Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Welcome To VD - The CLEAN KITTEN Version

Difficulty: 0

Come with me on a trip. Pack your sack.

I don't read points. Do not follow the

lines and walk until there's no more bread crumbs.

The Kaleidoscope people will steal your heart.

...and then you meet a boy and they...

Mess with your head...please.

White girls tastes like chicken...bones.

He sheeemed shuitable so, I put out.

Guess what I ended up with?

Valentine's Day Disease!

It comes from a man's Venus.

The bastard of love. It it thrives in moisssh

moissshhure areas and he oh that's a moisture area. Check does mark the spot.

OH that is a fidgety one.

It looks like a hell-raisin' masturbating monkey.

Boys get blue balls it's called THAT WORD

& girls get G spots.

If someone questions your pubicles just say,

"closed for repairs."

I'm trying to help you here.

Do not take blue pills and put them on your penis.

Inflammatory and you may pick up strays.

If you come closer I'm gonna grinnnnnnd you to pieces

and then leave.

Just look for a piece of mail to

let the cab know where to arrive.

Spotlight dance, proceed! Don't come closer I don't want that red thing

BANGING my eye.

Holy crap. I presume you have your own theme song.

I'm just trying to educate educate educate educate.

Throw a penny in that beast.

See what wishes come true.

I wonder if there's a penis inside that vajeene?

OH YES there is!

Good morning...penis. It sounds like a duck.

It really does.

If you're not coming out to play I'm getting rid of you.

Oh silhouettes here!

Switch from tremor to earthquake.

Now we know where madness and

crazy thoughts, dirty fingers and sullied minds come from.

So, let's keep a tincture

and a poultice in our vanity.

I wanted to warn you about something else.

Sometimes when I turn sideways...

There's something that enters it's white inside of me &


The only side effect I really suffer is sometimes I want

to work out more or blindness.

No me thinks it's best I'm not an accountant but I

can hold a lot of quarts because if the white stuff goes in my face it makes me

go insane.

Relief has always just been a swallow away.

You know, in some countries

if you grow a penis out of your shoulder

It leads to death. oh. my. god.


That's just so dark.

Hey look! Someone just ate a baby!

Coo Coo Caroooo

This little baby is coming out of a woman with one leg.

A veritable streetwalker.

Oh that reminds me I need you to take down my order.

I'll have a ganoush with a remoulade and a ceviche.

Get inside an egg. Don't let anyone in.

Don't let other eggs in. Hide your feelings by lashing out at others.

You're impervious...until you get tingle feelings.

Hot potato hot potato

Oh you know what? To hell with it.

I'm gonna go and have some unprotected sex. (DON'T)

Yay WHore.

I missed you so very much....Jinkxy

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