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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Bees & The Secret Ravine | Block Squad (Minecraft Animation)

Difficulty: 0

- Oh boy.

A couple of friends explorin'.

I wonder what we'll find next.

A mesa, a beach?

- Oh boy.

Another grassy plain.

- Wait, where's Bam Bam?

- He's totally radical!

- This looks like another great place

to build another crap house.

- Would be nice to build on the foundation we built

instead of just abandoning all our homes

a day after we built them.

- Nah.

- This place is great.

There's lot of trees and I saw a huge ravine down there

with lava and water flowing into it.

- [Bam Bam] Stan was right.

The ravine was big.

But what was even bigger was the dark secret

that had lived inside of it for decades.

- All right, let's build a house.

- Okay, one more block to go and we're,

Oh God a bee!

- Relax, he's friendly!

- Really?

What's he dropping?

- It's just pollen.

- Oh okay.

- Yep, just spraying his seed all over your new living room.

- What?

I'm gonna head out and start a small farm.

We'll finally have a stable food source.

(gasps) You guys, a white horse!

There there, buddy.

Just gonna.

(horse neighing)

Relax, friend.

Here's an apple.

Okay, now lets.

(horse neighs)

Well now you're just being difficult.

- I know you're becoming a farmer now,

and I wanted to give you a gift.

- Ooh it's a diamond hoe.

Thank you, how useful.

- I used the diamonds you were storing in the chest

to make it.

- You don't say.

All right, some wheat some melons and some sugar cane.

Now while these grow, I'm gonna go down and explore

that dangerous ravine.

- Hey bird butt, you wanna come down to the ravine

and explore with us?

- Nah, I'll hang back and watch Bam Bam.

Plus, I'm gonna listen to some old records.

(ominous music)

Ah, the classics.

- Okay, so theoretically I should just be able to jump

straight down and just land in the water.

- I don't know dude.

Why don't you try to build down?

- (groans) Fine.


There's a lot of caves in the side of these walls.

Imagine, the entire land beneath our feet

waiting to be explored.

- Careful Stan, you're dangerously close to the edge

and it's a long way down.

- Ah!

- Stan!

- Oh man, that really hurt.

- Wow, I'm shocked you survived that!

Brush yourself off and let's get outta here.

Wait a second, I see a villager over there.

That's funny.

I didn't know villagers even lived

in this part of the biome.

Excuse me, Mr. Villager?

Would you happen to have any,

(Villager growls)

Oh my God!

He's some kind of zombie villager!

(zombie villagers growling)

- Uh-oh.

This might be it for us.

(intense music)

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