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Magic is dying

And the Magus is dying with it

We travel together

to the realm of Umbra

Where Magic was born

Hello, I'm Ross Cowman

and I'm here yo tell you all about Fall of Magic

Fall of Magic is a game of collaborative storytelling

where we play a group of travelers in the company of the Magus

At the heart of the game is this beautiful silk-screened scroll.

Handmade using natural materials

As our journey progresses the scroll unrolls

to reveal new roads, strange hosts, and fantastic locales

all illustrated by this amazing artist, Doug Keith


Fall of Magic is for 2-4 Players

ages 8 and up

you can play it in a couple of hours

or over the course of several sessions using the same characters

here is how you play

first each player picks a name and a title for their character

we each choose a counter, plus one more counter

to represent the Magus

The Magus starts on Ravenhall which is where our journey begins

Each location has several scenes listed under it

and on your turn, you move your character to one of those Scenes

and describe it from the perspective of your character

you can tell us what it looks like

tell us what is going on right now, what you're doing there

Underneath the scene is the Story Prompt, and when you're ready,

you're going to have to describe that before you're turn is over

things like "Your face in the river"

"The last time you saw real magic"

or maybe a Peril you must face.

how you describe this is up to you

You might tell us what your character is thinking

play out a conversation with another character

or narrate a little scene like in a book or movie

the character of the Magus is shared between us

and once we've each had a turn you may choose to play as the Magus

advancing us further down the road

the Barley Lord has said, "You shall not enter"

and the Magus says, "Very Well."

and we retreat back up the road a bit

and for the first time on our journey

he does something more than just a mere trick

Fall of Magic does a great job

of evoking the feel of a fantasy journey

without directly relying on any of the clichés or tropes

so each story is going to be your own

and no two games are ever going to be alike

The game has gone through two years of development and play testing

and already gotten some great feedback from the gaming community

and if this Kickstarter funds,

Ill be able share this dream version of Fall of Magic with you.

thank you so much for watching my video

if you've got any questions, go ahead and ask me

and I can answer in the comments below

thanks a lot


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