Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The New Update is HERE ft. Ronald

Difficulty: 0

- Hey guys, it's Karina!

Today we're back inside some more Minecraft.

Today, we are playing with Ronald!

- [Ronald] Ronald!!

- Ow! Ow! Ow!

(gentle laughing)

- And we are doing a multiplayer server

'cause we have not done a multiplayer server in a long time!

And plus, we wanna complete only one goal.

- [Ronald] And that's to complete all the achievements.

- Yeah and we have the new update!

- [Ronald] New update!

- We were screaming like crazy!

- [Ronald] Okay lemme' just-

- Hold down left-click

- [Ronald] ... get the first wood!

There we go.

- Yeah my first achievement, there we go.

- [Ronald] No wait, is that achi-

- I don't have a recipe book actually,

No! Actually, do you, a crecipe- ,

a recipe book in my inventory.

- [Ronald] Wait..

- Oh my god! Oh my god! Now I craft this!

Guys this is insane!

- [Ronald] How do we-

- If you don't know what the new update is-

- [Ronald] Where's, Where's all the achievements?

- Achievements. It doesn't seem there much of achievements?

Hey! Why isn't there any achievements yet?

I wanna unlock some achievements.

- [Ronald] Let's add them in.

- Wait, how do we add achievements?

- [Ronald] I don't know but I'm going to kill this cow.

- Um,

- [Ronald] Come over here, cow!

- Alright, let's just hope we get all the achievements

'cause that's is gonna be our goal.

- [Ronald] But, let's, the goal is to like,

you know, play through and win. 'kay?

Cause, like, you know,

Cause, you know, we don't know,

- Alright and we spawned right next to a village!

Again! I mean like, it's totally normal now!

to spawn next to a village.

The sun is setting so I will 'time set zero'.

- [Minecraft Voice] Set the time to one.

(Ronald surprised laugh)

- [Ronald] Set the time to one.


- Is there a blacksmith here?

- [Ronald] Yes I see a blacksmith.

- Yay! We have to share the irons around,

can I see what's in the chest though?

- [Ronald] Yeah sure.

Nah, I'll show you.

- No, No I wanna see though, I wanna see it in the chest.

- [Ronald] There's bread and iron.

- Okay, how about, wait, there's seven iron.

- [Ronald] Five bread.

- [Minecraft Voice] KarinaOMG has made

the advancement 'Acquire Hardware'.

(gentle laughing)

- [Ronald] Wait, no, now, um, we did an achievement,

- Okay here you go.

- [Ronald] Oh! Now, um,

um, go to 'ah-chi-mens'.

- At-ti-ments?

- [Ronald] Yeah.

- Achievements, oh an it-che-ments, achievements.

Okay minecraft.

- [Ronald] So we unlock achievements to do.

- Yeah, okay. We have to um,

'Mine stone with your new pickaxe'.

'Construct a better pickaxe'.

Alright, what are we gonna do first.

- [Ronald] Um, okay. Can I have the iron that you have?

- Okay sure.

- [Ronald] 'Cause we should con-,

we can first, um, um,

- [Minecraft Voice] Rondald-OMG has made

the advancement 'Acquire Hardware'.

- Don't build, um, we have to get all the achievements,

even the one's, um, to get the bad pickaxes.

How 'bout this could be our house

and this could be our chest.

We could put everything back here.

- [Ronald] 'Kay. Let's put our crafting table here.

Um, first we're gonna make the time to mine.


- Um,

- [Ronald] And I got, and then, and then you get the new-

- I got two pages.

- [Minecraft Voice] Ronald-OMG has made

the advancement 'Isn't it iron pick?'

- No don't make an iron pick!

- [Ronald] Yeah but that's an achievement!

- Yeah but we also need to get the wooden one

and the stone one.

- [Ronald] Yeah I did! I got the wooden one,

- Oh okay.

- [Ronald] and the iron one.

Now we just need a stone one.

- Alright come on, let's make a mine right here.

Ron, what are you doing?

- [Ronald] Okay

- Are you breaking da' house?

- [Ronald] No.

(Ronald sneezes)

- Alright.

- [Ronald] Alrighty.

- We're almost at stone,

we just need to mine through the dirt.

- [Ronald] I'm using dirt to mine dirt.

(Both gentle chuckle)

- We're almost there.

Break it, man! Break it, boy!

- [Minecraft Voice] Karina-OMG has made

the advancement 'Stone Age'.

- Yay! We're gonna a lot of um,

- [Minecraft Voice] Ronald-OMG has made

the advancement of 'Stone Age'.

