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Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome back to raft.

now if you remember raft, it was an exercise into seeing how lonely and

crazy, I could get on my own in the middle of the ocean

but this game has been extremely updated many of you are like

Oh, it just ended at 1.05 back in the beta. But in actuality this game has been worked on non-stop ever since

Oh, I get to grab my own character.


I could choose between Maya and Rouhi.

Maya, Rouhi (x6)

*INHALE* (boi)

Rouhi Maya Rouhi Maya


*Singaplier* best singer 11/10

I can't make a decision on my own?

Why is.. Why is this such a tough decision for me? I thought I...

Usually I'm just like " Oh you can pick one or the other" but I juhhhh

I don't know! I'm crippled with indecision I just



Uhh.. I'm not not joking. I'm not doing this for a bit. I real i... Uh...






Why is this so hard for me? Why is this so hard this uhh

This shirt says number one, I'm number one this shirts just a cool button-up that's prime I'm a cool button-up. Uhh...

MAYA! (finally)

God dammit. That was so hard. Let's see. Um, let's see, ah world name

A shit mother fuh



Okay, alright allow friends join? HAH! I don't have any friends, alright, let's do this LEROOOOOOOOOYYYY

Oh Jenkins, okay. There we go. Oh, okay. I am really light-headed. Whoa


How you doing, Wayne? Huh? Oh, I remember now

I remember how this game goes now. Oh, yeah, it's the same. Hoy-Yaaaa

Oh get ready for a whole lot of me being lonely

No, okay. Oh

Got em. Wayne don't even think about it, Wayne. Oh.. Pick up.


*Incoherent words* humabumhum

Oh birb

*Incoherent* hurhuruh Shake up!

*Incoherent* He's above the table

*Incoherent* huamahmh

Man I shouldn't sing ahhhhh

Bout to say I shouldn't sing so good or else I'll get a copyright claim *Incoherent* but fuck you


Nooo! How in the?

Pity tits did that miss? Uh, it's time to start building. How do I? Whoopsies. I'll take that hook, please.

How do I build why is the music so sweeping and grand fack off building hammer? I can't I can't do it

I can't do it boss.

(markimoo dying)

Thank you. Thank you. Alright now I can build building hammer. Can the not

Fack need to stop doing that, I'd be dead. All right, Wayne. I'm going out there

I'm gonna go get some you can just screw right off

Watch this shit, bro moves Wayne Brady ain't gonna get ain't good. Yeah, Wayne Brady ain't gonna get me. Oh,

I'm on my raft. Alright build craft


Okay. Now I've got a building hammer. Oh

Wait, no. Arghh

Really whumped ya existence didn't I that's what you get for uhhh I..

Thank you. I mean, I don't know. I always I always mix up threats and compliments

Where's Wayne Brady Wayne Brady's all the way over there. So I'm going for it

I forget why's named Wayne Brady, but he absolutely is named Wayne Brady. That shark is one hundo Posentoe Wayne Brady

Oh did it?

Well, I did it.


I did it it's getting so peaceful. So relaxing so nice calm beautiful


Crushing loneliness

the only thing I could ever hope for I guess I'll just

Do more of this whomp? Oh, I've got a big ol house. What else? Can I build axe?

That seems important. fishing rod


that's probably important I am gonna need food and water. Paddle?? "Has your raft stuck this wi-" what's it gonna get stuck on

Wayne Wayne

That's right Wayne you better back off, whoa

What is that

What is that?

WHAT IS THAT? Is that not that I'm coming towards me that is that is that coming towards me

Is that what I could get stuck on? Why is an island floating towards*gasp* am I floating towards the island? Oh

Shit. Well I this changes things I suppose. Right, I need more inventory.

I need more inventur. Hey Chow, Wayne. Whoa, Wayne, whoa


Dick dick, I guess. I just need to spread as wide as possible to kind of like threaten that Island

Oh, I am moving. *gasps* I am moving toward- Uh oh.

