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My childhood days were spent in a village

at the foothills of Mount Faber.

There was only one TV in the whole village,

and nobody watched TV.

We spent our days either swimming in a canal,

climbing fruit trees to gather rambutans,

or catching spiders.

I think that's where I first developed my love for the outdoors.

Jewel, for me, is like travelling back to my childhood.

I get to do the things that I did as a young boy playing outdoors,

looking after plants and looking for insects,

looking after the nature thats in Jewel.

Today, I have the entire outdoors in an indoor setting.

That is really very fulfilling.

In the wee hours at night, we still have concierge teams roaming around.

What happens at night is that wed look out for arrival guests,

guests who are lost, who need our help.

We also look out for guests who are sleeping.

Yes, we need to check on them from time to time,

so that they do not miss their respective flights.

Excuse me.

The guests in the day time are much more active.

They have a lot more questions and enquiries,

as compared to the guests at night who are much more sleepy.

Usually, they won't ask so many questions at that time of the night.

After hours, when our concierge counter is closed,

if we find a lost item,

we'll hand it over to our Jewel operations manager, who will file a 'found' report.

Mostly, we'd find gadgets like laptops, iPads,

and in particular, cell phones.

When I was at Level 2 North, I found a wallet.

There was around $700 inside the wallet,

and the guest was very happy that I found the wallet.

People think that Jewel is very quiet at night.

And yes, we do have fewer crowds in the evening.

But in the wee hours, there's actually a lot of activities that are still going on.

For example, the maintenance team is still servicing and cleaning our Rain Vortex

and other attractions in Jewel.

Theres also the landscaping team

who is working on our landscaping features.

For us, Jewel actually comes alive after 10pm

because the work that we have to do, taking care of the plants,

has to happen after visitors have left the garden.

It's almost as if the garden is alive 24 hours.

When everybody else is asleep,

we come to life and start maintaining the plants,

making sure everything is good for the next day.

We break into small teams.

A group of people does the pruning,

some people handle the insect spraying,

and some handle the plant washing.

Spray it evenly,

make sure all parts of the fern column get the water.

We dont want excessive water on one side.

Spread it out evenly.

To date, Jewel has been receiving, on average,

250,000 to 300,000 daily visitors.

That number continues to grow.

If you look through your Instagram Stories, Facebook feed, social media,

youll definitely see our hero shots,

our Shiseido Forest Valley and our HSBC Rain Vortex.

These are the two attractions that people will definitely come for.

The HSBC Rain Vortex light-and-sound show

will be starting soon.

Before every light-and-sound show,

we will do what we call the pre-show checks.

This is to make sure all the equipment and systems

that are supposed to be running are functioning correctly.

What we do is make sure the pump is running within the normal range.

This is to ensure that there is sufficient water flow to the acrylic skin.

This is our main water tank.

This is where all the water collects.

So from Basement 3, the water will be pumped all the way up to Level 5.

Many people may not know this,

but the waterfall water itself is actually treated,

so its very clean.

People come from all over Singapore, and even from foreign countries,

to view this unique and iconic feature that Jewel has to offer.

We have to deliver at our end,

to make sure that the guests get to enjoy the full light-and-sound show.

Before the show,

the team and I will go down to the site

to do the pre-show checks.

Are the projectors turned on?

We make sure that all the speakers are turned on too.

We make sure all the pumps are in working condition.

Sometimes, the WiFi connection has a glitch, so we have to manage that.

We have to find the proper connection.

This iPad controls the Rain Vortex and the things that go with it,

like the fog, the lights, and all that.

When I was handed the iPad, it stayed with me at all times.

Wherever I went, whatever I did, it was always by my side.

Its more important than my mobile phone.

This iPad really is my precious baby.

The Rain Vortex system was created by an American consultancy,

WET Design.

In the beginning, the American consultant was the only one

who could hold this iPad and operate it.

So Alex and I had to work with them.

We had to gain their trust over the course of two to three months

before they actually allowed us to touch the iPad

and control the Rain Vortex operations.

The first day we held this iPad

I still remember the day, it was 13 April.