- ... stone, yes we have a lot of stone.

- "Ron has made the advancement 'Stone Age'"

Yeah I was collecting your stone,

that's why you took a long time for you, Ronald.

- [Ronald] Yep.

- We just need enough for a lifetime,

I'm just kidding.

(Ronald chuckling)

- Just a little bit more.

'Cause we're gonna need quite a bit of stone.

- [Ronald] How much do you have?

- Um, twenty. Actually no, twenty-one.

- [Ronald] I have, lemme just get my twent-

another twenty.

- Another twenty?!

- [Ronald] Yep.

- Alright I'm gonna make myself a stone pickaxe.

- [Minecraft Voice] Karina-OMG has made...

- Yay!

- [Minecraft Voice] ..the advancement 'Getting an Upgrade'.

- [Ronald] 'Kay let's um, a upgrade, Ronald.

- Oh my god, this is the coolest update ever!

- [Ronald] Upgrade!

- [Minecraft Voice] Ronald-OMG has made

the advancement 'Getting an Upgrade'.

- Alright, can I, Um,

Can I make myself a stone, ah not a stone,

a wo-, iron pickaxe please?

- [Ronald] Iron pickaxe?

- I need two iron. I wanna make it myself

so I get the achievement.

- [Ronald] 'Kay it's in the chest.

- Wait, I only have two! You used it all!

- [Ronald] No! No! There's still more.

It's just I gave you two cause you ask for two.

- Oh, sorry.

Okay Um,

This is so much more quicker, I gotta say.


And then we got an iron pickaxe!

- [Minecraft Voice] Karina-OMG has made

the advancement 'Isn't it Iron Pick'

- [Ronald] Wait, how do I,

Wait I can't get this achievement..

- Which one?

- [Ronald] The iron pick one 'cause

- Yeah maybe you have, cause you um,

already made an iron pick at the beginning.

You have to make it in order.

- [Ronald] Okay so, I didn't even make a stone pick.

Wait, did I?

Yeah I did. Okay so,

- Wait, what if we collect some carrots?

Oh! Yay!

We got some kinda recipe book-thing.


Should we live in the, um, village or loot everything?

- [Ronald] Loot every- No! We should actually like,

live in there. Live in the village.

'Cause the village is the best place to live.

- [Minecraft Voice] Karina-OMG has made

the advancement 'A Seedy Place'.

- [Ronald] Karina, you're getting all the advancements!

- Yeah because you're not doing anything.

I want the um, I want the potatoes.

I wonder what kinda achievements the potatoes will give

- [Ronald] Okay so, Is it 'A Seedy Place 'is an advancement?

Okay lemme get,

- Wait, that's how you make red dye?

You can make red dye out of beetroot seeds?

- [Ronald] Wait, you're taking all the plants, Karina!

- No but we're, we're gonna use all of them.

- [Ronald] Yeah but I need to get an achievement!

- Then get one. There's plenty.

Oh potatoes. I wanna see what happens if I get potatoes.

- [Ronald] No wait, I got a beetroot.

- Nothing.

- [Ronald] Karina, I got beet, how do you get-

- [Minecraft Voice] Ronald-OMG has made

the advancement 'A Seedy Place'.

- Okay.

- [Ronald] There we go.

- Alright. This is the best update ever!

This is amazing, I love it.

- [Ronald] Yep. Awesome.

Cool and awesome.

- Yep, cool and awesome. Um,

(Ronald half-hearted chuckling)

- All right, carrots here.

- [Ronald] I love how they changed it to advancements.

- I know, right? So awesome.

Guys, Minecraft just become,

became a whole new level,

I'm gonna play this much more now.

This is amazing you guys! I love the new update.

I was dreaming of playing it.

- [Ronald] Yep, I know.

- I only dreamt of playing it.

- [Ronald] And now we're here.

- I know.

- [Ronald] And we're acting like it's boring.

- Oh no! I have a poisonous potato, I don't want that.

- [Ronald] Hey! Is this villager taking all our food?

- It's a farmer, we have to kill all the farmers.

- [Ronald] He doesn't even trade!

- Yeah he doesn't even trade!

- [Ronald] We don't need your trades,

stupid trades, nothing for nothing.

- Alright, um, let's go see if there um,

- [Ronald] Oh there's another farmer!

- There's so many guys in green suits!

You can't trade with the guys in green suits,

I only see guys in green suits!

Where are all the other little guys!

What? Okay, I see a butcher.