Well, tha, this is gonna be a problem

Where's my.. There's a...

This might this might be conundrum is what is that over there says someone else's raft

I didn't even know there were gonna be other people the whole point of this is that I'm lonely and

Nobody loved that's getting close. Hmm. That's gonna be a problem pretty soon; or a good thing?

Ah wow Wayne! Wayne get the fricken get off of my ah I can't

Oh I can't Wayne Brady you piece of sh, ohhhh

Well, I hope you're happy, you know, I hope you're happy cuz I'm not you know, I'm not happy

I just gonna say that right out. I'm not this is a problem. I'm gonna make a paddle..

I don't know what good's gonna do but

Scoop. All right. Okay. Well about to



Good you rethought it. Okay, what's gonna happen when I hit this island?

Nothing can I get on the island what I can oh

That's so cool. Oh it's like a persistent world. Ooh red flower red flower hell yeah

Black flower?? All right raft. Wait, whoa. Whoa. Hey, whoa, where do you think you're going without me?

Come on now. Come on. Now. Let's go towards this thing. Hello. Could it be?

Friends. Oh, yeah. Oh, I'm really scoopin' a doopy on this one friend

Friend, look I'm not sea crazy. I am sea normal. I'm sea normal if you are senormal.

Come here. come to me. come to me. Come to come to me. come

come closer, you know you want to come to me

You want to say "Hi" O you like da size of my raft

I understand everybody get rafted jealous of me whenever they see

Hello, you are now marn. Mine. Got the crate. Uh-oh. No, I want more. I'm greedy. Oh shit

I shouldn't have been grown have been greedy. ahh ahh

Ugh! Sorry, I was greedy, but I got a crete

Where'd that thing go wait where did that?

Where'd my friend go?

This doesn't make any godd-. Where's everybody? Okay. I'm in the middle of absolutely dick diddily

I gotta get oh hi Wayne gotta get over here. All right Oh

sca-doodly doodly

doodly Doo Lu Doo Lu litter

I guess the trash flow is coming from over here now unless it decided to spawn in front of me. No, it's over there

God, you're a trick

It's over here Wayne Brady's just throwing me for a loop and I don't much appreciate that. Wayne Brady being an asshole

Well, you got to be an asshole now. Why are you named Wayne Brady ha? Oh

God, I'm *incomprehensible*. It's so cool man. They really improved this. Why are there waves?

Why does it look like the waves are getting bigger?

I don't like that at all. Also. What the hell are these things Oh


I was not really growing no

Wayne no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, so I wasn't really aiming for the plastic

I've only I'd known that I would have done zit. Ghibli. That is that plastic that better be plastic

Twofer I'm gonna get that one. Look at that. Watch that. What's this shit? Watch this shit Oh jump! Jump shot

They're actually gonna get it. I actually did I did not think I was gonna get that one. Oh,

Look how skilled I am. Oh look at me. I didn't really need to do that. But I did it anyway

Are you plastic oh yes, please? Pull the weight for this barrel

Doodle lee doodle doodle doo do

Doinky! Oh more plastic. Well don't mind if I do

Fuck fuck you, then go just think you're gonna run away from me? No, the answers. You are not. Oh why?

Wayne gahhh


You asshole

Wayne you

piece of shit those cost plastic

I do not have a lot of plastic even though I know for a fact the ocean is covered in plastic

that's what everybody knows cuz we made it that way just in case we'd get trapped on a raft and then have to

Live off the plastic. That's why we did it. Why else would we do it? Oh, no, it's getting night.

Well, I'm gonna get real scared- whoops. I'm gonna get real scared tonight. Oh, it's beautiful Oh goddamn. Look at that

Look at that

That's beautiful

Sure. I'm glad people put all their shit in barrels man. That's really convenient. Alright, what else?

can we make. I want to make an axe!