Alex and I, along with the consultant from WET, were walking on Level 5,

and the consultant felt the urge to go to the toilet, for some reason.

That was when he handed over the iPad to us, an unofficial handover.

When he passed us the iPad, both of us felt very excited

and we ended up taking a selfie.

Yes, everything looks fine.

The light-and-sound show will run as scheduled.

During the show, two teams will be deployed.

One will be at the Forest Valley, observing the show.

The other team will be down below,

making sure the servers and systems stay online

and are not faulty.

People think of the Rain Vortex as just a waterfall,

but actually, there are many more elements to it,

such as the lighting, the background music,

the speakers as well as projectors.

These are things which the public wont normally notice,

but to our trained eyes, this is what we look out for.

If everything goes well and runs smoothly, we can go home and sleep easy,

knowing that we have done our jobs properly.

When I first joined, Jewel was still under construction.

There wasn't any waterfall,

so it didn't really impress me at that point in time.

But once they started to do the testing and commissioning,

when they started to run the water feature,

that was when it really struck me, and I thought, “This is magnificent!”

For me, Jewel during the day is all about running the operations.

But at night, I get this feeling of serenity and calmness

because of its ambience.

At night, its much more peaceful.

You really get to enjoy the tranquillity of this place

because it's designed to be like a forested area.

We really get to be one with nature.

Much of the work starts when its close to midnight.

I want you to trim those that are slightly out of shape.

Its time for the olive tree to be given a nice haircut.

One of the things that really left an impression on us

was the planting of the olive trees.

That whole night, it took us six hours just to plant two trees

because we didn't want any of the limbs or branches of the trees to break.

And then, hauling them up from Level 1 to Level 5

was a very slow and painful process.

It was a painful task.

It took us a long time because we wanted to get it right,

down to the smallest details like positioning the trees in such a way

that gives people the best angle for viewing them.

Here in Jewel, we have around 2,200 trees and palms,

100,000 shrubs from around 120 different species.

To source for the plants, we went as far as Australia, Florida, Spain,

Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Weve some interesting ficus plants calledFicus snake form”.

We got them from China.

We were travelling from one nursery to another,

and along the way, we saw these beautiful plants.

It was never in the planting plan, so we thought we'd just get them first,

and later, we would decide where they fit in the garden.

It turned out very well, and they fit beautifully in the Canopy Park.

We are now inside the water skin of the Rain Vortex.

This is a view of Jewel that not many people get to see.

As with all water features,

people tend to make their 'wishing well' wishes and throw coins into the fountain.

Whenever we find coins, we will just put them aside for safekeeping.

You need to be here at night to experience this.

Its very peaceful.

You really have time to observe the Rain Vortex in its true beauty.

Theres no one obstructing the view, so you really get to see

how the Rain Vortex is such a complex system,

and yet, it is so beautiful.

As Experience Rangers, we manage the day-to-day operations

of all the attractions here on Level 5.

After the park closes, we will do a thorough check on all of the attractions,

such as the Mirror Maze.

We have to check and make sure that there are no cracks in the mirrors,

the area is clean,

and the lights and sound effects are all working.

We just want to make sure that it's good for the next days operations.

Well also do a thorough check of the Hedge Maze.

We check for overgrown plants

that may be jutting too far out into the pathway.

If there are any, well need to notify the landscape team to trim them.

We have the walking nets here.

We will check all the ropes,

make sure there are no sharp wires sticking out,

and make sure all the metal components are in place.

My first experience on the nets was pretty scary.

The moment I reached the peak and looked down, it caused me to freeze up.

Luckily, I had a friend with me who guided me through it.

I wouldn't have made it to the end, if it was not for him.

Most guests seem very confident at the start.

But the moment they start to look down, and this is five storeys high,

many would just stand still and refuse to go down.

The Experience Rangers here are actually quite used to it,

so they will offer them a helping hand.

I once encountered a lady who, right from the start, was crawling

because she was too scared.

So I went over to her and as we got closer to the end,

I saw a guy filming us.

She said, “That's my husband! He left me on my own here.”

Her husband was also too scared to help her,

so luckily, I was there for her.

