Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Teacher Toolkit: Guided Notes

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MARCO VILLEGAS: Guided notes is a way to get students to

organize their thoughts as they're reading something,

especially when you're getting them to do some independent

reading, or maybe working in groups.

And I think kids really struggle with finding the main

idea, and identifying and separating the main idea from

the supporting ideas.

So this is a good way for them to actually organize those

thoughts and distinguish the main idea from

the rest of the details.

You have to choose, obviously, the right passage and make

sure that you're familiar with it, so that you know what you

want them to get out of that passage.

Then you group them so that they can take turns

identifying the main idea of that passage.

Go ahead and share your views with the group.

SUBJECT 1: She should have added Native Americans.

SUBJECT 2: Native Americans and how they migrate.

SUBJECT 1: Yeah, because-- what are you talking about?

MARCO VILLEGAS: I think what I like the most about guided

notes is that the kids really have a difficult time

identifying the main idea.

This is actually one of the areas that we've really

struggled with, and also being able to

translate that into a summary.

So this is a good way for them to actually break down the

passage into chunks, and really focus on the main idea,

and understand it a whole lot better.

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