Oh wait, I can make a rope

Very crude nail

Sure wet brick

Wet brick as opposed to what?

Not wet brick*claps* got him. No eventually, I'm gonna make where's my where's my chair the fuck music?

Where did you come from? I can research. Okay. I'm about to die from the lack of anything. Okay, I need water

Real bad. It's pretty. Oh god. It's so pro.

Oh! Yes

Love that. Okay. I have no water. I'm going to what I'm gonna do

I need to build a simple purifier. Yeah

Okay, I'm gonna make two of these. All right, you're gonna go you there and

Why should have made these sooner huh? Well, I need to oh, I am very dying. Okay plastic cup. All right, um

Fill with seawater and place cup of seawater place plank. Okay, I'm probably gonna die, but alright, okay

Well, there's a problem

Actually, no don't drink. Why did you drink that? Why did you drink that? I didn't want to drink that

That was not my idea to drink that Wayne

Brady's is gonna make fun of me now that I drank that how long do these take to do?

I kind of forgot that it was a important Oh filled with fresh water drink. Hey


Look at me

Look at me. Oh, look at me with my big brain. Oh

Yes, yes, please zomes. Yes, pleaseze to me zoms. Okay, get get.. Where where

Did I.. What by mad dog? I've got my hook

My hook

Ok, good thing I can make another one of those. Holy shit. Alright. I'm going to build one of these let's put this right there

Good god it alright. We're good. I didn't know this had limited durability hood

Somebody should probably keep it either survive it in this place real hard guys

I didn't even know Wayne Brady. You are gonna die if you come near me again

Ok, now that I'm not gonna die immediately. I need to figure out a food situation. Ok, so we need to make

*singing* Ahhh!

We need to make...

A fishing rod that'd be smart!

Make that I'm gonna make that no. Yeah, that's a good fishing rod and then we're gonna make a grill.

Oh hell yeah, oh let's build a grill baby. Grill baby grill Oh

Alley oop alright Oh hell's to the yeah. Give me you and give me you. Oh my god. I'm so good.

I am a god at this game. Oh, I'm so goddamn. Good. All right, so I'm gonna fishy wishy.

Got it got a raw mackerel put that baby on the grill place a plank down two planks.

You, you ass. Stop stop Is this working? Why is this not working? Hey hey

Hey, wait, what why why did that? Why that not work?

Why if he does that to one of my oh, I thought I was assuming that I was gonna be

somewhat safe

but apparently I'm someone not safe the axe I guess the axe would be for when I if I get to an island and I

Uhhh.. Cut down a tree. Maybe I don't know maybe breaking up the shit that I have oh

What would even be the point that oh, okay.

That is then there's gotta be like a

Once I build a research table, there's got to be like something I could do then

Probably. Hard

It's hard

No, god, damn it. God. Oh, I

Drank seawater again because I'm an idiot. I can't daylight come I want to go home

I'm sorry, I'm getting grumpy . I didn't mean to get grumpy. I didn't mean to yell at you. That's that's not why we're here

We're here to have a good time alone in the ocean right have a good time. Oh dear daylight come Oh

Wayne Brady, you don't even think about it

You do not even think about that. Where'd my mackerel go? Oh, there it is. Yum yum yum in my tum tum tum. Pour that out

Fill, drink, fill, drink, ah, see how easy it is

There we go. Now we're now we're cooking with gas. Ooo. There's a another raft over there, man

I sure hope these uh other rafts are from people that were rescued and they didn't die horrible deaths

Alone on the ocean

Succumbing to the elements and uhhh

Wayne Brady here. Where's all my barrels by the way, are they gonna stop giving me barrels now, did they just decide that?

I don't deserve barrels. That's okay. Yeah, you know, it's fine. You know, I I don't really need barrels

It's just something that's incredibly useful to me was it was this?

Blueprint antenna?