I need to get you sixteen pork chops for an emerald.

Fourteen raw chicken for an emerald.

Okay, you are pretty good I guess.

I'm gonna start killing some pigs so I get an emerald.

Ron, start killing some pigs.

- [Ronald] I don't see any. Um,

- There's some everywhere.

- [Ronald] Wait, oh I see one.

- Kill them with your pickaxe.

- [Ronald] Wooden?

- Um, any.

I only have my iron pickaxe in hand.

- [Ronald] Oh, my wooden one broke.

That's not an achievement. No let's go,

- It's not an achievement but it's a recipe.

- [Ronald] Advancements.

- Alright, have nine. How much do you have?

- [Ronald] I have one pork chip.

- One?

- [Ronald] Yeah.

I wanna trade with this dude.

Ew, rotten flesh and gold. Okay, um,

- Come on! Hit them! I wanna hit the pig!

There we go. Okay, I killed him.

- [Ronald] Okay, um,

- We got twelve, I think I have enough.

I'm just gonna kill one more, just in case.

There we go, got fifteen. Is this enough for ya'?

(Ronald half-hearted laugh)

- Can I get an emerald?

No its not this-

- [Ronald] Fifteen pork chops?

You must be going coo-coo now.

- Sixteen! Oh! I need one more, Ron.

I need that one you have.

That one pork chop you have.

- [Ronald] Where am I?

- Ronald! Behind you!

- [Ronald] There you go.

- No Ron!

(Ronald laughing)

- [Ronald] Oh that hurts!

- Sorry, Sorry Ronald. I mean, I really mean it.

I'm sorry, actually not really,

I'm just kidding. I'm sorry.

- [Ronald] You want me to slash-kill ya'?

- No

- [Minecraft Voice] Karina-OMG has made

the advancement 'What a Deal'.

- Oh yeah!

(Ronald half-hearted chuckling)

- I didn't even know that was a deal.

That was an achievement! That deal!

Alright, Ronald.

- [Ronald] Okay, I'm just farming.

Um, can you give me some,

can you kill some pork chops for me?

'Cause I wanna get that advancement too.

- Of course. Sure. I'll kill some pigs,

Kill some pork chops? Pork chops are already dead!

I need to kill pigs!

- [Ronald] Oh yeah, this guy.

Chicken or coal or emerald for six, seven cooked pork chops.

Hey you could exchange it for seven cooked pork chops.

- What?

You could use your emerald for seven cooked pork chops.

- What! No!

- [Ronald] Uh huh!

- I could get something better with that, an emerald.

- [Ronald] Like what?

- I don't know.

- [Ronald] You need a stack for something good.

- Alright I got eleven for ya'.

- [Ronald] But we need food.

Karina, where are you?

- Alright I got sixteen for ya'. I got, oh!

I have um, I collected some eggs.

- [Minecraft Voice] Ronald-OMG teleported

Ronald-OMG to Karina-OMG.

- [Ronald] Do you know the way back?

- Oh yeah, it's right there.

- [Ronald] Karina, can you give me the pork chops?

- Alright, sure. Here you go.

I'm gonna take away the recipe book 'cause it's um,

- [Ronald] I kinda wanna get some more food.

- ... taking up all my space.

- Wait, it's 'Peaceful', we don't need food.

- [Ronald] Okay so this guy,

I think this is the guy that's trading, no, yeah,

That's the guy with rotten flesh,

- And gold.

- [Ronald] This guy no one likes.

(Ronald laughing)

- Rotten flesh and gold.

- [Ronald] Um, no one likes that guy either.

- I'm find some other, maybe good,

villagers we could trade with.

- [Minecraft Voice] Ronald-OMG has made

the advancement 'What a Deal?'

- (in exaggerated voice) What! A! Deal!

- Alright maybe, Ronald maybe you wanna um,

steal everything and then leave.

- [Ronald] Okay, let's go.

- I'm gonna take some furnaces,

and I'll take everything from our chest.

- [Ronald] We're robbers, imagine there's cops in Minecraft.

- Yeah, get everything from the um, farms.

And we'll get out of here.

- [Ronald] Imagine there's cops in Minecraft.

- That would be horrible.

- [Ronald] Well, it would be kinda good,

it's kinda realistic, you know?

- Yeah I guess.

Not really though.

- [Ronald] So if you steal from the village,

cops are after you.

- Alright, what else can we take? Oh yeah, from the farms.

Everything from the farms. Forget the replanting.

Cause we're gonna start our own farm.

