to love the fact that every day is

different. With curls we want to spread

the curls love no matter what the size,

type or color. We will be developing our

products with world-class trichologists and

chemists and we'll be using the best

technology available conveying a true

craftsmanship and attention to detail. We

want our products to be carefully

crafted in small batches with no rush. We

want to go back to the roots of

craftsmanship using only ethical

authentic genuine ingredients. We've been

thinking about this a lot and we think

that in order

to create a really great product you

have to have a certain set of principles

that you're gonna follow. First off, we

want all of our products to be suitable

for vegans. Obviously we want all of our

products to be cruelty-free so that

means no animal testing no bunnies will

be harmed in the making of these

products. We want to use as many great

organic ingredients as possible. We want

to have an honest and fair supply chain,

we want to know our farmer's personally we

want to know exactly who is harvesting

our ingredients. Obviously we want our hair

products work on as many different color

types as possible, but at the same time

we want to be realistic

we know that it's very hard to have one

product work for everyone. So ladies get

in contact with us because we're going

to need you home to test that products.

Now obviously we have ideas on what we would

like to do, but we'd like to hear from

you first.

We'd love to know what would make your

ideal hair care range. Please feel free to

co-create these products with us. Be

involved as much as you would like to.

Please send us your opinions your

feedback in your thoughts. To stay in

touch and keep up-to-date with the

product development process, please sign

up to our weekly newsletter and will

keep you in the loop. So let's get to