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Whats good padna? This week we breakindem chains with Beloved by

Toni Morrison.

Somethin creepy goin down up at da crib called124,” where a hardass

mama named Sethe livinwit her daughter Denver. Apparently, da

spot haunted by Sethes dead baby girl who ridinSethe and Denver so

hard dat they too scurred to leave da house.

And 124 aint da only place dats kept Sethe locked up. See back in

the day, Sethe was a slave at some hell-hole plantation calledSweet

Homewhere she went through some of da most dehumanizinsh** yo

bitch-ass can imagine. Eventually she was able to escape dat trap and

head to Cincinatti. But even tho she free physically, she still

chained up by all dem horrible memories.

One night some G Sethe knew from back at Sweet Home named Paul D

drop in at 124. Denver aint so happy to see him, but sethe SHO AS

HELL IS. Cuz not 5 minutes aftaseein him, Sethes panties on the

flo and they gettin buck nasty on da reg. Paul must be givin her the

D REAL good, cuz aftadat, its like the ghost aint doggin 124 no

mo. And aftaa while, even Denver start warmin up to this playa.

But the good times dont last, son. Outta nowhere, some fly lil hunny

callin herself Beloved show up lookin ill. Sethe take her in, but

there definitely somethin off bout this dip.

Life was gettinpretty sweet with Paul and his D in tha house, but

now wit Beloved there, errything start fallin to sh**. Somethin

bout Beloved bein there forces Paul otta da crib and he start livinin

da cold house. One night, tho, Beloved roll up on dat shack and

warm dat cold house UP. Naw Im sayin?? Sex... But fosome reason,

Pauly cant enjoy Beloved booty dancing on his junk; instead his

mind filled with a buncha horrible memories from Sweet Home. Weird.

Afta Paul and Beloved do tha nasty, Beloved start pushin her weight up

in 124 like she own da place and erryone in it.

Then one day, some homie named Stamp Paid all likePauly, you

aint know why Sethe and Denver nevaleave tha crib?” Apparently,

things were all good in da hood foSethe and da fam afta escapin from

Sweet Home. But one day, when Sethe hear her old slavemaster closin in

on her new digs, she straight SNAP and sayId rather KILL my babies

then let dat fool put em in chains!” And girl wasnt playin,

cuz she takes all her kids to tha shed ready to merc erry one of em.

The only one she actually kill is a baby girl who she later name

Beloved... which make this whole house guest thing pretty damn

creepy, amirite?

Paul caint believe what he hearin, so he jus grab his sh** and bounce.

Wit dat big-balla gone, its like Beloved blowin up while Sethe keep

shrinkin’. When Denver see how bad Beloved mistreating her mama, she

decide she gonna keep it real, get her house outta da house, and do

somethin to make dat bitch LEAVE.

AftaDenver hit up a buncha black folk around town, a whole posse

crew up to get Beloved outta dat house. Errybody start singin, and

things lookin good; dat is, until some white dude roll up on the

house. He justryna give Denver a job but Sethe thinkin it her old

slavemaster. So she goes APE, grabs an icepick and tries to ice dis

fool. Damn girl. Denver and the posse have to take her down, and

Beloved hits da road.

Now dat B-los gone, Denvers knows who she is AND got da joose to get

herelf outta da house. Paul D stop actin a fool and come back to tha

124 to build a life with Sethe. Errybody who spent they life in

chains is finally one step closer to beinfree.

Now you might be thinkin: Wassup wit dat girl Beloved? Is she really

Sethes zombified daughter back from the dead? Is she some creeper

pretendin to be a dead baby? Sumethin else? Scholars got all

kinda dank theories bout B-lo; cuz truth is, who or what she be aint

so clear cut, sucka.

My favorite way of thinkin bout it is that it aint bout Beloved bein

a ghost or a person- whats important is dat she a symbol,

reppin all da horrible sh** black folk had to tussle wit over da

years: ‘specially da memories of pain, death, and torture durin

slave times. See, when Beloved drop in at 124, she bring back all dem

buried horrors of Paul and Sethes time up at Sweet Home.

And to make things worse, Beloved dont jus make you think bout da

past- she make you relive it right here right now. Paul D always

talkin bout how he didnt even feel like a person back at sweet home,

sayin bum sh** like: Sparky reads quote: “I was something else

and that something else was less than a chicken sitting in the

sun on a tub.”

And if you thinkin that aint nothingonna make him feel more

like a man that a piece of Beloveds fine ass, you be trippin,

yo. After crackin off a piece of summodat hoochie coochie:

Paul D had come to be a rag doll- picked up and put back

down anywhere any time by a girl young enough to be his

daughter. fu**ing her when he was convinced he didnt want

to...humiliated... ad yet there was nothing he could do about


PoSethe in da same depressingass, rememory-filled boat. Sethe

get so amped up on hatred for dem racist slavers, and so full of love

and regret foghosting her own baby-girl, dat she start actin

like she aint even goodnuff foforgiveness. Damn girl, show

yoself a lillove.

Maybe da reason its so damn hard to figure out who or what Beloved

be is cuz she a different thing to all da booksmajor playas. To paul

D, she a mystery and a lover; to Sethe, she a daughter, and a

reminder of olpains; to Denver, she a sistah, and a hope

dat she wont evabe alone. Then again, maybe the real clue why

Beloved seem different to errybody is in her name: Love. Love look

different to errybody. To some, it can breathe life in to yo daily

grind like nuthin else. But to others, it can fu** sh** up like

you aint even know.

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