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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How Cliqz protects your private data from trackers

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The Cliqz browser with its AI-powered anti-tracking technology protects your

private data. We'll show you how it works.

With other browsers, there are trackers that follow you across multiple websites

They collect your browsing data to build up and sell your profile

Our unique technology doesn't just identify those trackers

but also analyses what type of information they're tracking

Cliqz first identifies those data points that are no threat

to your privacy and are necessary for your website to work properly

All other data points are marked asunsafebecause

sensitive information that can be used to personally identify you

Our algorithm overwrites these with a generic placeholder

Thanks to Artificial intelligence our technology keeps learning

and can detect new trackers in real time

If you've been using incognito browsing or ad blocking, youre still being tracked!

Switch to Cliqz and your data really belongs to you!

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