Practice English Speaking&Listening with: It Doesn’t Take Long to Spot Snakes in the Chihuahuan Desert

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NARRATOR: The Chihuahuan Desert is great snake

territory, full of black-tails, diamondbacks,

and Mojave rattlers.

The only place we're going to find black-tails is up there,

rocks, yucca plants, cactus, heat.

That's a bit of a hike.

Boys, watch where you're putting your hands.



Check this out.

This is a mottled rattlesnake.

They live all over the place, but look

how camouflaged they are.

The same color rock, no shadows.

He's quite an old one.

This is a full-grown specimen.

I'm just going to just lift you up here.

I'm not gonna bother you buddy.

There we are.

Rule number one, always use your stick.

Look at that, and a pink belly.

What a pretty snake, man.

That's my first one.

NARRATOR: The mottled rock rattler

is synonymous with these treacherous outcrops.

Only two feet in length when fully grown,

its grayish-pink scales blend seamlessly into the cliffs

and boulders it calls home.

There are more surprises to come.


[HISSING] - Whoa!



Easy, easy, boy.

Easy, easy, easy.

He gave me a fright.

Don't do that.

Come here.

Out you come.

There we go.


That is a black-tailed rattlesnake.

Look at that.

Black tail, little black nose.

How cute is that?

This is the first I've ever seen in the wild.



NARRATOR: Jules is on a roll, his second new species

in a matter of minutes.

And this is exactly the environment

they live in, which is 5,000 feet

high elevation, really cold nights, very hot days

like today.

NARRATOR: Black-tails are easy to distinguish

from the Western diamondback.

Their yellowish scales and darker diamonds

blend perfectly with the leaves and shadows of the yucca plant.


Now, he's eating pocket mice all over the place here,

little pocket mice, little tiny mice.

He's also hunted by raptors, birds of prey.

They live in these rocks, too.

So he lives under stuff like this which really rip you

up, so he's a little defensive.

Very lucky to find one.

I'm going to put you back in there, buddy.

No bird of prey is going to get you today.

Look at that.

[LAUGHS] That is gorgeous.

Pretty little guy.

OK, go on then.

Back you go.

Go hide under there, man.

That's fantastic.

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