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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Bartenders Answer Commonly Searched Questions About Bartending

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- (laughs) Why are bartenders so hot,

that's a real question?

I don't know if that's even true.

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- I am Cam Montgomery Jr., bartender extraordinaire.

You know what, my friends?

I have bartended since 1998.

- I'm Augusta Gale, and I've been bartending

for seven plus years now.

- Today, I'm gonna answer some of the most commonly

Googled questions about bars and bartending.

- Why are bartenders so rude?

Oh no, people are having bad bartending experiences.

Maybe we're just cranky from all the drunk people.

Depends on the day, I guess.

I try really hard not to be a cranky bartender,

but the longer I've been doing it,

I totally understand why.

- If you meet a bartender who's rude,

it's because of the customer.

It's because the customer is going (claps).

Or the customer is taking a straw or something

and throwing it at the bartender to get his attention.

Or banging on the bar.

Nobody wants to deal with that.

- Depends on the bar, too.

I was a lot harsher and crankier when I worked at dive bars

where I had to be cutting people off

and kicking people out.

Sorry to all you people who've had rude bartenders.

Come see me, I'm not rude, most of the time.

How do bartenders keep track of tabs?

Depends on the system, depends on the bar.

I've worked at bars where you actually physically

take every card and you put it in a little slot

with the last name and you just keep them all in there.

Some bars are fancy and have those systems

where you can just swipe the card and give it back

and then just run the charge at the end of the night.

- All right now don't get upset with me

when I tell you this.

A lot of times, you know you guys will give your credit card

and then we will write something

on that little piece of paper or whatever so that we know.

Bald head black guy with missing front teeth,

and wrap that around the credit card

so that I know that's who it is.

You just have to write a little note

so that you know who's who.

And then sometimes you might end up

charging somebody that didn't buy that drink.

Why are bartenders so hot?

- (laughs) Why are bartenders so hot,

that's a real question?

Oh that's nice, that's flattering.

That's my little ego boost for the day.

- Well I've noticed in the clubs here in L.A. in particular,

they really want hot women bartenders.

And the reason for that is so that men who come in

will spend all the money.

Now if you go to a gay bar in West Hollywood,

they have hot dudes for the same reason.

If they're hot, for reason people A, buy more drinks,

and B, leave more tips.

- It takes a certain personality, I think,

to be a good bartender.

You have to be outgoing.

You kind of have to have a charisma about you.

And I think sometimes people interpret that as hotness.

- Will bartenders be replaced by robots?

- I hope that robots will never be able to replace

the human element and the spontaneity

that you get from a real living, breathing,

weird, awkward human behind the bar.

- I certainly hope not.

I can't see that happening, 'cause I can't see a robot

pouring the drink the way you really want it,

because the robot's only gonna do it a certain way.

And if you want a little extra or something like that,

how's a robot gonna do that?

So I'm gonna say no.

- I think a lot of people go to bars

for that human connection,

and to talk and to unload and to have a interaction

with somebody that is not their computer or their phone.

How do bars make green beer? (laughs)

- We do it with green dye,

just like you make green Jello. (laughs)

- We just put food coloring in the beer, which is gross.

Don't drink green beer, that's nasty.

- [Cam] What do bars do with fake IDs?

- It depends on the bar, it depends on the policy.

A lot of the times security handles that, too.

I've worked at bars, though, where we've just had stacks

of fake IDs that just live behind the bar.

- When we know for sure that the ID is fake,

you take it and you cut it up.

You cut it up and you kick that person out.

Well you know what, the next you go on Google

and you wanted to ask a question about bartenders,

I want you to just ask your question, whatever it is.

And there is no question that's too stupid.

There's no question that's smart.

And you know Google has the answer for everything.

And if Google doesn't, you come right back here to BuzzFeed

and ask for Cam, I'll tell you.

- If you're going out to bars, just be responsible.

Have fun, drink what you like.

Be nice to your bartender.

I don't know what else to say, I'm so awkward. (laughs)

Yeah, a robot can't be awkward, so come see me

and I'll be awkward for you.

(upbeat music)

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