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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Extreme Soda Taste Test

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Today we find out what barnyard tastes like.

Let's talk about that.

♪ (theme music) ♪

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Hamsters, they got something to hide. ♪ ♪ Hamsters, they got that secret life. ♪

Now, when you're an internetainer, you need to prepare for the day when no one

cares enough to click on you anymore. It's what you do. So we're going out in

the world to search for what else we be might be good at with a little help from

our friends over at Geico. It's time to take another field trip.

That's right. This time around we thought we'd try our hands at flavor creation.

- Hm. It's time for another... - (both) The Backup Plan.

♪ (dramatic music) ♪

(Link) Now, we're two guys who've tried a lot of different foods, so maybe our

trained tongues could help us get a job at a place that actually makes flavors.

(Rhett) A place like Gold Coast Ingredients. First thing on the agenda was meeting

- the president of Flavor Country, Jim Sgro. - So, in a nutshell, what is it that you

- do here? -We make things taste good.

- Oh wow. - How do you...I mean how do you know that

you have the gift? Did you get your tongue tested as a child?

No, nope, uh, just liked to eat a lot and I was lucky to fall into the business.

- Don't underestimate this tongue. - (Link) Or this one.

- No white stuff on that. - Cool!

But out mission today is to find out if this would be a viable backup plan for

- us as a real job. - First you gotta put on some lab coats,

- things like this, guys. - Molly.

- (Jim) Molly? Yeah. - Molly's not...

(Jim) Molly and Jose.

(Rhett) Okay, I guess I'll be Molly for the day.

(Link laughs)

- (Rhett) Has Flavor Flav ever been here? - (Jim) Hm?

- (Rhett) Flavor Flav? - (Jim) No.

(Rhett) First up: the sweet lab, where all the sweetest flavors get made.

- (Rhett) There's a smell. - (Jim) You're probably smelling the

composite of probably 30 or 40 different kinds of flavors that are being worked

- on at any one time. - This is what all the smells in the world

combined smell like, Link. This is it! We're smelling it for the first time.

- We're smelling pure smell. - We're smelling smell!

- (Link) So, what happens in this room? - At the highest level, we have some

- certified flavor chemists. - You're certified, Dave?

- No I'm not. - Uh oh.

- Let's just say he is. - I'm an assistant only.

So in here we've got natural vanilla... um...

- Should you be shaking it like that? - Blueberry... cooling conch.

(Rhett) What percentage of a meal is it when I just sniff it?

- There's no calories in smelling it. - Shouldn't we be tasting it, though?

(Jim) Flavor and smell go together, but ours are particularly formulated

for the taste in the product they're being used.

Just putting a drop on our tongues won't necessarily give us the full effect.

Well, no, unfortunately a drop on your tongue will make you not taste anything

for a while 'cause these are very concentrated.

- Oh, really? - These are 100 to 1, 1,000 to 1.

So it's so concentrated it can be used as a weapon?

- Well, unfortunately, yes. - I could be butter man, you could be orange

man, and the only thing we do is just... we could get little things and "psh psh!"

Do you wanna see the savory lab, where we make, uh, bacon flavor...

- Stop there. Yes. - (Link) Savory lab.

(Rhett) Are you sure this is the savory lab?

- Hey hey, Bill. - I'm Jose.

- Hi Bill, I'm Molly, how ya doin'? - Nice to meet you.

What's the craziest stuff that you've made?

- I think dog food. - Dog food flavor.

Yeah. We try to make it so whatever they're asking for, if they want a chicken

or a beef or a tuna or just the general...

- Gah! I'm glad I'm not a dog! - It's like bad gravy, which is a great

name for a band. Do you play an instrument?

- I can play maybe a couple notes, that's it. - The Savory Boys.

Can we do a little three part harmony here?

- (harmonizing) ♪ Savory ♪ - ♪ Savory

- ♪ Savoryyyyyyyyyy ♪ - Woah, oh! Hey! Bill, you stepped right in!

- Like, uh, Frankie Valli, huh? - Yeah, you're really up there.

