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Hi guys welcome back to my channel this is Suku, I've just completed my workout

and I thought I would do a shower routine since i'm having a hair wash

It's a super vlog style video nothing very planned as such let me tell you guys I had a very light workout today

I thought I should start working out and log dkhte rate hai Chado...

I'm going to show you guys how i get my face clean body clean it's a very very simple routine guys

I keep it to the minimum like you know i use the most basic affordable

facewash body wash stuff because you know I'm very basic like that so guys let's jump into the shower quickly

All right guys for shampoo i've been using l'oreal professional paris extenso care I'm

not really fussy about shampoo honestly I use everything that has good packaging

and good smell this shampoo has been doing a great job guys it cleans my scalp really well

For conditioner i'm going in with the same line of that of the shampoo and I know some people

don't like to apply conditioner every time but I can not skip this step guys

leaving the conditioner on i'm moving on to the body wash I got it from

Nyka hawaiian jasmine it smells amazing feels amazing and it's very good for

shaving as you can see i'm doing that right now

and guys we are done so i'm just gonna get rid of my conditioner

so guys after that I'm gonna use scrub You have to scrub after you shave it's

just very very important because you don't wanna get those ingrowns and flaky dry skin

what you want is smooth and radiant skin which is just this scrub will give you

Now i'm just rinsing everything off

It's time for skincare the face wash which I'm using it's from Mama earth and I've fallen in

love with this face wash. This face wash does not leave your skin feeling dry tight and itchy

Hey guys so i just came back from shower and i'm wearing my comfy pajamas

So guys moving on to my face and hands I'm feeling really very dry because of all the

scrubbing so let's moisturise. So guys for body I use Nivea moisturizer I buy this constantly when

it's over I replenish it not the same one but the different one but yeah definitely Nykaa

I really love thismoisturiser.

For Lips I'm going in with this, it's from lipmatics lip lightning mask it's one of the best products I have come across

It looks like a very very tiny tub but it's so so so much

Also I would just like to air dry my hair and that's it for this video. I don't believe

in using a million products for my hair or body it's very very simple routine. Okay guys so this

is the final result that was my shower routine and guys I really hope you all

enjoyed watching it was a very random vlog style video thank you so much for joining me

Please don't forget to subscribe my channel bye LOVE YOU ALL.

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