When I was a kid, I liked to spend my time at the playground

because that's where all the neighbourhood kids were.

That was our hangout spot.

My childhood playground had a net,

so in a way, I get to relive some of my memories here.

Working here at a giant playground makes me feel like a kid again

because I get to play without people judging me,

without anyone asking, “What's a grown-up doing at a playground?”

We check the safety of the slides

but at the same time, it's also an excuse to enjoy ourselves a little.

After the park closes, when it's much quieter,

sometimes, I will just spend a few minutes watching the planes take off and land,

which, I think, is a pretty nice way to end the day.

The difference between day and night flights

is that we are a little busier on day flights

and we get to interact with more passengers,

while night flights are a little quieter and more tranquil.

I am a very active person and I like freedom.

As an air stewardess,

flying allows me to be at different places at different times,

and on top of that, I get to interact with a lot of people

across different cultures.

One time, my colleagues and I were on board the Skytrain.

When the Skytrain went through the Forest Valley in Jewel,

we came across the Rain Vortex.

Some travellers in the Skytrain asked us what that was,

and as it was also our first time seeing it, we were all in awe too.

We burst out laughing because our reaction time was so slow.

It took us around three or five seconds

before we turned around to answer the travellers

and tell them what it was that we just saw.

After long periods of travelling, flying for over 10 hours,

when we see the lights of Singapore and the airport,

it feels really good to be back home.

When the captain announces for us to prepare for arrival,

it means coming back home to our loved ones,

and getting to enjoy our own local delights.

Having travelled so often,

Ive come to appreciate the simple things that we have in Singapore.

I remember that when I was young,

the Marina Square area was mostly sea, but now, look at the skyline.

When you see it, you'd think, "Singapore has really evolved

and changed over the years."

I think that at the heart of it,

that's what Singapore is really known for.

We reinvented what a garden should be.

With Jewel, we reinvented what an airport could be.

The travel and tourism landscape continues to evolve.

Travellers are becoming increasingly discerning.

They know what they want.

They go out, look for, and discover all these hidden gems,

to really get to know the destination.

And there's always something new to love and discover about Singapore.

Singapore by day and Singapore by night.

Sometimes, its two completely different destinations.

Beyond your bars and clubs at night,

it's also a great place for families at night.

There was the Singapore Night Festival.

At Little India, there was the Little India Art Walk.

From day to night time,

you'll definitely find something that you love to do here in Singapore.

When we started planning Jewel,

we were very clear that we wanted it to be a tourism product.

We wanted to put it on the global map.

We wanted it to be a place where...

If you're a tourist from afar,

you'd want to come to Singapore because you've heard of this place.

And I think we're really overwhelmed by the positive response.

We never expected to have so many followers on Instagram,

although social media is the thing of today.

People always ask me, “So, you should have a lot of pictures?”

And the irony is, if you look through my phone,

when I do have pictures, they're along the lines of...

Look, this thing is crooked,” orWhy is the tree leaning?”

Its all about what we need to fix.

So I end up having not-so-nice pictures of Jewel.

Now that Jewel is complete, and I have less troubleshooting to do,

there are more opportunities to take better pictures.

I saw all the social media pictures of Jewel before I went,

so I have to say that my expectations were pretty high

when I first went to Jewel.

And yet, upon seeing it up close,

seeing it for myself with my own eyes,

I was still very impressed.

Singapore has always prided itself on being a garden city.

Jewel is sort of like the climax of that.

We want visitors coming into Singapore

and leaving Singapore to have this image,

that they have stepped into a garden city.

The question I get asked most often is, “Are the plants real?”

I think its because people are so surprised.

Theyre wondering, “How did they manage to get so much greenery

into an indoor environment?”

This reminds me of my childhood days when Id catch spiders,

just for the fun of it.

But actually, I am now looking for pests.

You can see some mealybugs

which is quite common on indoor plantings.

When the team of architects first presented the idea for Jewel,

and they showed us these beautiful renderings of the landscape and all,

I thought to myself, “Either these guys are joking

or everybody here is crazy.”

To be very frank, I thought it was near impossible

because the biggest challenge for growing plants indoor

has always been light.

We need to get the light levels correct.