FOR WHAT? For RESCUE? HUH screw rescue I've reserved my myself to be in here for the rest of forever

That's just how this is. I think there's no other way to do it. Like right there. I- just me and blah

You sack of sh- ok it good. You know what good good. You thought better of it. Raw tilapia.

I'll put some raw tilapia there. Okay now they go

AHHH uhh let me up

Okay, now that I got that? *screams* I got that out of the way I'm good and we got uh- some barrels coming our way oh

There's a big wave.Why why wh-

Wow. Wow. Wow. Whoa, I don't like the smile on you. I wish I could whomp you. Why can I whomp you?

Whoa, that's is a big island. That's a big island. Waves it getting kind of big uh-

I don't know about the waves are getting kind of broad waves are

Kind of big uhhz. Well don't like them that big, you know, I like good wave but

Then some big waves are just saying, you know

Uh- eat this tilapia

Haven't been able to get any scrap metal.

Oh that's why the waves are getting kind of big. I'm- it's raining

They put weather in the game? Okay. Well, that's a problem shark bait wood and spur. That's what I was needing

Okay. I need to make a

Spear that's what's gonna kill this bad boy. Okay. All right. Did I miss any boy? It's all bye Island

Oh, whoa, where were we well. Okay research table. I've got a

researcher to ball aye

I don't know what that's gonna do for me, but I've got it and my raft is slightly girthier

Which is all that really matters in life when you really think about it

And if you're thinking about it the way I'm thinking about it then you're obviously smart

Like me~

Woo-woo-woo. These waves are girthy just like my

draft, I'm get you barrel

Ijh will get you and this plank to go. I'm gonna get this plastic. Ooh, that's it. So good

I am a triple Oh, baby. All right. Well we got here

Do I put this on that?

Whoa, whoa. Oh, not this time Sonny Jim. Not this time. You're gonna get Facebook spirit Oh Oh No!

Oh poor Wayne, Brody. Oh, no

What why

What did I piss off

Piss off the Sharks

The Sharks somber knell sad gonna run away his family. Just trying to chew some wood. Well too bad. Not my wood

Why the music?


I'm not sad

You can't make me sad

Cuz I'm not sad

You ain't gonna you ain't gonna make me sad if that's what you're trying to do cuz you ain't gonna work. I'm

sad proof

Hmm I don't like that I don't like that choir I

Ain't sad. It's just I'm not okay. I've farmed up a ridiculous amount of material. Oh

Wow, wow, wow, wow. Wow research


That's so good I think

Yeah, yes, I don't know what it what the hell did I just what did that do

I'm not sure what that did. Do I have to oh


Oh I get it, okay

So I've learned oh oh oh oh

That's an interesting way to do it. Okay. Wait, let me make sure I'm not missing anything

Barrel-like. All right, we're good. Okay. Oh and look at the waves are calming down and I see a raft over there

But I'm not gonna go for it, but other waves are coming down. I'm starting to learn things

So using my big old brain, nobody can appreciate it because nobody's here, but I'm using my big ol brain

Ain't that nice?

Say it's nice. It is nice. Thank you me a guy. I learned a collection net. I need to make rope

We're doing good lights are going out again, but that's okay. We've got more work to do. I'm gonna make some Nets I

Got to make sure I'm pointing in the right direction. But if I just make these nets no


there and there oh

I'm gonna collect some items

Dust real nice. Oh

This oh, this is starting to become a home. Oh, this ain't just this ain't just this ain't just a house

This is a home now. That's nice

That's real nice

Wayne Wayne Wayne Wayne whoa! Whoa whoa Wayne

Wayne oh four more parts, uh

That's right

That is right that can make a mower collect. Hell, yeah. Oh, yeah, that's awesome

alright now that I got my resourcing operation started I can start building for


Perfect. How about and them up? I've got the big bouncing the bales. Oh

Island Oh Oh

land ho I don't know what they say some kind of ho I

Did not a lady I want to be very clear. It's in this land. It's like dirt. I

Found dirt. Hello Island. Oh, is it a fruit tree Oh, that'd be so old

It'd be so good, but I can't I'm on a diet. Oh, I'm gonna die mass starvation diet

