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Hello, we are saying brothers. We are from Vietnam, okay?

So your real brothers. Yeah, we are really brothers if they're a

Vietnam's Got Talent

Yes, we have Vietnam Got Talent and have you been on that no because this is the biggest show in the world and we would

Like to perform for you, or your family hello

Take the stage. Thank you very much. Thank you

It's your cue to leave something just

All backwards

Hello my name is Lee and for obvious reasons I'm also known as the Lost Boys guy

Okay, and how long have you lost your voice I?

Just knew you were going to ask something that I hadn't thought about


So please excuse the awkward silence while I type out my answer

I've been speechless for 37 years

well, tell me why you decide to enter the show this ship I

Think I entered Britain's Got Talent for the same reason everyone does

to meet Ant and Dec this

Is all going so well up until that point the stage League is yours

Hello ladies and gentlemen as

You may be able to tell I'm a struggling stand-up comedian who also struggles to stand up

To be honest, I'm not sure how good I am?

I'll leave that for you to decide but

Just so you know if you don't laugh, but the disabled guy you are going to hell

Well I realized I'd never be able to talk again, I was speechless I

Have lived in Newcastle all my life

Yes, but for some reason. I still haven't picked up the accent I

Can see that some of you are trying to figure out where you know me from

Maybe it would help if I started saying phrases such as the next train to arrive on


And from my time at the post office, please go to cashier number day I

Got the train here today I

always like to sit in those seats for disabled people I

was about halfway here when another disabled person got on and asked me to move I

Didn't realize I'd be playing disabled Top Trumps when I got on or I would have dressed more

Specialists to say I didn't give up my seat

Who cares if he was both blind and deaf I?

Was there first?

It was very awkward. He couldn't see that I was still there and

I couldn't tell him I wasn't moving because I can't speak

Before I leave you, I have one more thing to say I

hate that we have so many

Politically correct words to describe disabled people now

It's all special needs

special schools

special olympics I

Don't know what is so special about me

That is why it always alarms me when I hear about special forces going to war

You've been a fantastic audience


Who are you we are right okay, and tell me a little bit about the group who's who's put this together

I'm the choreographer. My name is dia hello

We we've been together about five or six years

But we've only recently brought this piece together and the reason we brought this pieces together is holly was in the Manchester

attack last year um

it's been just a ridiculous journey for everybody in but Holly herself has been absolutely amazing and she girls just

I'd bought challah tickets for a birthday as a surprise we'd seen ariana grande before and she really got

Me Holly Holly gone pillow will go in

It was just an amazing

Happy day

That just ended so badly

We just got up to leave and as we got into the foyer, that's when the bomb went off

We are continuing to cover this suicide bombing in Manchester

Which was injured more than 50 it took 23 hours for us to find out that Oliver had died she died at the scene in?

the arena

Polly broke her acne

On a left leg she broke her forked a leg, and she's got nerve damage

She can't walk on her left leg without wearing sling

She's had 11 operations

She's got mom to come and she fights every single day, and she just she takes my breath away every time

Ma'am Radisson our cousins, and we've been dancing together since we were little she just loves to dance

It's everything to whites look like a couple of days after it happened cassia when can I go back to dancing?

Oh even saying it to my doctors, and they didn't know whether I could all that when I'd come back

They've been part of this crewel for a couple years the dance really well together, but they are friends as well

Which I think it is a great thing?

I've speaking to a mom on the phone

And I said, let's get about dancing and I was saying we don't know how we're gonna do it

But we'll do it to bring her back into

Dancing at the level that she can do it in and just to see the smile on her face when she comes home it

It means so much to us

She's an inspiration to me and to everyone that comes across her

How does it feel to be back because part of the team don't say it feels amazing like everybody has been

Absolutely supportive, and I can't of us for anything better


How does it feel to be back in Manchester

It's always difficult coming back to Manchester bit and

This is like the first place. I've been what's like not like an arena, but it is a bit and

So it's a big moment

Okay girls absolutely every single person in this room is right behind you and we wish you the best of luck

There's a reason

Feels drawling

You are all remarkable

Women all of you and that was probably one of my favorite moments ever on this show ever

I think the whole of Manchester is proud of you the whole of the UK really -

Yeah, it was so beautiful and moving it almost didn't seem real and this whole performance is a testament to your talent

