Practice English Speaking&Listening with: iPin Laser Presenter: Commercial

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I'm an active guy. But in my job, I need to be presentation ready

anytime, anywhere. Hello? Mr. Jenkins, no problem. I can be there.

Now with the iPin and iPin app, as long as I have my phone, which I always do, I can

be presentation ready in minutes. And with the iPin app I can control my presentation...

right from my phone No more fumbling for new batteries. As long

as my phone is charged, I'm set. Mr. Jenkins. You bet. I'll head there now.

And the iPin laser pointer keeps me looking professional in any situation.

And I don't even need to take the iPin out to take a call, I just turn it 90 degrees

and... excuse me... Hello? No problem Mr. Jenkins, I'm on my way there

right now. You bet I'm ready!

iPin -- My point of view

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