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The measures outlined in last weeks Budget are absolutely necessary to secure Australias

economic future.

The Budget outlines a clear planin fact, the only planthat will address Labors

debt and deficit disaster.

Lets remember the problem that the Government is trying to fix.

When the Coalitions last left office, Australia

had a $20 billion surplus and $50 billion in the bank but over six years, Labor squandered

this and ran up five record deficits and a further $123 billion in projected deficits

and gross debt headed towards $667 billion.

You pay for that. You pay for that debt every single day and every month Australia is spending

one billion dollars just to cover the interest on Labors debt.

At the moment we are borrowing to pay that

interest, which is like a household paying the mortgage on a credit card.

In my view, that is simply unsustainable.

So through the Budget the Government delivered

an Economic Action Strategy that will put Australias finances back on a sustainable


Our plan will strengthen the economy, create jobs and reduce Labors debt by almost $300


We need to take action now or an even greater burden will fall on our kidsgeneration.

Now, the Labor Party is desperately trying

to scare people by spreading untruths about the Budget.

For example, they won't tell you that funding

for schools and hospitals increases each and every year under our Budget.

And that the rate of the pension will continue

to go up twice a year, every year.

You can get all the facts at

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