When we were in college we used to do this thing where we took french fries

and then we would put ranch dressing and bacon bits all over it. You would do

our souls well if you could recreate a bacon ranch flavor.

First thing we'll do is we are going to make a reaction flavor.

So, you're saying it doesn't have any bacon or ranch involved?

(Link) We've got some dextrose, we've got some glycine synthetic, and if you're

making this at home along with us, we also have some L...

- (Rhett) Cystine! - Cystine.

(Rhett) This process is nothing like the bacon ranch process from college.

- Bacon ranch! - Just a bottle of ranch dressing and

- bacon bits! - Phbbt! Phbbt!

Yeah, phbbt!

Do you make sound effects sometimes when you're doing your job?

- Uh... - Like (airplane noises)

- Only if there's nobody around. Phbt. - (Rhett and Link laugh)

(Rhett) When I dip it what sound should I make?

(Bill) Uh... like a tractor noise.

(all beeping and grumbling like a tractor)

- Comin' in! (More tractor noises) - More of the drip sounds again.

- (Link) Okay, yeah. - (Bill makes dripping noises)

(Bill) When this is done mixing then it's gonna go into the reactor and it's gonna

- cook for an hour. - You have a reactor?

- I'm gonna set it for 112 Celsius. - Savory boys are hot! Oh! It's spinnin',

Bill! Did you know that? Did you know it's spinnin'? Is that on purpose?

On purpose. That keeps, uh, keeps everything moving around inside.

You know what could be a fun thing to do while we wait?

(all harmonizing) ♪ Savory Boys

(Link) One hour later, it was time to get ranchy.

(harmonizing) ♪ Bacon... ranch... bacon raaaaaaaaaaanch

(Rhett) In order to try our flavor, we had to flavor something with it, so it was

- time to go to the master, Chef Jeff. - So what would you typically put

- bacon ranch into? - Maybe a popcorn seasoning,

- chip seasoning... - Could you put it in a soda?

- Of course! We can do anything. - (magic harp sound)

All right, here's some bacon ranch soda for you guys.

I'm glad it's fizzy because that makes me feel better about drinking it.

- Oh my goodness! - It's actually a soda.

Oh, whoah!

- Oh, oh! - Wow!

- You know what? You know what? Whoa! - Cold, refreshing, bacon, ranch!

It's got a nice little bacon ranch back end to it!

- (Link) It does have a back end! - (Rhett) A back end!

- (Link) A badonkadonk! - So you're telling me you can take any

of these flavors that you have in this facility and put them in a soda?


- ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ - (Link) Coming to you live from beautiful

Commerce, California at Gold Coast Studios, it's time to play Oh My Flavors!

- The extreme soda taste test! - Here's how it works, okay.

So I've got sodas that I've created, or Jeff has created based on my choices,

- Yeah. - and vise versa.

- We're gonna alternate sodas. - If you get it right without any hints,

- you get two points for that round. - (bell dings)

And if you require a hint, you get one point. (bell dings)

And if you don't get it right after a hint, you get zero points.

- (buzzer noise) - What does the winner get?

The winner gets a delicious pizza milkshake.

♪ (Italian music) ♪

and the loser gets a milkshake that's not gonna taste very good.

♪ (dramatic music) ♪

- Ooh, secretly nasty. - Okay.

Chef Jeff, present our first concoction.

(Link's voice over music) Our first flavor, straight from Korea... kimchi!

- Hm. - Ooh!

- ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ - It's spicy.

- It's spicy, yeah. - Spicy.

- It... it's a sauce. - (Link) Yeah, it's not a sauce.

- (Rhett) I need a hint. - I don't really eat this stuff, but it's

- something you eat and it's healthy. - You're supposed to eat it and it's

- spicy? - Yeah, and you're like "You should eat

- this stuff, it's got health benefits." - (laughs) KIMCHI!

(bell dings)

(Link's voice over music) And rolling right off the boot of Italy, tomato!

(Link) All right, yeah, smell it. Make sure it's what you think it is.

- This is clear. - You should be able to tell right by

- the smell. - Eugh!

Well, why don't you take a sip of it, brother?

It's like my kids' feet after they've been playing all day at the playground.