No, no, no way. No. No


Nah, you're gonna die soon. You're gonna die soon hate to say it, but you're gonna die soon

Is the way the world works

Silly bitch. Alright, so we got a lot of junk

We need to start thinking about what sale now that would be kind of cool. I need more palm-leaf

I'm not sure how good a sale would be

like at all, but


I'm sorry. I let things get to me. I take every loss personally and I shouldn't do that bird

When can I kill and eat a bird? That's all I'm really hoping for is worth a sweet succulent taste of bird


Whoa, these sail waves are getting kind of big don't know what that means. Okay, but I can make a sail now

Can nudge you in the right direction. What about the wrong drew? I like a this

I Like a this. Alright, let's open. Oh

Look at this ah

(Amazeplier) Look at da this Look at this. It's kind of taking on my view, but look at the disk Oh

Look at the dis Let's see if we can leave we can go this way. I want to go that other raft

Sail ho

Yeah, screw that other raft actually out of it. I have no desire

I've no desire to see that other raft and whatever riches it may entail. Alright small crop plot

I'm gonna need a couple of these we're gonna need to get our taters up and running

There you go there and you go

Right there, okay. We're gonna put taters in you

If I can get to it plant plant plant. Oh, it does three. That's lovely. Let's do beats plant plant plant

Oh, that's really nice. Oh, I need some fresh water. What kind of bullshit is this?

Okay, alright, then it needs fresh water, oh, all right then

Know that and yeah, something else needed fresh water in this son of a bitch. Okay. All right. Guess I'll just die

I guess I'll just starve and die. I don't know I didn't actually mean anything. I'll die

Oh, you'll do don't worry about I'll die. Yeah, I'll die. It's okay. Don't worry about I'll die. I'll eat these beets

Okay, no odd timing for music to suddenly pop in

Little concerning kind of wondering why isn't there all the time? Well, you know, yeah, we are booking it

We're also not getting nearly as much drops as I was hoping we were getting. Alright, let's see what else we can make

All right. We need rocks. I got rock. I got rock rope. No or did that

Metal. Yeah. Oh yeah. Oh

All these. Okay, I got those. Oh shit. What was that Oh,

Huh? What are that? Scrap hook? That sounds nice

Whoo, I learned about yourself. Ah

Look at you. I don't have enough scrap for that but doll. Look at you. Where am I gonna be more scrap?

Oh, I don't care. Look at you. You're cute faster more durable. It can be thrown farther

Yeah, just like your mom. Uh-huh can make paint. Oh, that's it. Seems unnecessary

Maybe I should make some storage. I probably need that. That's price. Sounds good Oh

Rotates smoothly. All right. Okay. Ah

No, no Wayne fucking oh

Yeah, look good. You did nothing. You're just such a piece of shit. Don't even think about it. I'll put you right there

Okay, I'm gonna put the flowers in there this weird black seed in there

We got a cook mackerel. I kind of forgot about Ernie. He did and yum yum yum come to Papa

No, that's not gonna come the pub came to Papa. All right, well

Let's see here. Those potatoes and beets are grown real good. Like I'm gonna venture need to build another one of those plots

But for now, we're doing pretty good. Okay, so what do I need?

