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from the him and I iconic duo separation to a relationship that ended almost as

soon as that began here are the top celebrity breakups of 2018 number 15

Shia LaBeouf and Mia goth Shia LaBeouf is an actor known for his roles and even

Stephens the Transformers film series and Disturbia me Agha started as a model

and also made it into the acting field the first movie she acted in was

nymphomaniac volume 2 in 2013 alongside Shia LaBeouf they started dating shortly

after working on the film together maybe not too surprising considering its title

but they tried to keep their private life as secretive as possible

however they appeared on the red carpet together numerous times which made their

relationship public knowledge in march 2015 goth was noticed sporting a

sizeable diamond ring despite the obvious signs of engagement she and

LaBeouf continued denying rumors nevertheless in October 2016 they noted

Lea tied the knot in Las Vegas and Elvis Presley imitator apparently officiated

the ceremony classic later on reports came out that the marriage wasn't legal

as no papers were filed after an on-again off-again romance the two

called it quits in 2018 number 14 Kourtney K and Eunice Benjamin Kourtney

Kardashian is a reality television star famous for being on Keeping Up with the

Kardashians alongside with her family Eunice is a boxer turned model who

gained recognition for his relationship with Kourtney in May 2017 rumors of the

tooth relationship started circulating and were verified shortly after they

noted Lee got together during Paris Fashion Week the same time that Kim was

robbed in her hotel room in January 2018 Kourtney and Eunice took a trip to

Mexico and they traveled to the Bahamas three months after that in May of that

same year Kourtney surprised him with a secret getaway for his birthday however

two months later she posted a revealing photograph on Instagram and Eunice

commented that's what you need to show to get likes there seemed to be trouble

brewing in August their breakup was official and Eunice was spotted

vacationing with Jordan ozuna number 13 Nikki Bella and John Cena

most people know John Cena from his pro wrestling career and acting in films

like the marine daddy's home and blockers Nikki Bella is also a

professional wrestler for WWE and FCW she and Cena didn't start dating until

2012 even though they had been friends for a long time in 2013 they took the

relay shift to the next level by moving in

together however John made Nikki sign a 70 page long agreement before they did

so romantic right they had problems from the beginning Bella wanted to have

children and John had no interest in having kids later on she noted that she

had to go through therapy to face the fact that she wouldn't be a mother

despite their struggles drom proposed to Bella in April 2017 at the WrestleMania

33 but the joy from their engagement didn't last long in March 2018 John told

Us Weekly that he and Nikki would sometimes have to spend months apart a

month later he wrote we were together I forgot the rest on one of his Instagram

photos sparking separation rumors around the same time the duo called off their

wedding after their breakup Cena declared he was still in love with Nikki

on The Today Show and they reunited in May 2000 18 however their rekindled

romance didn't last long and they officially called it quits in July

number 12 Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shue cos we all know that Ben Affleck is

recognized for his acting career and Lindsay is well known for her work as a

television producer for shows like Saturday Night Live and 30 rock although

these two officially started dating in April 2017 some sources reported that

they'd actually been together since 2014 when Affleck was still with Jennifer

Garner they were spotted together several times in mid 2017 and went on

vacation to Naples Maine in July of that year they were still looking like a

happy couple from September to November and were seen on another date the day

after Christmas Affleck and shook us were seemingly well until August 2018

when Affleck was spotted having dinner with Shana Sexton a Playboy model he was

seen with Shana again just three days later stopping a jack in the box before

staying the night at his house that same month shook us and Affleck

made their breakup public number 11 Brooke Burke and David sharbat Brooke

Burke is a model dancer and actress and David Charvet is a singer model and

actor from Lyon France these two made their relationship public in 2006 after

Brookes divorce from Garth Fisher they got engaged soon after and had their

kids Burke also has two children from a previous marriage

in 2011 Brooke and David tied the knot on a boat in the Caribbean which she

said was the greatest gift she could give them and her children things were

going well for a long time but in April 2000 18 this couple announced that they

were getting a divorce she wrote on her blog there was

thank sensational that caused this divorce and nothing scandalous will

surface please believe that we are just finding new ways to remain a loving

family however they continue working together

to keep their kids happy number 10 Diddy and cassie Ventura cassie Ventura is

known for acting modeling singing and dancing and she played and step up to

the streets Sean Diddy Combs is a famous record producer rapper and singer these

two met in 2007 when Ventura was modeling for Diddy's Sean John fashion

label they denied a romantic relationship until coming out as a

couple in 2012 at Kanye West Paris Fashion Week show during the two years

that followed they talked a bit about their relationship and even stirred up

engagement rumors in 2015 however they broke up for a short time before getting

back together a year later they called it quits for a second time after a

heated argument at Ventura's home but they rekindled their romance following

the fight after an on-again off-again relationship they finally broke up for

good in 2018 apparently anyway number 9 Emma Watson and Chord Overstreet Emma

Watson is most famous for playing the talented witch Hermione in the Harry

Potter film series Chord Overstreet gained recognition for playing Sam Evans

and Glee from 2009 to 2015 this dual only recently got together in March 2018

after parting ways with their previous lovers that month page six noted that

they had made the relationship official a source stated it's crazy but yes they

are seeing each other although Emma wants to keep things quiet

and private Emma and cord were spotted spending a lot of time with each other

in Los Angeles but a source told the Sun that things just haven't worked out

between them and they are both now single again but the two were

photographed kissing in June 2018 so far it seems like Watson and Overstreet are

still together we'll see what the future holds for this couple number 8 Kendra

Wilkinson and Hank Baskett Kendra Wilkinson is known for modeling

as well as starring in her reality shows Kendra and Kendra on top Hank Baskett is

