Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Tiakina Wāhine Hapū || Part 2 - "Dropping It"

Difficulty: 0

(soothing guitar music)

(heavy panting)


- Aww, my feet are killing me.

Kia ora?

Kia ora?

Kia ora?

Talk about starving.


Oh, come on baby.

Let's go.

I'll set you up right there.

And you'll be there.

Ooh yes, ooh yes, yes my love.

Yes, here we go baby.

Oh come on.


I'm so glad you're here.

I've waited my whole life for you.

- Drop it.

You drop it.

(water drip)

- Aww, paps.

You know it's just until baby arrives, okay? (laughs)

- (sighs)

- (sighs) I love you Billy.

- [Aunty] Kia ora?

- Kia ora?

- Ah!

- Look at what I've made.

- Wow.

- For Peppy.

- Aww, come here.

- Ooh look what's over there.

- Mum!

- Kia ora Billy.

- Kia ora Aunty.

- That looks beautiful.

- I.

I made this for you Aunty.

For all the support you've been giving

us through our pregnancy.

- Aw thank you Billy.

Thank you.

I think I'm going to enjoy this.

- You might need a fork.

- Thank you.

You're so warm.

- Enjoy yourself.

- My feet are killing me.

- My back.

- [Dad] I know the feeling son.

Come and sit down.

Come on.

Put your feet up.

Come on.

Sit there boy.

All right.

Yep that's it.

Come on.

You'll be all right.

Oh, there you go.

- That's better.

- Yeah, I know the feeling.

- Dad I'm shattered.

- Me too son.

- Man, but my ankles are swollen.

Hey sis', can you massage my feet?

- [Daughter] Are you serious?

- Yeah

- [Daughter] (laughs) This guy!

- Hey there.

- [Mum] Hello Son

- Kia ora Son.

- Nice, good?

- Good.

- Ooh what've you got there?

- I got some chocolate bikkies.

- Oof.

- (sighs)


Speak about cravings hey?

- Tell me about it.

- Cray cray cravings hey.

- Cray cray cravings, here have some.

- Aww, lets get into some.

- Cray cray cray cray make way.

- Cray cray not even sharing with us.


- Sharing is caring.

- I'll have one.

- Mum!

- There's six here.

- Hey where's the Tim Tams at?

- Where's the marshmallow?

- Or even the Jaffa Thins man they're way better?

These'll do.

- [Dad] Not a lot of room here.

(group shouts)

- [Mum] Not anymore Aunty.

- Tea anybody?


- Queen of distractions.

- I'll have a herbal tea.

- Na Na Na Na Na Na.

- Please no more.

[Voiceover] When one of us is pregnant

all of us are pregnant.



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