Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Super Junior Message To ELF (eng sub)

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Eunhyuk: E.L.F!

Kangin: Although the names, ages and appearances are all different

Ryeowook: But those hearts that love and treasure Super Junior are all the same

Yesung: Oh and you know?..

Leeteuk: Us too! Whether it is 4 years ago or now

Siwon: The heart that always misses you guys will never change

Kyuhyun: Do you know what is the most special to us?

Donghae: Our balloons! (:


Hankgeng: Saphhiree

Shindong: Bluee

Yesung: Standing on the stage, when the sapphire blue ocean reflects to our eyes

Kangin: We then have the passion and stength to continue

Sungmin: The ones who made us touched with such a huge present are...ELFs

Siwon: Thank you guys soo much

Hankgeng: I LOVE YOU <3

Leeteuk: Nov 6th - the stage where we debuted on was the most fearful place to us

Heechul: And today, Sept 2009, this stage you guys are looking at now

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Kyuhyun: Let Super Junior become the real "Super Junior"

Eunhyuk: Super Junior's favorite place in the world

Sungmin: Today, we're going to give the most romantic time as a present to ELF

Kyuhyun: To the ones who supported us all way long...

Ryeowook: WE LOVE YOU!!!

Shindong: Who are you guys??

Eunhyuk: E.L.F! (;

Ryeowook: E.L.F noona!!

Shindong: E.L.F the gods/goddessess!

Kangin: We are...

Siwon: Living for E.L.F

Leeteuk: SUPER JUNIOR!!!!

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