The key to that was choosing the correct glass type,

a glass that allows maximum light in

but cuts out the radiant heat.

The Jewel glass facade is very interesting.

It comprises more than 9,000 different glass panels

and each of them is of different dimensions.

So each panel is special. It has three glass layers.

It keeps the heat out, lets the sunlight in,

and allows the plants to thrive.

Cleaning such a complex glass structure

requires a lot coordination with different parties.

More importantly, the people cleaning this have to do it quadrant by quadrant,

and work their way downwards.

Currently, our projects team is doing the internal facade cleaning.

As you can see, there're many glass panels and they have to clean it one by one.

It gets quite tedious.

It has to be done on a regular basis in order to keep the place shiny.

A lot of the cleaning has to be done at night

because that's when the crowd level comes down.

That includes the cleaning of periodic works,

such as high dusting,

cleaning those light fittings that cannot be tackled during the day.

You also have escalator cleaning,

and of course, lets not forget toilet cleaning.

We have to do a thorough cleaning of all the toilets.

The attractions that are interesting to clean are the Mirror Maze,

the Canopy Bridge, as well as the Sky Nets.

The one that's challenging is the Sky Nets because there are three layers of nets.

Its a challenge to retrieve the items or the dried leaves

caught in between the nets.

The Mirror Maze can only be cleaned at night,

when the lighting is low and the park is closed.

At times,

you might walk into a mirror.

Now, I am cleaning the Mirror Maze,

and getting rid of finger marks.

When I first started cleaning the Mirror Maze,

I lost track of the way out

as I was trying to spot and clean every single finger mark.

After three days,

once I overcame the challenges of the place,

it no longer posed a problem for me.

Our central kitchen starts really early in the morning.

We start at 2am, before anyone is up.

We make all our kueh, each one is individually handmade.

They are handcrafted into these tiny little delicacies.

We have to make sure that whatever we make is real and authentic,

and that's why we still want to do it by hand.

Our ondeh ondeh is still done by hand,

our kueh dadar is still individually hand-rolled,

our kueh lapis is still hand-layered,

layer by layer.

That's why we start at 2am.

It's to make sure that the best and freshest products

go out to our outlets all over Singapore.

Our first trip out of the central kitchen is at about 8am,

and then throughout the day, we continue to make the kuehs,

and as the kuehs are done, they get sent out island-wide,

from Jurong all the way to Changi, and of course, that includes Jewel.

Our store at Jewel is our flagship store.

We try to make it a little different

by using elements of Peranakan floral motifs.

Weve also used batik because that's part of our heritage.

About one and a half to two hours.

We also have a demonstration counter.

At this counter, you can see how our kueh lapis is made, layer by layer,

one layer at a time.

Thats something that's a bit unique.

Keep compressing it down,

be sure to make it even, so that it is flat.

Yes, it takes a lot of time.

When Bengawan Solo started in 1979, 40 years ago,

we already have our pandan chiffon.

Wed get tourists from China, Hong Kong,

Taiwan, and even Japan.

Theyd come here and would want to get something that's truly local,

so theyd get a pandan chiffon cake.

Travellers who come to our Jewel store to buy something from us

What we sell at our store here is exactly what youll find

at our stores in Ang Mo Kio or Toa Payoh.

Its really what Singaporeans and locals have been eating for generations.

Food is an enormous part of Singapore's culture,

partly because we're immigrants.

In those days, when people migrated, it was due to hunger, famine, or floods.

And to be able to eat well was a sign of success.

Everyone in Singapore is a connoisseur.

I think you'll experience this even when you ride a taxi.

The taxi driver is equally a gourmet

and can tell you exactly how this fish is steamed.

I think that's amazing to many people from around the world.

I think that for Singaporeans, food is actually the ties that bind.

We have a photo wall that showcases our history and food culture.

Along this section, which is very interesting,

we have the chefs

who are known as theFour Heavenly Kings of Singapore food”.

They came together to create yu sheng,

which is our famous Singaporean raw fish dish

for Chinese New Year celebrations.

And here is my aunt, myMak Koh,

teaching you how to pound while wearing a sarong kebaya,

doing it in a very elegant way.