Well, I mean eventually I'd need more collection nets

But I don't even have enough

Scrap to be able to make the nails to be able to get that in the first place

Maybe I could make myself a bed. That sounds nice

Maybe I deserve it. Maybe I deserve a nice bed

You know what? That's real love early like oh nice bed right there

Point down lay down. Oh

Dow sudden weird, okay. Alright. Well I get to contemplate my own mortality good fucked get fucked Wayne Brady

Maybe the least you know, that's some that's some alright could lay down. Look at the Stars harvest hell

Yeah, however, so harvest me harvest me do oh, you're not ready to harvest ok, whatever, bro

Nailed it oh

I'm so godlike

Wayne your stay away from my victories. Alright, so he's going good. I got a I got a damn good base here

I've got a shockingly. Good base. This is the base and this is pretty good now

the only thing I can do to get this better is just to make it wider but scrap metal is

Really hard to come by apparently ha ha Wayne Wayne Wayne

How are you not dead yet Wayne

Wayne are you not dead how in the hell?

Can't repair this there any way that I could repair this? I need to make more stuff. Ah


One got him got him. Got him. Alright, let's see what let's oh shit. Let's see what this

Let's see what this guy is all about

Yeah, yeah we might scrape some paint here I'm not sure Allen

Could you all just the gentlest of kisses justic?

Okay, I was a little less gentle, but then I thought it was gonna be just the most gentle of kids

Alright, we're coming for you

Prepare to be boarded

Whatever that means, um, you'll get you don't run. You got some goodies over there. You got goodies. I can't

Oh, I know goodies when I see goodies and you got goodies

Come here you what do you think you going where your dinky guys waiting nowhere Oh

Nowhere, you ain't going nowhere. Can I break you down with like an axe or something? There's a bed here pickup crate. Oh

That's just stop Oh scary scary


My god

Why would you do that

What's up, what's up, but the full way, whoa

What the fake wood wood wood wood wood wood. Freakin to be said what?

Lay down, okay

Everything's still it's here. Good dolly. What the hell is that all about?

I mean, I know I was trying to eat my stuff but me ain't gonna happen on my watch

You crazy. Oh, I can cook a potato forgot. I can cook potatoes. Why am I I'm twisted. I don't like that

Hello my untwist my Scott damn it everything was going smoothly. I'm just gonna try to push. Can I push it?

Can I push it to twist it back? How do I how do I bushu?

Is this just cuz I hit something god dammit. Well now

All right, well this sucks, okay, anyway I am doing good I declare it and if I declare it I'm dry

I mean Brady if I declare it, then it's actually gonna be true Wayne you

Don't even think about it. Ah, so I'm gonna end this episode here. I'm the king

Hi, I wasn't able to build my screaming porch. How do you build the chair? Oh

I want a chair


Wait, that's a lot of oh, that's a lot of stuff. I just learned. Oh, I

Like it. Ah, wait, wait, not that one not that one

You asshole are you bigger wait did you get bigger are you eating my wooden getting bigger?

That makes no sense. All right. Anyway, make this this go

Huh? All right this go

Oh how AM me do

You are in wrong spot remove you you are in way of my glorious glory

You go here you throw us towards that and we not rotate apparently

Okay, now me put didn't know how

How do this?

Well, no, maybe wall

wall wall

Sounds good, then put found douching

Nevermind not that no I am confused-ded


Whoa, I built wall

Can I bit why?

Why no?

This statute work. How do I bill?

How do I build?

Da shit god dammit. Oh, no. Oh, no. Wait. Um, oh wait. Oh wait. Oh,

No, no

I've somehow improved upon my screaming porch by making it an enclosed screaming room

I've trapped myself in a box. I

Have no


No, one can hear my suffering I am alone

Anyway, I guess this is as good a place as any day in this episode

Maybe I'll pick this up if I can ever escape from this room!

Which I probably cannot anyway, thank you everybody so mu-


Get away from my crops!

Well, there you have it and now I'm gonna die of dehydration. So thank you everybody someone for watching


We're going to Australia in November and Amsterdam in July tickets are available at

Death is slowly enclosing in around me. So

Death is slowly in closing in around me. So

Thanks again everybody for watching. Let me know what you tought down the comments. And as always I'll see you in the next video

Thanks again everybody for watching. Let me know what you thought down the comments. And as always I'll see you in the next video

Buh bye!!!!

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