- [Ronald] Even get the seeds. The normal seeds.

- Oh, you didn't? I got a bunch of them.

- [Ronald] I did.

- Oh, you did?

- [Ronald] Yeah I get the normal seeds.

- Alright, I'm looting all of these farms.

Is there something in da' well? I don't think so.

- [Ronald] If you go in there, you're trapped in there.

- What?

- [Ronald] If you go in there, you're trapped in there.

- No but do you think anything is in da' well?

- [Ronald] Probably not.

Or maybe they added a secret update. A secret.

- I don't, I can't open a chest, I'm going back up.

- [Ronald] Wait, there a chest down ?

- No I can't open a chest cause there's no chest.

Alright, did you loot all the farms?

- [Ronald] Oh yeah! There's no chest,

you can see it, no chest.

- Ron, did you loot all the farms?

- [Ronald] Um, yeah. You can look at the farms.

- Oh no, there's some over here.

- [Ronald] Oh! We could take the torches!

- Yeah the torches, that's a good idea. Take 'em.

- Alright so we're just robbers robbing the village.

- [Ronald] Yep

- We could grab the wool as well. To make beds.

- [Ronald] Ummm, well I think

there's different color beds now.

I think they're blue. Or whatever wool you use-

- Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!

You're such a genius!

I'm getting three black wool

and I'm gonna see if I can make a black bed.

- [Ronald] Or, I think it's either blue,

or whatever wool color you use.

Oh yeah! You can make a black bed!

- Oh my god! I need to make a pink one!

- [Ronald] Oh! No I have to make a blue one.

No, can I just give yourself three blue wool.

- Why?

- [Ronald] Cause it's just a color. You know? Color?

Give yourself pink wool, I'll give myself blue wool.

- Minecraft. Pink.

I need wool.



- [Ronald] Nope. How is it called? Blue? Um.

- I don't know.

- [Ronald] Blue? Wool?

- [Minecraft Voice] Given white wool asterisks one

to Karina-OMG.

Given white wool asterisks one to Karina-OMG.

- Alright I gave three, me three white wool.

- [Minecraft Voice] Given white wool asterisks one

to Karina-OMG.

- And I'm gonna throw my three black wool.

I threw out my black wool and gave myself white wool.

So basically that's quite fair.

- [Ronald] Um,

- I just need pink dye.


I need to bring, um, make pink dye.

Take pink dye please, I need...

I need pink dye, alright.

- [Ronald] I haven't gone on game mode...

- [Minecraft Voice] There is no such item

with name 'minecraft dye underscore pink.

- [Ronald] ... game mode, um, 'C' for us.

- [Minecraft Voice] Ronald-OMG set own game mode

to creative mode.

- Fine, I'm gonna go to creative as well.

Just to get my pink dye.

Game. Mode. 'C.'

- [Minecraft Voice] Your game mode has been updated

to creative mode.

- Oh my god! The pink bed looks amazing!

I just wanna see this!

Ohh! Oh my god!

Alright um,

- [Minecraft Voice] Ronald-OMG set own game mode

to survival mode.

- [Ronald] I love the dude that talking.

- Alright. There we go.

- [Minecraft Voice] Your game mode has been updated

to Survival mode.

- So technically I didn't cheat.

Heh! I just wanted to change the color of my wool.

- [Ronald] Cause we already had the wool.

We already had wool.

- Yeah and I took out, um, I replaced my wool,

my white wool, my black wool with pink wool.

- [Ronald] I'm crafting it.

Ohh! It looks so good!

Look at it!

- Where are you?

- [Ronald] Um, go to your, our house.

- [Minecraft Voice] Teleported Karina-OMG to Ronald-OMG.

- [Ronald] Karina! Look at me!

- Oh ! Where'd you craft it? Where's a crafting table?

- [Ronald] It's over here.


It looks so cool!

- Wait, you got the blue one?

- [Ronald] Yeah I got the light blue.

- Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait!

Let's put them next to each other!

(Both exclaiming excitedly)

- [Minecraft Voice] Ronald-OMG has made

the advancement 'Sweet Dreams'.

(Both continue exclaiming excitedly)

- [Minecraft Voice] Karina-OMG has made

the advancement 'Sweet Dreams'.

- Oh my god, Ronald! This is amazing!

This is the best survival 'let's play' ever!

Alright, let's-

- [Ronald] Yes!

- Let's leave the town, I already have a crafting table.

- [Ronald] When you break it, it looks like a mod.

It looks like its 'mod'ed.