a former NFL player for the Vikings Eagles and Colts these two got engaged

in 2008 on top of Seattle Space Needle and tied the knot a year later at the

Playboy Mansion in December 2009 Kendra gave birth to

their son Hank Baskett the 4th then in 2014 they had their second child a

daughter named Aaliyah Mary later that year Kendra was photographed missing her

wedding and engagement rings which she allegedly

flush down the toilet during an episode of her show in November 2015 she and

Hank seem to be doing well again and attempted to keep their lives out of the

public eye however in February 2018 Kendra disclosed via social media that

they were having issues in their marriage they split up a couple of

months later which she once again shared on her Instagram page

she wrote ten years I did everything I could it wasn't enough I believed in

forever I really did guess it's not meant to be

don't forget to subscribe number seven Harry Styles and Camille

Rowe Camille Rowe is a model and actress and Harry Styles is a well-known singer

and songwriter that gained fame through his work with One Direction they started

dating in July 2017 according to Elle they spent New Year's

Eve with one another and Camille was spotted hanging out with Harry's mom

during his concert in Paris in March 2018 there was never much news

surrounding this duo's romance but a source said

Camille's come along at exactly the right point in Harry's life he's had

plenty of fun but seems to be content hanging out with her they get along

great however they called it quits in July

2018 number 6 uh sure and grace Miguel uh sure is a

famous singer and songwriter from Dallas Texas and grace Miguel was once

executive chef on The Cosby Show worked for Island Def Jam Records and used to

be Usher's manager they started dating in 2009 after Usher's split from his

then wife to make a foster the two tried to keep the relationship out of the

spotlight in January 2015 they got engaged in September of that same year

Asher was seen sporting a wedding band a source data to e news they are extremely

happy and the way the wedding was done was very sweet and romantic he can't

wait to spend the rest of his life with her however after spending ten years

together Asher and Grace filed for divorce in

March 2018 they noted that they will remain great friends and the separation

was mutual number 5 Jennifer Aniston and Justin

Theroux most people know about Jennifer Aniston from her acting career as she

rose to fame on friends Justin was also an actor producer and screenwriter well

known for his parts in American Psycho the left overs and the girl on the train

they met on the set of the comedy Tropic Thunder in 2007 but they didn't start

dating until mid 2011 they moved in together later that year and seemed very

much in love at the beginning of 2012 in August of the same year addressed him

pop the question with a $500,000 ring and Jennifer said yes about

after that they had a secretive wedding in their backyard they spent the next

four years eying fans with cute Instagram posts and vacation photos but

in July 2017 Aniston and through were photographed for the last time as a

couple the day after Valentine's Day in 2018

they made their divorce public number four gez and Halsey gez and Halsey are

both famous musicians and are well known for their collaborative song him and I

that marked the beginning of their relationship in August 2017 they

performed the hit song together on stage which sparked rumors that they were

dating house it confirmed their romance the day after writing thank you baby

under a photograph of them on Instagram in September 2017 gez surprised her for

her 23rd birthday during one of her shows he posted another photograph of

Halsey on Valentine's Day in 2018 and captioned it happy v-day - this crazy

one almost as crazy as me thank you for putting up with me and always loving me

back they seemed perfectly happy a month later when they went to the iHeartRadio

Music Awards hand in hand however in June 2018 they were pictured on the red

carpet for the last time in July 2018 Halsey wrote on her Instagram story that

they had broken up number 3 Elon Musk and Amber Heard it's safe to say that

just about everyone has heard of the extremely successful entrepreneur Elon

Musk Amber Heard is also well known in the

acting field for films like Drive Angry and The Rum Diary they reportedly

started dating in 2016 but didn't make it public until 2017

muskan heard called it quits the first time later that year but started seeing

each other again in early 2018 however their second go-around didn't last long

either and they broke up officially in February

2018 a source said Elon decided it was time to end it and

amber agreed they both still care deeply for each other but the timing just

wasn't right number 2 Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Channing Tatum and Jenna

Dewan are both dancers turned actors that began dating during the filming of

step up in 2006 which they both starred in they were photographed numerous times

together in the couple of years that followed and Tatum popped the question

in 2008 a year later they tied the knot in Malibu during a fairytale themed

celebration Jenna gave birth to their daughter Everly in May 2013

their happy family life and public displays of affection continued for the

following four years in December Channing posted a heartfelt birthday

message to then wife on Instagram surprisingly the

two announced they were getting a divorce in April two thousand eighteen

after nine years of being man and wife number one Ariana Grande and Pete

Davidson the amazingly talented singer Ariana Grande and Saturday Night Live

comedian Pete Davidson started dating around the middle of May 2018 they began

flirting a lot on social media soon after and had to deal with some hate

from the public fans were bringing up Ariana's split

from Mac Miller and saying she shouldn't date Pete because he had borderline

personality disorder the couple pulled through and got several tattoos

dedicated to each other to show their love in June 2018 rumors started

circulating that they were engaged which Ariana confirmed through a series of

tweets that same month the duo moved in together and Grande even titled a song

after her then fiance on her latest album however they announced their

separation in October many believe the break up is due to Grande's ex Mac

Miller's passing today's comment comes from Kim on from her how to stop being

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