In the old days, a potential mother-in-law

will visit the homes of girls of marriageable age in the mornings,

and listen to the pounding,

to determine if the girl can cook.

If she cannot pound, it means she cannot cook,

and therefore, is unsuitable for my son.

We do feel a sense of pride in being at Jewel.

It is so important because this is the airport,

which is a gateway for people to visit us.

We want to offer a taste of some local Malay dishes,

so we have satay,

and we have fish curry, which originates from Little India.

We are actually presenting the whole of Asia on the table.

-Bon appétit. -Thank you.

As a Singaporean, personally, I feel very proud

that almost half of the brands here are Singapore brands.

As Changi Airport and Jewel is such an international location,

this is a good place to showcase these brands.

Singapore meets the world and the world meets Singapore

is a tagline that we've always had for Jewel.

One of the things that will really strike you, when you enter Jewel,

is the lush greenery and the sound of the waterfall,

as the water flows down from the Vortex.

You see all this glass?

The glass panels allow the natural light in during the day,

so we dont have to make use of additional energy

to power the lighting within the dome.

Obviously, we look at things from the perspective of users.

We think of what they would like to feel and see

when they come to such a beautiful place.

If you walk around, you will see some robots

that are located strategically around the mall.

They serve you water and sweets.

To us, they also serve as mini attractions.

I am Peter.

Every day, I patrol the drop-off point at Jewel.

Whenever I spot immobile automobiles or loitering lorries,

my job is to get them to move on.

No obstructing traffic on my watch.

My name is Yoji.

If guests need a thirst quencher while staying at YOTELAIR,

just give me a ring and I will come rolling along.

Room service? More like robot service.

Welcome to Jewel.

Please select the 'stop' button for a complimentary drink.

And when anyone needs a cool-down or a pick-me-up at the Canopy Park,

just stop me for some water and candy.

With our robots, the minute they appear,

you will see people taking photos and just crowding around them.

To us, they are little stars.

We do have a unique feature at Jewel,

which is that our concierge team will actually perform.

We have a colleague, Arvin, who is a magician.

During our training,

he told us that he loves to perform magic tricks as a hobby.

So we encouraged him to showcase his talent on site.

I just want you to sayStop”. Whenever you want, just sayStop”.

-Stop! -Stop. Look at your card.

Dont show it to me, you can show it to your mum.

Put it inside.

-Okay, Mum, you can keep this. -Okay, Mummy will keep this.

I need your palm. I'm going to take a picture of your hands.

This fellow is going to pick out your card. Okay?

-Okay. -I will put this in.

Look at this.

-Oh my god! -Was this your card?

This was your card, right?


I've been practising magic tricks since I was a teenager.

I started practising when I was 12 or 13 years old.

I watched a lot of David Blaine shows, street magic tricks and all that,

so I became interested.

When I come to work, I am so happy that I also get to do card tricks.

Every day, I get to do this, so its not really a job.

Its a very good feeling to delight guests while doing magic card tricks,

and in turn, I feel twice as delighted.

I want you to pick any card.

You don't have to show it to me. Show it to them.

I usually practise whenever I'm free,

such as during my breaks and after office hours.

Whenever I can find the time, I will practise.

To able to work and also indulge in my hobby, that's a great thing.

I will never stop doing this.

It wouldnt be there because it is in my pocket.

Oh my god, good job!

This is a photo of my baby.

This was taken during our preview for the public.

I guess my baby was so amazed by the lights that were on display

that he opened his mouth

and kept staring at the lights for a good one minute.

When I saw him open his mouth like that, I felt proud.

I think I will keep showing him this photo as he grows up,

to make sure he remembers it.

When I first started my job at Jewel,

my son was newly born, he was just 10 days old.

I was also doing my part-time studies at the university.

So a typical day for me would be to arrive at work at 8:30am,

and my day would end around 12 midnight to 1am.

Basically, that was the most tiring and painful time.

It was hard at first.

It was difficult being a first-time mum, and also, this is our first baby.

So, not having him around at home was kind of tough.