- Yeah kinda is. Yeah and in the other tutorial

it looks weird. Alright,

- [Ronald] Yeah,

- Forget the crafting table

'cause I already got a crafting table in my inventory.

Let's leave!

- [Ronald] Ahh! Yes!

- Where we going to head to?

- [Ronald] Karina.

- [Minecraft Voice] Ronald-OMG given oak boat asterisks

one to Ronald-OMG.

- I know what you're thinking!

- [Minecraft Voice] Ronald-OMG given oak boat asterisks

one to Karina-OMG.

- Let's leave!

- [Ronald] Let's leave!

- Let's leave.

- [Minecraft Voice] Ronald-OMG left the game.

- Wait what?

- [Minecraft Voice] Ronald-OMG joined the game.

- Let's leave!

- [Ronald] Ahh! Right behind you!

- This is not a very good river!

- [Ronald] But there's still cows on the other side.

- We could have run. Ran.

There's sheep too.

- [Ronald] Let's kill them.

What? Okay Mr. Cow.

- Alright. I'm just gonna explore my surroundings.

Wait, can you do, game rule?

- [Ronald] Game. Rule.

Game. Rule.

Ke- No, keep.




- [Minecraft Voice] Ronald-OMG game rule

keep all inventory has been updated to true.

- [Ronald] Game. Rule.

- I found another village! Is this the same village?

No, it's another village! I found another village!

- [Ronald] 'Kay. One second.

- [Minecraft Voice] Ronald-OMG game rule

keep inventory has been updated to true backslash.

- What!

- [Minecraft Voice] Ronald-OMG teleported Ronald-OMG

to Karina-OMG.

- [Ronald] Where's the butcher?

Oh! There's a big cave here though.

- I don't see a blacksmith though.

Wait, I'm gonna get out my iron pick.

There's some coal here. Coal's good.

We need to get the coal.

- [Ronald] Wait Karina, we left all our

other resources at the chest.

- No I collected the chest.

- [Ronald] Okay. Um, there's iron here too.

- Awesome, alright.

I also collected the furnace from the blacksmith.

Alright I'm gonna grab my torch.

- [Ronald] I'm mining this iron. I built up.

- Oh there's more iron here.

Wait Ron, I think we missed some iron.

Actually now that was just granite.

- [Ronald] Eugh! Eeugh! There we go. I have six pieces.

'Kay, let's get more coal.

- But watch on the ceilings,

'cause there may be some on the ceilings.

- [Ronald] Karina.

You know that some villagers trade coal for emeralds.

- Why?

Oh wait.

Coal for emeralds.Oh.

So we need to get a bunch of coal.

- [Ronald] Yeah.

- I'm mining.

- [Ronald] I'm mining coal. This is taking forever.

- Meh too. I have an iron pick.

- [Ronald] I have iron pick too.

- It's not taking that long, I guess.

- [Ronald] Well my patch is so big,

I got twenty-eight coal from it.

- Wow. Yeah I know there's some really big ones.

- [Ronald] Oh there's more coal up here.

Oh, ooo.

- Alright.

- [Ronald] I think you need twenty-eight or twenty-four,

I think it's twenty-four for a emerald.

- So that means we need to get forty-um-two to get three.

We're gonna actually get two 'cause I already have one,

so that's why I said three!

- [Ronald] I have one too.

- Oh so four!

And we could trade something really good with it.

- [Ronald] Umm-hmm.

- I've got-

- [Ronald] If we end up getting a staff,

- I have forty-two.

- [Ronald] You have forty-two?

- Yeah.

I think we might have enough.

- [Ronald] I have forty-eight. There's still more here.

Let me mine it.

- No I need to get forty-eight, Ronald.

- [Ronald] Wait do you have four?

- No wait.

- [Ronald] Oh wait, there's iron behind it.

- Oh w-yeah! Oh yeah.

Here I'll mine it.

(Ronald sighing)

- Wait, Ronald. Um, gimme your extras to forty-eight.

- [Ronald] My?

- Extras.

Oh my god! Did you give me all your coal?

- [Ronald] Yeah.

- Oh I thought, oh I, I thought you were gonna um,

Give me your extras.

- [Ronald] I don't have extras to forty- eight.

I had exactly forty-eight.

- Alright so,

- [Ronald] I think it's not the librarian, it's the,

oh we can take these bookshelves.

- Oh yeah that's a good idea.

- [Ronald] These books basically.

- Yeah not bookshelves. The books. Awesome. Alright.