You been tasting your kids' feet?

♪ (dramatic music) ♪

- He doesn't like it. - ♪ (more dramatic music) ♪

- Blugh! That is horrid! Chef Jeff! - You want a hint?

- It's like vinegar! - I knew that you would hate this. That's a

- great hint. - I'm guessing tomato.

(bell dings)

(Link's voice over music) Next up, straight from Atlantis... oyster!

- Enjoy the experience. - Oh, wow.

- Yeah... - Wow, what?

Wow bad. There's a lot of badness happening in this cup.

- Lay it in, lay in there. - (Dramatic ocean and seagull noises)

(Link) You gotta process verbally. Tell me something.

Fish. There's fish in there. There's definitely fish in there. But what fish

is it? I'm gonna go with tuna fish as my guess.

Here's my first hint: you're in the sea, but you're not a fish. See if you can

crack that open.

- I'm in the sea and I'm not a fish? - And I just gave another hint but you

- didn't catch it. Oh that's another hint. - Hold on, what did you say?

- (slow) If you can crack that open. - You said... what did he say?

You didn't hear it either. I'm that sly with my hint.

Well, it's not crab. It might be clam. I feel like a sommelier.

- You look like a lunch lady. - Clam or oyster.

- Give me your answer. In 5... - I'm going with clam.

(buzzer noise)

(Link's voice over music) And finally from the way back of your fridge, spoiled milk.

(Link) All right, this is for the win for me, if I can correctly identify this.

- (Rhett chuckles) - Oh. Ugh. Somebody needs to change

- someone else's diaper. - Oh man! Wow, that's so accurate it's

- amazing. - It's accurate?

Oh, it's so accurate. You should get this one. If you can get it into your mouth and

into your throat, then I believe that you will get it.


(splashing noises)

- (retches) - (Rhett) Oh gosh.

If I have to swallow another bit of that, I need a trashcan.

- Chef Jeff, you are demented. - Thank you.

I'm gonna say dirty diaper.

- Okay, that's incorrect. - All right, give me a hint.

This substance was given so much when it was young that it ruined it.

Your hints are riddles!

- I think that was a good... - (retches) Sour milk! Sour milk! Gaaah!

(bell dings)

(Link) All right, to the victor goes the spoils, and to the loser goes the spoiled

milkshake. This is pizza and this is a prize.

- That's the prize. - Mine... smells a little like pizza.

I can smell my shake and I haven't even brought it to my face yet.

(Rhett) Congratulations, Link.

That's what your gonna respond to your victory milkshake?!

It's not natural. Oh. When the prize is this bad, I'm glad that I won.

Okay, Jeff, tell me what's in this freaking thing.

- ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ - (Jeff) So what we got here is a

delicious milkshake with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry. It happens to be

- flavored with a barnyard flavor. - Are you telling me... are you telling me

that you have a flavor called "barnyard," really?

Yeah, we have collected the essence of a barnyard and put it into a flavor.

- What is the essence of a barnyard? - (Jeff) Cow patties... hay... animals.

- It smells like a sheep that hasn't washed. - It's basically scraping the bottom of a

- farmer's boot into a milkshake. - Yeah, that's--

What's wrong with you, man?

(horror music and farm animal noises)

You would not believe the taste that is in my mouth! This is worse than any-- ugh!

- Haah! - Jeff, I don't wanna work here.

- I don't ever wanna work here. - (laughs) Me neither.

♪ (dramatic music) ♪

So, it looks like we will continue to be internetainers for the time being,

but the taste of that barnyard milkshake will stick around for a lifetime.

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Weeeeeeeeeeell, baby why don't you come to me and we'll go down to this green

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- at this green pond. ♪ - ♪ Yeah! ♪

- ♪ Why is it green? ♪ - ♪ And why does it smell funny? ♪

- ♪ I don't know! ♪ - ♪ But I'm really thirsty. ♪

- ♪ Let's drink, drink, - (both) ♪ drink drink drink

- ♪ drink, drink, drinka this pond. ♪ - Blegh!

(both) ♪ Toxic waste! ♪

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