My wife, being a supportive wife,

made a compromise and actually came over to the airport

to have dinner with me,

so that we could at least spend some time together in the course of the day.

That was how I managed to balance my work with my family time.

But at the end of the day, I felt that it was a good opportunity,

and I was very happy that I was able to work through it.

I think the unsung heroes in delivering this project

have to be all the loved ones of the people in our team,

the people around us who had to pick up the slack at home

and really see us through the ups and downs.

Those are the true unsung heroes.

We refresh the garden every quarter,

and the theme for this round isAutumn”.

So we will switch out the orchids in one of the orchid trees

to fit in with the colours of the new season.

We will change this first, it will take about three to four hours.

Later, we will try to change this.

Otherwise, we will tackle this tomorrow.

In the weeks leading up to the opening,

there were days when we had to work till 2am or 3am,

as we had to make sure that everything was done correctly.

I have a young daughter, under two years old.

As I have to work nights at times,

by the time I reach home, she will be fast asleep.

So during the day,

I will make sure that before I go to work,

I get to spend some time with her.

At least, I still get to see her every day.

Luckily for me, I have very good support from my family.

My mum is the main care-giver.

This allows me to stay focused at work,

knowing my daughter is in good hands.

On a daily basis, I will walk around and check on all the trees.

One of the trees that we have been monitoring is this tree.

We have observed some browning on the tips of the leaves,

so hopefully, it will recover soon.

After we finished the O-level exams and received our results,

my secondary school teacher, who was very nice, sat a few of us down.

He told me that the landscaping industry would be a good fit for me.

I was always very involved in sports

and did a lot of outdoor activities.

I was not a quiet sort of girl,

so he felt that this would suit me.

I guess I was a good girl.

I listened to his advice and applied for the course,

did my diploma, did my degree,

and here I am, doing what I enjoy.

Right now, we are preparing for Jewel's grand opening

which is happening in two daystime.

We are expecting close to 700 guests to join us.

Logistically, it has been quite a challenge

because its the first time we are hosting an event

within the Shiseido Forest Valley.

Right now, we are on stage,

and this where our launch mechanism is going to be.

Our guest of honour, the Prime Minister, and our VIPs

will be pressing a button during the ceremony.

Jewel opened six months ago.

But with a press of this button, it will mark the official opening of Jewel.

One of the key highlights planned for the official opening ceremony

is that well try and surprise the guests

by introducing a new light-and-sound show.

It will revolve around a song that was written specially for this new show,

and for the HSBC Rain Vortex.

Dick Lee approached me and shared with me his ideas,

his plan for the song

that we'll write together.

I have always been waiting for the right time

and the opportunity to do something in Singapore,

for Singapore to connect with the world,

connecting different cultures and people.

I was very much looking forward to it.

We thought of the image of the Vortex

and how it would come together with the light show.

We wanted to write a song that could be epic

but at the same time,

very intimate.

We will be unveiling a new light-and-sound show

for Jewels opening ceremony.

We are doing the final fine-tuning.

I cant tell you about it now because it's a secret and surprise for everyone.

On the day itself,

I will be the one who's responsible for launching the show.

It's a lot of pressure.

We opened Jewel to the public in April.

Then we had the second phase of the Canopy Park opening in June.

And now, we have the official opening ceremony in October.

It's a ceremonious occasion.

It is, in essence, a celebration of what everyone has achieved.

Jewels official opening, to me,

is like the opening in April all over again.

The preview period was definitely challenging.

We all worked around the clock.

We had to stay at YOTELAIR just so we could catch some sleep in between.

During the preview week,

we saw an estimated 600,000 visitors over seven days.

Imagine having 100,000 people

come to the mall on a daily basis.

Its intense.

The bins would be filled up every 15 minutes,

and our crew had to, literally, run around with bin liners

and get the bins emptied as quickly as possible

before they overflowed.

The first few days after Jewels opening were really hectic.

There were long queues at many of the shops and restaurants.

Likewise, during the light-and-sound show,

there were big crowds around the Rain Vortex.

Many of the travellers shared with me

that they had flown to Singapore just to see the opening of Jewel.

At the very first light-and-sound show for the public,

this was where we were watching it from.

