Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Sailing in the British Virgin Islands - Leg 7 - May 2012

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Here we are, we are heading back. It is the last day. Let's see first how the weather is outside.

Then we can decide.

A storm is coming. This is the first storm since we are in the BVIs.

This is Great Harbour, Salt Island... No, Saint Peter Island, sorry!

Bo? Say hello to the happy bunch. Ciao ciao!

Hi Marco, are you an happy bunch? No, it is not raining... not yet!

Say goodbye to the BVIs. Good bye BVIs!

Good bye to all fishes! Barracudas, tarpons, turtles. To the yellow, red and green ones. All of them!

Also to the sea snails!

Ciao, we are going toward St. Martin! Nice with the underpants back there.

Help me! Look at the weather.

Bo, should be bring you to the airport? Why not, sounds better than this.

Hi Desiree, how many knots do we have? The windex doesn't work.

Really?!? Come on, you should have at least a reading.

0.6 kts. Really? S**t. No, the wind is rotating.

The wind is rotating? Follow it. Bo are you happy? Yes.

Bo, you should give us now the password for your bank account, just in case. I have no password on it!

Hi Desiree, where are we here? We are on the passage between BVIs and St. Martin.

I am tired! Two days on this little boat and we are not yet to destination.

Happy bunch! (=we are soaked with rain)

So Bo, did you have fun with Desi Charter? No!

A quick 12 hours' passage. It is 36 hours we are on it. Ok, maybe not 36 but 26 for sure.

So guys, what happened last night? Everything!

We slalomed between the storms, like this.

And Desiree slept all the time. You bastards, that's not true.

It is true I slept on our way to the BVIs. You are in none of the movies. Which movies? There you go.

We saw a whale. Where were you?

We even saw Geppetto that came out of whale.

We called a cruise ship by radio. Where were you? I was here.

True, you were here, asleep!

Well, thanks for the thank you!

And thanks for the good advertising. Heard that? The weather is also angry.

It is 17:18 and we are about the eat our pasta from one and half days ago.

And why is it so? Why do you ask me?

Because Desi charter brought us an a lengthy passage. Right, because adventure is fun!

Rain and thunderstorms, no stars, no moon. Only rain. And ships.

Wait, we saw the moon once, but you were asleep!

Enjoy it guys! Enjoy, I can't wait any longer. Tschüss!

What are you doing Marco? I am raising the anchor signal ball.

I always wanted to do it, but never did.

What is an anchor signal ball? It is a signal that says we are anchored.

It seems a bit low to me. No, it's good.

Marco, tell us once more what is an anchor signal ball? It is a signal that says we are anchored.

But it is too low, it should be higher. No way, look at the Swiss there!

The Swiss and I were out together this morning. I was taking the water out of my dinghy and he out of his boat.

The one you are seeing is an anchor that caused us some troubles during this holiday.

Because it was installed wrongly and every time it touched the sea bottom it turned upside down.

After I told many times to my husband to fix it, he finally did and since then it is working perfectly.

This time we also used a lot of chain. Look it is holding perfectly.

Of course it is holding perfectly, I dropped it!

It is a dirty job, but someone has got to do it!

It is raining and Desiree will hang a towel above the kitchen porthole so we can open it to cook.

Let's do it also for the other one, so we have some air flowing through.

This rain remembers me I am about to go back to Germany...

... where in the last few days has been very very hot... so the German summer is practically gone!

I want to stay here, someone please take me as your crew. There was this guy going to the Bahamas. Bahamas, cool!

Hi to everyone, the nice and the ugly ones. Carmelo!!!

I am tired of inviting you and you are not coming.

We miss you a lot. We would need someone like you on-board.

Do not listen to her, she is drunk. She had a giant Gin-Tonic! Loved it!

We have a figurehead on our dinghy. Bo, turn around.

Hi Desi, where are we here? We are in Marigot city center, in St. Martin.

And Bo? Bo thinks it is too hot here!

Bo, what are we doing tonight? We give a concert... for winds!

And Desiree? Help me!!!

Bo, how was that song you were singing today? I liked it very much!

It is midnight and Desi sits on the toilet...

... in the dark she dumps six kilos of it ...

... there is something she couldn't hold any longer ...

... and this is the song of Desiree and her butt! Yeah!!!



How is it, bad? I don't know, I haven't tasted our Gin-Cola yet.

Gin-Cola because we are out of Tonic Water. What are you doing?

Ladies and gentlemen, cheers! To the world!

The Description of Sailing in the British Virgin Islands - Leg 7 - May 2012