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Living an everyday lifes cool and all,

But dont you ever wish it was,

Well, a little more



Talk about getting creative!

Here are some cool DIY L.O.L. crafts and school supply ideas!

Ready to go, Mayble?

Just gotta get my purse ready.

Well be heretil Christmas at this rate.

If only my purse were a tad bigger

Okay, I need help!

Okay, lets try to do this together.

Ill pull it open and you push!



Oh no!

This is my favorite bag!

Me and my stupid stuff.

Sorry about your purse, Mayble.

But not all hope is lost.

What are you doing with that!

Ill show you!

Cut out a square of your rug

And spray it with your favorite color paint.

Once its dry, turn it over.

And line one of its edges with hot glue.

Then attach another piece on top.

It should look like this in the end.

Now take a cut-out of glitter foam.

Its going to be the outline of your zipper.

Attach it to the opening of the bag with glue.

And then you can add foam straps!

Be sure to comb out the hair

The colors blend better this way.

You can even attach L.O.L. Lil Sisters!

Did someone order a new purse?

Its so adorable!

But the big question is,

Can it fit all my stuff?

The verdict is in.

We have a winner!

I gotta be quick,

Dont wanna be late to English again!

Hi, Adam!




Why wont he ever talk to me?

Another perfect shade!

I had the most terrible day.

And its all my fault.

What happened?

Adam. My one true love.

You want him to notice you more?

We just have to make a few changes.


Now we need a finishing touch.

Not that


Ill take these!

Need some sparkling spectacles?

Pink nail polish will do the trick!

But know what would be more fab?

Sparkles, of course!

Pretty cute, right?

Youll definitely get attention with these.

Oh yeah!

Thanks, Id better get going!



Im Adam!

I know.

Wanna walk to class together?

For Chloe,

Taking notes is serious business.

Thats one way to clean!


My perfect notes!


You and your stupid music.

Oh no!

The brush is stuck!

Just breathe, itll be okay.

Wait a sec.

Want to fix a broken cap?

First take the brush off the cap.

Then stick the doll head right on top!

This putty will keep it in place.


Decorate the bottle with pink foam!

Use hot glue for this fan pattern.


Now add on another layer!

Dont forget the hot glue.

Once its all dry, put on the cap.

But theres still bottle showing.

Cover that part with more putty.

Aw, its like a little scarf!

And for a finishing touch?

Now lets add some arms!

Secure them with hot glue.

Still need some white-out?

Is this the same bottle?


Now my notes can look flawless again.

Feel better now, Chloe?

Its hot chocolate time, people!

First, I need the milk.

Lets get this party started.

Thats it?

Youve got to be kidding me.

Not hot chocolate today, I guess.

Ill just settle for a few sips of milk.

What should I do with all these guys?

Whats this?


Ill make warm milk while I work!

Its empty?



Care to explain?

Hey wheres my note?

I swear I left one!

Found it.


Maybe these little guys can help!

Put hot glue on the back of the dolls head.

Then stick a magnet on it.

You can do this to all of them!

Now well never lose notes on the fridge!


So cute!

Best idea ever!

Is there anything better

Than a brand spankinnew journal?

Yeah, you should come over!

Personalization complete!


Guess its time for a refill.

Ooh! Gotta get that plant.

Wait, Michael said what?!


Maybles gonna kill me!

Ive gotta fix this.

What am I gonna do?

I cant bare to hurt my bestie!

Look at these sparkly sequins!


Have sequin fabric?

Cut out a square and put the journal on top.

Put hot glue on the inner cover like this.

Now press the fabric on top.

Now do it along all the edges.

And for one more finishing touch,

Paint on some cute letters.

Gorgeous, right?

I hope she likes it!

Here she comes!

Whats this?

Its beautiful!

You even have two colors to choose from!

This is truly one-of-a-kind now!

This sure looks like a relaxing Saturday.

Nice drawing!


I hate when this happens.

Luckily I have one of these bad boys!

They sure do make a mess.

And after sharpening a pencil or two,

You have quite the clean up waiting for you.


Get outta here!


Im covered in shavings!

Hey! I was wondering where this thing went.

Ready to come out and play?

Dont need this anymore.


Thanks a lot, Mayble!

Actually, I have an idea.

For this hack,

Put hot glue on the cut out edge.

Then stick the sharpener on it.

Now cover it back up.

Goodbye messes!

All the shavings can live in here now.

And when it comes time to sharpen,

Itll catch all of the mess!

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