I still cant forget that day.

I was standing on Level 5 with Alex.

We were watching the show from there.

Before the day of the preview,

we were still fine-tuning the light-and-sound show.

The first show at 7:30pm...

was the first perfect show that we ever got.

Both of us were very nervous,

and both of us were praying

that the first show for the public would go smoothly.

The Forest Valley was really packed with people.

In the end, everything went according to plan.

After the show ended, people actually gave us a round of applause.

I think it took us by surprise,

but at the same time, it gave us a great sense of satisfaction.

Set-up will continue through the night and into tomorrow.

We will be having rehearsals, and after that, it's showtime.

Today is the official opening of Jewel, and as you can see,

weve already closed off the entire Forest Valley in preparation for it.

Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together

and warmly welcome our guest of honour this evening,

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Mrs Lee.

Jewel has become one of the...

instantly recognisable icons of Singapore.

Every facet of it is brilliant.

Singaporeans are proud of Jewel and rightly so.

It resonates with us

because it reminds us that when we dream big and apply ourselves,

nothing is impossible.

Ladies and gentlemen, for this historic countdown,

may I invite you to join me, please.

One, two, three!

Who would have imagined

that when we decided to shift our airport from Paya Lebar to Changi,

that one day,

we would make it the best airport in the world.

May Jewel long continue to sparkle

and bring joy to Singaporeans and visitors alike.

I've been hearing comments from my friends from other countries.

They'd say, "I hear there's going to be this place in Singapore called 'Jewel'."

When I saw it for myself, I was very excited

because I felt that this is going to be a place

that the whole world will want to visit,

just to experience it.

I think what's great about Jewel is that...

it's also our airport.

To me, I feel that it checks plenty of boxes,

in terms of what Singapore represents and what Singapore stands for.

It's really enjoyed, not just by visitors,

but also very much by Singaporeans themselves.

I want to say that no other countrys citizens

feel the same way about their airports as Singaporeans do.

We've always set out for Jewel to be a place

where people can build fond memories.

Jewels officially open! Cheers!

I think the team that was involved in Jewels opening

was definitely passionate and committed.

The fact that today, it has become an icon that's symbolic of Singapore

makes us all very proud.

Its a wrap!

This is a picture of my parents.

These are my mum, my dad, and my husband,

who visited me when the Canopy Park first opened.

One of the memorable things that I want to share

is this moment when my parents came over to me and said,

I don't remember what you look like anymore.

The only time I can see you is when I literally come to Changi Airport

and meet you for dinner.”

But after they came over and saw the opening,

I think they were filled with pride.

They then understood why I was putting so much time and effort into this.

I was spending a lot of time at work,

including many late nights in the Rain Vortex,

working with the American consultant.

My mum actually felt that I was spending much less time with her.

When my mum first came to Jewel and saw the Rain Vortex,

she finally understood what her son was working on,

and she was proud of her son.

That is me.

When we first opened Jewel,

friends whom Ive lost contact with for the last 15, 20 years

suddenly found me and said,

I saw your work at Jewel and I think it's fantastic.”

That was nice.

Jewel helped me to get back in touch with friends

whom Ive lost contact with for the last 15, 20 years.

There's a gynaecologist whom I see from time to time.

Every time I see her, she will say,

You know, I am so proud of you.

I'm going to tell my other patients

that I know the girl who does the landscaping in Jewel.”

I think she is really very proud of me.

One of the comments that I remember vividly

was about feeling very proud to be Singaporean,

that Jewel has become an icon to the world,

and that the team behind Jewel did a good job.

Seeing comments like that makes me feel that...

all the late nights at Jewel are worth it.

The official opening ceremony definitely feels like one milestone,

like it marks the end of all the openings that we've had.

But it also feels like the next chapter.

It's time to decide on the attractions that we want to refresh.

It's time to plan the first Christmas,

and before long, the first anniversary.

It's just the first chapter of the book.

The consultants and architects have done their part

to help us realise this dream,

and now, it is up to the team and me to carry the baby forward.

It is not going to be easy.

It's going to be very challenging. We look forward to it.

Every day is going to be a different day.

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