Practice English Speaking&Listening with: #STILLATHOME OPERATION by CS.MONEY

Difficulty: 0

Yo guys! this is NadeKing

Check out this stuff from my buddy Lil Mystery

CS:GO is a community based game

And even when world is crazy - community stays same

Different regions different people

some say its a dead game

But what they do in computer?

They play

20 million players

almost same amount of haters

Its hate and love relationship

you feel me or later

But it makes the bond strong

as stone as rock songs

200IQ like they push with glocks long


Now it went extra deep tho

Im here to tell you - there-s event for 2 weeks oh

top100 will get prizes, you can-t eat no

14 daily tasks to do, that-s no sleep-o

giveaways for everyone, giveaways for street bros

join the quest, wash your hands

and eat your greens yo

face reveal you say..

if B don-t work use A

if you wanna see a hairy face,

then just meet moe