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5 chances to hit one, the first one will hit watch this

5 cHaNgEs To hIt OnE, tHe FiRsT oNe WiLl HiT wAtCh ThIs

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, my name's Tom better known as TKTekkers and welcome to a new video.

I'm sitting next to Aristote Ndunu.

We'll be playing FIFA vs FOOTBALL, first we'll got to the pitch, where we will film 6 football challenges.

After that we'll battle it out in a game of FIFA and see who'll be crowned as winner of the day.

Ari, which boots would you like to play with?

Look, now this is very important! These are some classic boots!

I must say, I think I'll go with these ones. The rainbows.

To be honest, I think that's a really good choice. They look so, so dope!

I'm hoping Ari will get some luck in these boots during the challenges, otherwise it'll be very hard for him to win the video.

FIFA vs FOOTBALL, how does it work?

In each episode I'll challenge different guests, these can be eSporters, Footballers or other interesting people.

First we'll go to the pitch. There we'll film 6 football challenges. If you win a challenge, you get 1 star in FIFA.

Eventually we'll battle it out in a game of FIFA to see who'll be crowned as winner of the episode.

Allright people, sun is shining and we'll move on tho challenge number 1

Crossbar challenge, we'll both get 5 tries, the person with the most hits wins!

Rock, paper, scissors to decide who goes first.

Win rock, paper, scissors and you may decide who goes first.

Mindgames, preparing, take your time.

We're thinking the same.

I looked in the camera aswell, I murdered you bro... You can start. He murdered me.

No pressure bro, but you've got to at least hit this one.

I need to at least hit one, then the challenge is won.

I just wanted to score today, that's all I wanted...

5 chances to hit one, the first one will hit watch this

5 cHaNgEs To hIt OnE, tHe FiRsT oNe WiLl HiT wAtCh ThIs

What did you say bro?

Bro, I even gave you the Spongebob mockery aswell...

Especially for you, I'll hit the second one aswell. Nah now he's going too far. Ball boy!

Challenge number two, Two Touch. We'll both have 3 lives, if you drop the ball, a live will go.

Lets see who wins this one!

I think I'm injured bro...

Now he's saying he's injured, wow...

Referee, come on... what am I supposed to do? He dropped the ball in the middle.

Do you want me to?... Okay okay, I'll take it.

Come on, what's this?!

Okay okay, this does feel good, but like real good!

Challenge 3, score is 1-1. We're playing heads or catch. If I say catch you have to head the ball. If I say head you have to catch the ball.

Shoutout to Soufiane Touzani for this game!

So when I say catch you have to head the ball and when I say catch you have to head the ball? Yeah, exactly.

''Koppen'' = catch the ball ''Vangen'' = head the ball

We're just warming up you know... 1-0 to Ari.

Not too happy now, focus...

Hahaha you didn't catch it again... 2-0 to Ari.

But bro that one didn't count, I had to head the ball but you threw it to my chest?

Nah just kidding... Okay that's what I thought haha!

You know you could've also tried to bend over and try it.


Come to the camera bro, come. Before you talk, skip back to what just happened to you.

Okay, now talk. Wow, still I think we've done 3 challenges now right? How many did you win?

You see, he's keeping silent, onto challenge 4!

Challenge 4 is the nothing but net challenge. We have to hit the net directly from a first touch finish!

Wow, okay okay, that one was cheeky, I have to give it to him.

And you know why I did him like that? Because he wanted to be all cool with his fakes. 5 goals, beat that!

Allright people, now it's my turn! How many do you need? Only 5 from 5 right?

Do you still wanna finish it even though you lost? Yes, of course, lets go.

I dunno why he hit the crossbar, it isn't the crossbar challenge anymore. 2-2 in challenges, lets go to challenge 5.

Challenge 5, penalties. We'll keep on shooting until someone misses. The first person to miss, losses.

Okay Tom will start in goal, I'll shoot the first penalty. Lets see if he's a good goalie.

He wanted to do me by shooting in the right corner and looking in the left. I read him haha.

That's a great score of 0! Watch this though...

Okay, the very last challenge 3-2 to Tom right now. The panna challenge. 3 goals to win, or 1 panna to win.

I hope I'll win this one aswell as I'll then have the advantage of a 4 star team versus a 2 star team.

I need it though as Ari is obviously a master in FIFA.

1-0 to Ari.


2-1 to me.


3-2 win for me.

I don't want to win like this though, that's so ugly.

4-2 in challenges to me. That's a 4 star team for me against a 2 star team for Ari.

Lets see in a game of FIFA now who'll be crowned as winner of the day.

Congratulations on these challenges G, I know you feel better than how you're acting right now

I do feel good, but this is just an ugly way to win. A win is a win though I guess...

Ugly victories also count people. Life lessons with Ari, wow!

Win is a win, 4 star team against a 2 star team, onto FIFA!

First we'll pick the teams.

I'll be a 4 star team of course, lets see who I'll be.

I won't be a country that's ugly.

I'll be OL, OL versus Sparta, you wanna change your team? Nah I'm all good. Good luck and lets go!

So yeah I've got some stars who'll need to do it for me. Harroui being one of them.

Ahh he read me... Look at this space then.

He's too slow.

It's actually a disgrace though if I'll lose this one, playing with Lyon versus Sparta.

Nah, this can't be happening, Sparta versus Lyon. What a through ball though.

Ball roll aswell, ah you went with your keeper didn't you? Yeah I did haha.

Would you otherwise have shot it near or far post? Definitely near post, I was looking at what you were doing with your keeper

Haha, those are some eSporter moves.

Nooo, he lobs me. Toko-Ekambi lets go!

You probably just have different patterns in your attacks.

That move is dirty bro. The cancel.

Okay here we go, a good pass now please. Ref?!

What's this then? Ahh, offside.

Damn, these guys are so slow with their passing and everything. Yeah you just notice it in the gameplay.

I read it, lets go, counter attack.

Still it feels weird playing with OL versus Sparta. But in the other hand I'm playing against the eSporter of Sparta.

That's the nice thing about this series, if you perform well in the challenges, you'll have an advantage in FIFA.

Nah bro but in the football challenges I just let you win. Just kidding.

You have to finish that bro!

No offside?! What's this?

Nahh, this can't be real. Okay it is, but I wanted to do that, actually a ball roll but okay. It's a goal

A goal is a goal, a win is a win, as we said in the challenges haha!

Such an ugly goal though... typical FIFA this.

Damn, I'm losing badly... Who can say they're 3 goals ahead of Aristote Ndunu haha?

Okay I have to admit, if that's a Ronaldo it's an easy goal...

Yeah wow okay, that's just a really good goal. Hats off.

All or nothing now guys, come on.

You reckon this match has ever been played in real life before? Yeah maybe back in the days haha.

Last chance, come on now.


GG's bro, you beat me, fair enough.

Appreciate it bro, of course it's Lyon versus Sparta, but still as we said it's because of the challenges we did.

Yes everyone, this is the end of the video. Thanks for watching, Ari thanks so much for joining.

Anytime bro, it was so much fun. Also guys please check his channel and subscribe to help him hit 100k subs!

Also, back to Tom, please subscribe to him. He just started an is already putting up great, great content.

Do it, because there will be SICK content coming up in the future.

Again congrats on winning the challenges, a bit lucky tho. Lucky?! With what?

Im not even going to answer that question I'll just take my loss.

If you win you win, if you lose you lose. Fair enough. I hope your happy now.

This is what I wanted to hear, now I can gladly go home haha.

Guys, again, thanks so much for watching. Share this video with your friends, positive vibes only!

Thanks for watching everyone and stay tuned for next week. Ciao!

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