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What is a Salt Water Pool System? Brought to you by Chlorine Genie Inc.

There are many alternatives to todays standard chlorinated pools giving consumers more choices

than ever when it comes to creating the perfect swimming experience.

Many are turning to the ever popularSalt Water Pooloption in hopes that it will

be less expensive, require less maintenance, and require less hazardous pool chemical transportation,

exposure, and storage issues. Today we will tackle the questionWhat

is a Salt Water Pool?” We will dispel some of the myths, and shed

some light on this popular pool equipment technology and see whether it is the perfect

choice for the best swim of your life. Salt water pools are simply a pool system

that usessalt in the pool waterto generate your own pool chlorine.

Rather than adding commercially bought chlorine to the pool manually with liquid or chlorinator

tablets, a chlorine generator manufactures your pool chlorine from salt and water.

You see... Commercial pool chlorine is not a pure product - in fact, it when you pour

a gallon of commercial chlorine into your pool as much as 90% of it is other chemical

inert ingredients making it an especially noxious and irritating chemical cocktail.

Every year there are many accidents reported resulting from miss handling pool chemicals.

(Read the labels): Fires, skin burns, lung, and respiratory damage, or even death from

misuse, or just plain old accidents involving chlorine that happen every year. For environmental

reasons, safety reasons, and the comfort and quality of the swim, many people are exploring

alternatives to standard chlorination methods. Salt in the pool systems employs chlorine

generator technology to manufacture chlorine products that differ significantly from store

bought pool chemicals. Water with an appropriate amount of dissolved salt in it passes through

an electronic salt chlorinator cell and creates chlorine to chlorinate your pool.

A common misconception is that salt water pool systems are achlorine free pool.”

This is not the case. A salt in the pool system is a pool that makes its own chlorine product

for sanitization rather than paying for commercial chemicals.

Your pool can be automatically sanitized without needing to fill a chlorinator with tablets

or handle dangerous liquid chlorine, and when the system is properly dialed in and working

properly chlorine levels are more consistent, providing better sanitation, and protection

across the spectrum.

But, Is it the Ultimate Pool Water Management System? Well let's dig a little further and

see. There are many searching for thatMagic

Pool System” - minimal maintenance, economical to use, user-friendly, and one that ensures

maximum results, safety, and comfort of the swim.

Consumers and pool owners dont want to handle large amounts of chlorine or other

dangerous pool chemicals. They dont want to measure and worry about fluctuating chlorine

levels on a daily basis, pH problems, etc. They dont want to swim in water that irritates

their skin, burns eyes, fades fabrics, and that feels and smells like a chemical bath.

The truth is even with alternative pool treatment systems water monitoring and balance is still

critical, pH levels are just as important as with any standard chlorinated pool. In

fact, salt water systems that require you to dump hundreds of pounds of salt into your

swimming pool create a set of problems all their own to contend with. Make sure you are

properly informed. See our articleSalt Water Pool Problemsto learn more.

Some initial drawbacks to this popular alternative pool system are the fact that hundreds of

pounds of salt needs to be added to the pool water to achieve a concentration capable of

chlorinating the pool. (This ratio is not efficient for chlorine production).

As a matter of fact, standard salt in the pool systems are inefficient when it comes

to optimal chlorine production. Figure 50lbs of salt for every 1,200 gals

of pool water for a salt in the pool system! Salt by nature is a corrosive substance, can

leave residues, discolor, damage, and kill landscaping features, stone work, tile, etc.

Check out The Chlorine Genie ( learn how to get the benefits of a salt-water

pool without having to add salt to your pool. Salt water swimming pools employ a controller

to regulate the power going to the chlorinator cell and thereby control the chlorine production

for the pool. Salty water must continually flow through the cell for the process to work

correctlyThis necessitates continuous running of the

pump, filter, and pool equipment during chlorine production cycles (figure 8am to 6pm daily

in the summer swim season sometimes much longer). It is important to realize increased pump

and filtering times put added stress on pool equipment and require extra electricity to

maintain your pool. This is not a money saving feature.

Cell maintenance and cleaning can also be problematic and costly. Mineral buildup on

the cell electrodes is a common problem that affects all salt chlorinator pool systems.

Many salt water chlorinator systems utilize a self-cleaning feature that reverses the

polarity of the voltage through the cell to clean mineral buildup from the electrodes.

This may remove the scale from the electrode but then deposits it in your pool. Not a good

option especially for people with dark bottom pools, where this build up quickly becomes

an unsightly problem. Other salt chlorinators require removal and

cleaning each season and may require frequent replacement when not properly serviced. This

can be a chore and lead to costly maintenance and costly cell replacement.

In fact usingsalted pool waterto create chlorine is the least efficient and clean

method to create your own pool chlorine. Interested in a solution? See The Chlorine Genie: The

most Advanced Pool Water Management System on the market.

Even at best these salt in the pool systems are inefficient and less than optimal when

it comes to keeping your pool protected, economical, and easy to use. Come see our site to get

the whole story about: Salt Water Pool Problems before you buy any salt in the pool system.

We want you to Get the full story toEnjoy a more comfortable relaxing swimming experience

- Soft luxurious feeling pool water makes your skin feel great, and eliminates that

bathed in chemical feel and smell that can ruin your perfect swimming experience.

If you are thinking about a Salt Water Chlorinator Swimming Pool System for your next perfect

swim, there are some serious considerations to weigh before you invest.

You should be fully informed and aware of common problems, potential problems, hidden

costs, and the requirements to properly operate one of these systems.

In conclusion, We hope this introductory article onSalt Water Poolswas helpful and

informative. Come on over...Explore our full website and learn

more. See our article onCommon Salt Water Pool Problemsand be sure to check out

The Chlorine Genie Total Water Management System which we think youll find is the

ultimate solution for your next perfect swim.

The Description of Salt Water Pool Systems - What is a Saltwater Pool? 925-723-0400 Chlorine Genie Inc