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hi guys welcome back to the Blast Zone today I show you the worst beyblades of

the year right here in my hand I'm gonna pick out two at a time I'm gonna battle

them and I'm gonna tell you why they are the worst beyblades in my opinion

comment below what's the worst beyblade as you see it is you guys are

gonna watch this video to the end because you're gonna see which one's

the worst beyblade and also those are cool at the end so make sure to stay

tuned till the end of this video before we get into that our newest giveaway to

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thank you so much guys for entering this giveaway I really appreciate thank you

for watching that Zankye collab - Roger Clark you're gonna get this - now it's

this years Top 10 worst beyblade doesn't you

we have ten beyblades right here 5 are Hasbro 5 are Takara Tomy the reason

I picked these beys because they were really disappointing we thought that oh

my god they're gonna be so good but they will trash is really no trick to random

to base we're gonna find who the worst beyblade first couple I don't one into

ten or one two three crash Ragnarok here's a reason why this is just

disgrace this tip whenever you'll rip it guys doesn't make like a sound and it

starts wavering right away it's also through so easily

guys there's barely any teeth what is that speaking of easy burst ready

Keeley's Turo a lot of people have been talking about and they've been talking

trash this is one of the most easiest beyblades to burst now it's around at

least two first to two points and let's see which one's the worst alright is

that really good but he blows really easily and is very wobbly now Keeley's

over here he is a tap he's wasting his stamina that's the problem with him and

then the final attack is really bad t10

this baby is actually pretty good at defense

all right guys know sort of liberation you guys know why this base trash get

out of my face case you're bad the next one that's actually a really awesome

name alright guys so stop now this one it's because of his suction cup tip is

named quest what it does to the battle is it makes him really wobbly as you can

see right there he's gonna go off balance every time - will loose battle

for him all right next it's cocoa beyblade bro this guy was a big

disappointment his attack power is lame I have preferred the original it's way

better and original and then stashed away bigger let's battle lose take two

under it he gets up bounce right away now three minis trash is because well

you could see it's easily wobbling and go poking right here only goes for two

attacks and he's done everyone's I usually even with the cat

gods and what

that's what that and these guys got the boy I'm gonna name him Sam the boy is

one-zero cooking under him under the next to be boys art and I want it to two

one two three a big rival battle Louie versus vault reason why I chose yes sir

this board and it's it no sticker plastic bag plastic its Lou nor he's

supposed to have metal with the dragon everyone thought he was gonna be beast

but really it burst easily now let's get one devout react losing the bush then

the regular wonderful trick that's the problem

now let's battle alright look at that guy drags wonderful ship describes his

attacks like he brats and then he goes for the attack and the attack is bad and

no more just over here is just like mr. stamina boy see there's a problem

this guy got obliterated so he's with

next now red and black amber beyblade and vice Leopard no reason why I picked

this game was bad event now you know how he we battled me venom

this guy lost every single day and he's attacked the trash

Suzanne I want I pick a vice lever is because his the short tip does not go

Louis because his attacks are bad his gimmick is really weird it's not really

gonna do anything but it can't really go up everyone thought it was gonna be so

good and cool and stuff but a ruling was so let's battle

and he's also a Everett 40 is a very wide and he like doesn't attack most of

night he just goes around him losing the stamina now my celebrity his attacks are

doing Northy jam / corniest well maybe he's

boggling him and a little but he was ripped second and they both have the

same amount of stuff their Sounders back beyblade

look his attacks don't do that much damage but when he really gets that an

attack it's really good he has those seats but the teeth usually

need to go up and like smash his prey that's what does the most damage see so

this guy is the epitome of disgrace and this guy is back this crazy bat what's

in it here is the last couple shelter regulars

Hasbro hotel the reason why this kid is a disgrace is because it's hit it's a

better tip keep me great it's because his hip is on balance it's very reckless

flurry up its wild he doesn't know this oppressive back that's why bad you can

see that wobbling what's it this terrible stamina and out to the next

beyblade shelter regulars husband and it's tip it imbalances it it's terrible

attacks it has that stamina crash rider off in one shot this dude and get in a

no pile let's battle the face right salamander

is very well there's a catch don't do that much shut the regulate it just the

worst stamina boy oh look at that is that been like really doing that like

this pitch is it fat one zero shelter Regulus is winning take one there

when he was a little better than that alright so Regulus right here I've ever

seen oh the fire that survived since it's uneven

I'm gonna be too has boats and to scare us obviously these are than to beyblade

I like a test based I don't like the big attack right there

am i resolved into a big bus my separate is going around and see if you could get

a big attack a little but I don't know gonna put a lot of stamina into those

attacks ooh 1 0 rights leopard is ready to arrest my

slipper here Oh Pig attack right there motor oil needs to get a baked left

attack with his um nightmare Luna now Google ultimate triple lumen or

strike my slippers one that been finished to zero my next battle is crash

Ragnar off beat Kukulkan hydro to on the beyblade crash on the raw I want guys

ride north join us I like the fence babes when they get first and the

defense is so cool and these crabs Ragnarok on that one zero if the peasant

doesn't hit empty bad boo that dragon attack so drag attacks are really bad

they don't do that much damage to their opponents he's at ease in the middle

once he got the milk it's done it's over all right crash Ragnarok on that now

it's time for the teammates to battle themself to see who's the best of the

worst vice leopard vs. dry run but before we get to that take this bowl

right above my head and who's gonna say which one you think is yours

these six it's the worst face that were in this workspace let's get on to the

final map first two points three turrets throw crash on you're off I want her

knowing this is what hero all right let's do this three two hundred go yeah

that was a really big attack he has to get more big attack I think whatever

come on over the teeth and smash it his defense is really good he's walking his

attacks right now you have to do it in the beginning in order to get really

good attacks run makes it fairly is our best fo worse thank you guys for coming

back to the lesson please subscribe thank you for watching the 10 worst

Babli I'm gonna post 10 best beyblades next week and bye guys have fun

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