And also it's a testament to your incredible friendship that you've put this together to honor your friend. I mean it's the most beautiful


It's so important not to be defined by tragedy

To be shaped by it, but never defined by it congratulations it has been amazing


You know what Holly

It is

Wow, this is difficult. You know

I'm trying to put

To get through what you went through and come out here and turn a negative into a positive

It's actually quite unbelievable

You know

What these people did?

cuz they're cowards and

The fact that you can come on stage do what you did and make such a positive statement

And we do friends I'm very proud of you if I salute

But we're still gonna vote

I'm gonna say yeah

I've worked out. I think we probably got about 3400

I was amazing yes from me

Thank you okay, hi guys, who are you? We are David and javi and we are from Barcelona

So why we decided to come on the show this year well, we just care about perform in front of the royal family and

You're from Spain they said they're from Spain listen well, I'm from Mexico. Oh, thank you

big mouth

Do you live here no he's from Spain

Not from Spain he's from Mexico. Is that right yes, I live in Mexico

Just you know what ignore him guys good luck. Thank you so much


Don't let me forget it


Hello what's your name? My name is Andrew Lancaster alright we form Andrew. I'm from Lancashire, and what do you do I do impressions?

What's your full-time job Andrew? I've done a vast array of jobs like what I worked in a biscuit factory

And tell me why you've entered the show and what did what the dream is please well

I suppose the dream would be to have a my own

Impression sketch show one day. It's a big dream. It's a big dream well

That's what it's all about. I do okay well best of luck. Thank you very much

Ladies and gentlemen

at the United Kingdom I

Donald J. Trump proposed some changes to the way you're doing things in your beautiful country


Number one your children your greatest natural resource

I propose Professor Brian Cox educate each and every last one of them. I think it's going to go something like this

Twinkle twinkle little star

How I wonder what you are well, actually we do know what you are I

Think it's absolutely wonderful

Number two I believe that your National Health Service is a beautiful thing should be in charge

By my good friend Nigel Faraj. He's gonna do a great job

Now wait a minute don't do that. I mean come on. I mean here we are

It's funny isn't it you know as soon as somebody says my name. Everybody goes bonkers

You know I think it's quite funny. I've got another job

And finally number three is it number three. I don't know I don't know

There's no

Number three folks your housing you got to get that sorted out folks

I know just the man for the job is Russell Brand ladies and gentleman Russell's do your thing?

now seriously right yeah, I think the most important thing is I

Know I'm gonna start yet, but the most important thing

I think please country the moment is to get everybody in a nice little ass you know because we're also gonna. Have you?


Those are my ideas to respond in your beautiful country if you don't like then you're fake news good night

God bless you and God bless america

Today my name is Jenny Darren nice to meet you Jenny. Where you from I'm from the Cox world's

Do you have a day job, no, I'm retired how old are you don't mind me asking. I'm 68

And Jenny are you doing this because you think you can win the show absolutely that's what it's about of course

Okay, Jenny good luck

Okay just bear with me campers

One is wrong

She's rock their socks off

Hi guys, how are you?

Hey, what'd he do?

Salsa dance group based on Colombian style is that where you're all from?

He's Portuguese yeah an Ecuadorian. She's Mexican on maracas

Yeah, I think the rest of us are Colombian and don't live in the UK now

So you met because you love this kind of dance yeah, and whose idea was it to put it together as a group

Okay and obviously you get to perform in front of the royal family, and there's obviously the money

How do you split the cash you will spend it on a studio for?

Right now rehearsing at the back of a restaurant

So we're just trying to get bigger space I get more people well. That's a good incentive best of luck guys. Thank you

So much

You've had

In this lie the days and the nights

Thank you so much David

Well that was a beautiful performance it waited was

I've never seen a priest standard a microphone missing like that you did it was such soul and passion

It just was a really really brilliant performance

Alisha so simply then Carmen

everybody was listening to every single word relating it to things that have gone on in their lives and

You just seem like the loveliest man

It's just a beautiful audition

It was everything it's just brilliant and honest and the whole congregation was behind you

Thank you

Father a I wasn't quite sure what to expect to be honest with you, but I want to tell you something

This is one of my favorite ever auditions

I think your voice is beautiful and loved the version of the song this was everything. We've been waiting for genuinely

Thank you very much Sally

Okay, David it's a yes for me too, David

While the Ray Kelly I am delighted to tell you how huge

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