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I would have never imagined Redbarn

growing to where it is today.

I'm amazed every morning when I wake up that it's

become what it's become.

I don't think we ever dreamed that we

would be the size we are today.

I think what drives me is waking up every day

and knowing that we have close to 500 people that

rely on us to be doing the right thing.

Redbarn means a lot to me.

It's my second family.

I've gotten to grow up with them.

I wouldn't change this family for another one.

Integrity is a key word at Redbarn,

because it's something that we all hang our hats on.

Everybody's important at Redbarn because we all care.

If that means we take the extra time

to do some more research to ensure that the product is

100% safe, we'll take that extra time,

because at the end of the day, it's all about pets.

In the pet food industry, the pet can't speak for themselves,

so we need to speak for them.

We make sure that any raw material that we have come in

is safe for that pet.

We do those different tests to make

sure that not only what we received was safe,

but what we actually put out is safe for the pet as well.

Trust is everything.

Trust is something that is earned and not given.

It's a big part of us being successful.

You now, trusting in each other, and trusting everyone

to make the correct decision.

We definitely put our customers first.

We look at quality.

We check everything that comes in and goes out.

For us, it's our priority.

We're still a family owned private company.

We've chosen to stay that way.

Our belief is it's all one big family.

Our business and the people that work for it,

they're part of our culture.

They helped us get to where we are,

but it's just what we choose.

Family is what's important to us and that's

the reason we do what we do.

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