Alright, we need to find a villager though,

- [Ronald] I'm taking all this loot, I'm robbing it.

(Karina laughing)

- Yeah let's rob this um, village again.

Not again, well, also this village.

Oh I found some iron, I fell into a cave and found iron.

- [Ronald] Nice, how much?

- Like about four. One, two, three, four. Yeah, four.

- [Ronald] Okay

(Ronald mimicking triumphant trumpet)

- I have eleven iron in total.

- [Ronald] I'm mining all this.

- Wait, is this the villager?

We could get um, an emerald for arrows.

- [Ronald] How much?

- Um, ten. Is that good?

I don't really use bow so I don't think so.

- [Ronald] For me, maybe. Well its easy.

- How about I could be the archer and you could be like,

the person that has all the weapons.

Won't you think that's gonna be cool?

- [Ronald] I'm trying to find more farms to look.

- Lots of the villagers are stuck in their cave.

- [Ronald] Wait, I think I found the dude.

No I found the butt-cher.

- Butt-cher is the one who has that like,

that white thing over his thing.

- [Ronald] Um,

Where's more farms? This place has barely any farms.

- Where the one, Ronald!

Where's the one what we could chade, creade, eugh!

Trade coal in for?

- [Ronald] No I just said that's one of the trades,

I didn't see that there was one here.

- But where do you think that villager will be?

- [Ronald] Um,

(Karina screaming)

- [Ronald] Karina, would you trade for an emerald

for leather pants?

- No.

- [Ronald] Why is that a thing?

- Dun know.

- [Ronald] Um, okay?

Where is this dude?

- [Minecraft Voice] Set game difficulty to normal.

- Yeah I set the difficulty to m-normal.

- [Ronald] Why?

- Because.

- [Ronald] I have over a sack of carrots.

- Oh my god. I got forty-four carrots.

- [Ronald] I have so much wheat I can make so lots of bread.

- Ronald!

- [Ronald] Yeah.

- Do you think we should um, leave this place now?

- [Ronald] Um, okay lemme just find a, the crafting table.

And I'm going to uh,

I'm going to, um,

craft lots of bread.

- Um okay. I'm getting hungry already.

- [Ronald] I could craft seventeen pieces.

No actually twenty-two.

Cause I had extra.

- I think my hunger is glitching out a little.

I'm not sure.

Alright I'm gonna, I'll,

- [Ronald] Wait,

they would have fixed that in the new update.

Wait how come I could eat this? Maybe I was hungry.

Okay, Karina.

- Alright.

- [Ronald] I'm coming.

- Are you gonna teleport to me?

Alright. This is quite a nice place actually.

- [Minecraft Voice] Ronald-OMG teleported Ronald-OMG

to Karina-OMG.

- [Ronald] Ah huh!I tried to shortcut you but I failed.

- I don't have my boat, where's my boat?

- [Ronald] You have a bow?

- No, a boat.

- [Ronald] Oh. I have one. You could get on the back.

- No it's okay I'm already there.

- [Ronald] No Karina, we could go on the way over there.

Or we could live over here.

- No we have to find like a place,

like maybe to build our house. No, not to build our house.

To like, settle in.

- [Ronald] Karina, there's, there's,

- Sugarcane!

- [Ronald] Karina there's um, ah, there's um, um,

there an achievement for um, going through every biome.

- Really?

- [Ronald] Yeah. Even the jungle.

- Oh wow, that's gonna be kinda hard.

- [Ronald] Yeah but we need to do it.

- Alright, but I wonder what achievements

we gonna try to complete next time.

Alright, let's see the achievements we completed.

Um, where's the achievements?

Okay, we completed all of these.

We need to get um, diamonds. Diamonds is our next one.

Also, 'hot stuff'.

We need to get 'hot stuff' and diamonds now.

- [Ronald] So, we done this one, these ones.

- Alright, next video, next time we're gonna do 'hot stuff',

- [Ronald] No, or we could do 'suit up'!

Or 'Not today, thank you!' Or 'Ice Bucket Challenge'

or 'Hot Stuff'.

- No um, we,

- [Ronald] Which one should we do?

- No, next time um, we go on this world,

we're gonna do 'Hot Stuff', 'Ice Bucket Challenge',

'Not today, thank you!' and 'Suit up'.

- [Ronald] No but I think we should do that today,

and then tomorrow-

- No we can't because we don't have time.

But guys, I really hope you like this video,

if you did, smash that like button

and I'll see you guys next time,


The Description of The New Update is HERE ft. Ronald