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Already top notch among the wallet friendly race helmets, today well finally be taking

the long awaited HJC RPHA 11 Carbon out on our road test.

Sebastian from Champion Helmets here and today weve got the newest version of the already

famous RPHA 11, the RPHA 11 Carbon. This full-face racing helmet will now be coming in at the

top of HJCs range so how could we not test it out? This helmet will also be offering

updated features to the RPHA 11, which is about 3 years old now, like being prepared

for a dedicated Bluetooth system. So, the RPHA 11 Carbon, still faithful to its mid-range

roots, will be coming at a recommended retail price of about 530 Euros, or 580 US Dollars,

which is up from the 360 Euros, or 400 US Dollars, of the original. So, youre paying

an extra 170 for that carbon fiber shell. So, the RPHA 11 Carbon will compete directly

with the X-Lite X-803 RS Ultra Carbon in addition to the AGV Pista GP RR, Shoei X-Spirit 3,

Shark Race-R Pro GP, and the Arai RX-7V.

Before we get going, dont forget to also take a look at the rest of our YouTube channel

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The shell of the RPHA 11 Carbon is made from PIM Plus Carbon, which stands for Premium

Integrated Matrix, which means youll be getting a similar aramid, carbon, and fiberglass

blend but with a higher carbon content. This ensures that you get an even lighter helmet

at about 1280 grams, or 2lbs 13oz, in a size M, which is lighter than the RPHA 11. The

RPHA 11 Carbon will also be coming in 3 shell sizes, which is about average for this mid-market

segment and will make sure that you can get a better and more comfortable fit. For fastening,

the RPHA 11 Carbon uses a double-D ring chin strap. Though the RPHA 11 Carbon hasnt

been tested by SHARP yet, the RPHA 11 has and it earned 3 stars out of 5.

Since it was wind tunnel tested, the RPHA 11 has a very aerodynamic shell shape. The

visor is tear off and anti-fog pinlock prepared. And it comes with the insert lens and an additional

dark smoke visor already in the box. For ventilation on the helmet, you have one adjustable vent

in the chin with two always open vents on either side. Theres an adjustable vent

in the forehead and two further back on either side. To let this air out, you have air outlets

under the spoiler and two side exhausts that are also always open. The liner of the RPHA

11 Carbon is HJCs Multi cool liner. So, it is removable, washable, anti-bacterial,

moisture wicking, and it fits glasses. Lastly, the helmet includes emergency release cheek

pads and has been prepared for the SMART HJC Bluetooth comms system.

If you are unfamiliar with our road tests, then heres a refresher. On the left, we

have a thermometer reading the interior helmet temperature through a sensor on the top of

the helmet. In the middle weve got a decibel meter showing measurements from a microphone

placed near our riders ear. On the right we have an anemometer on the phone to measure

external wind speed. Lastly, on the bottom we have our riders speed and the external

temperature. So, we performed our test with our rider going at about 130 km/h or 80 mph

on long stretches of highway.

The days average airspeed was at about 130km/h. And the outside temperature during

the test was 28 degrees Celsius, or 82 degrees Fahrenheit, while the helmets interior

temperature was also 28 degrees Celsius, so no difference there, which is great. Since

the RPHA 11 is a sport helmet, you can also expect it to perform even better for ventilation

in a sport position. As you can see, the decibel meter is reading 102 decibels which is pretty

good for a sports helmet, especially considering they are not designed to stop noise. So overall

this helmet is bringing you a good experience and great HJC quality.

Our rider found the RPHA 11 Carbon performed very well and was very comfortable throughout

the ride. He also commented on how strong the RPHA 11 Carbons ventilation was, noting

that HJC had done an admirable job. Now, lets see how many stars the RPHA 11 Carbon earns.

For material, since the RPHA 11 Carbon is made of carbon fiber in 3 outer shell sizes,

the helmet earns 5 stars. For weight, since the RPHA 11 Carbon only weighed 1280 grams

in a size M, it earns 5 stars. Since the visor is Pinlock prepared with the additional insert

in the box, the visor earns 4 stars. And since the ventilation in the helmet was also strong,

with no difference to the outside temperature, the RPHA 11 earns 4 stars. For aerodynamics,

with an aerodynamic shell and great stability, the HJC helmet earns 4 stars. Lastly, for

comfort, since the interior is HJCs multi-cool interior it earns a great 4 stars. Overall,

this means that the RPHA 11 earns a total of 4 stars with a value for money of 20 Euros

per star, which makes it very budget friendly helmet with a lot of bang for buck.

If after seeing the RPHA 11 Carbon perform on the road youd like to purchase this

helmet, make sure to head over to where weve got a lowest price guarantee

and bundle deals with a discounted communication device.

So thats been the RPHA 11 Carbon out on the road. Though it is coming in at much more

of a premium than the normal RPHA 11. It still has plenty of great race features and a great

value for money. If you liked the video, make sure to subscribe for more data driven road

tests and let us know what you think in the comments down below. Im Sebastian from

Champion Helmets and Ill see you next time!

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