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2 years ago, Roy tried the Alfa Romeo 4C here at Balocco, Fiat's test track.

He tried the coupe at the time, I'm driving the Spider now!

So it's just the canvas roof that's new? Well, there is more.

The coupe has a transparant engine cover, this has just vents.

The coupe was focussed on saving weight, like with the headlights.

These weigh 3 kgs a piece more. So there's a bit more weight.

All in all, it's still merely 940 kg.

The boot was already small, and now it holds the roof, too

It's a bit of a hassle. There will be a hardtop, too.

The weather is great here in Italy. This is what this car is for.

It comes alive. The engine noise, the turbo - everything!

It has the same 1750cc 4-cil turbo plant. 240 PS, 350 Nm.

Performance is the same. 0-100 kph in 4.5 seconds, on to 250 kph.

Roy already highlighted the downsides. It's not like a Lotus Elise.

There's a DCT and a slightly lazy turbo engine. It's not rev-happy.

But, being less hardcore it appeals to more people.

There no power steering. It's very direct, but it could have been sharper.

The nose is a bit lighty and nervous. It's better at speed.

It's in between the Lotus Elise and Porsche Boxster, which is cheaper.

It costs over 81000 euro's in NL, which is a lot. But you get Italian flair.

Top design, some flaws, but it keeps amazing everyone. That's special.

+ Amazing looks; Very quick

- Poor ergonomics; Expensive

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