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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: KAYLA AND VANESSA'S DAY TOGETHER | We Are The Davises

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- Go slow so you can make it that thin.

- [Connie] You just count one two three but don't do it

until on three.

- Okay, ready?

Three, two, one.

- Uh!

- [Connie] Oh that would have made it!

- Three, two, one!

(rock music)

- Harley what happened?

Oh, he got trapped in the balloons and

he was like no they're chasing me.

- [Connie] He was running around the house with the

balloons tied behind him?

- Oh!

- [Connie] Poor babies!

- Did that scare you?

- [Connie] Oh no, scary!

There's the balloons.

So he must of walked in between 'em

and then started running.

- I thought Vanessa kicked--

- [Connie] He probably picked up that little piece and got

scared or something, huh?

So we had to spend the night, hi Vanessa!

- Hi.

- [Connie] You guys wanted to go run some errands?

- Yeah, we have a friend that had her half birthday,

and we want to decorate her locker because her real

birthday is during the summer time.

- [Connie] Oh yeah.

- So it's kind of fun to decorate someone's locker.

- Well, I have some errands to run too.

So if you guys work with me to get my stuff,

then you guys can come with me but you have to


And not distract me so that I can get my list done.

And then you guys can get your things.

- She broke his toy the day after we got it for him.

Just to get the squeaker out.

- [Connie] Uh, look at that, you ripped his heart out!

Hi Ty, did you already have breakfast?

- No. - No?

Are you gonna make a sandwich with the girls?

You guys wanna help Tyler make a sandwich?

- Sure.

- [Connie] I guess you're getting a breakfast sandwich.

- Cool.

- [Connie] You guys made all that slime last night?

- [Kayla] Yup and we watched a movie.

And we made a dance routine.

- [Connie] So those are the different types?

- [Kayla] Yeah, this one's my favorite.

- [Connie] What does that one say?

- [Kayla] Plum.

It's Sunset, Plum, Funfetti, Cotton Candy and then this

one's Kayla, the special Kayla edition.

- [Connie] The Kayla edition, nice.

- I'm gonna start selling them

on my merchandise store, hopefully.

- [Connie] That's awesome, I think you're

doing really good with that.

- Yeah.

- [Connie] Kayla the entrepreneur.

Vanessa's got this really cute onesie.

She says she got from Macy's so if you guys are wondering.

Aww, she's a reindeer. Is that supposed to be the

Rudolph version?

- Yeah.

- Aww, so cute. - It's for Christmas.

- [Connie] Yeah, perfect.

Shawn's working on the backyard.

He's got all that dirt, almost done.

There's no escaping for you, Harley.

- Hope this works, probably just gonna end up digging

like all this, because dirt smells different

than everything else, probably just gonna

start digging that.

- We'll see.

I'm gonna grab a little bit of breakfast.

And then, we're out of here!

- So I'm picking out candies for my friend,

for our friend, cause of her birthday.

So we got chewy LifeSavers and Sour Patch Kids so far.

- [Connie] Where you gonna put 'em?

- On her locker.

Gonna tape them up or something.

And we wanna get her like a tiny stuffed animal,

and see if we can put it up.


- [Connie] Sounds sweet.

- Yay.

- [Connie] So nice of you.

- Who would win?

- [Vanessa] The unicorn's bigger.

- [Connie] Kayla and Vanessa are having

a stuffed animal war.

(laughing) - I gotta change my animal.

The dinosaur is too weak.

- [Connie] I think Vanessa has won.

All right, you guys we gotta get back on track here.

- Oh, it's so small.

Look at how tiny it is.

- [Connie] That's cute.

What about down here, look,

you can get a bundle of them right here.

- [Kayla] Spongebob ones?

- [Connie] Yeah, that'd be funny.

- This one's squishy, it's a marshmallow pop.

- [Connie] Yeah get that.

- Should we get her this one, or this one?

- [Connie] There's a bundle of hearts, right there.

- Oh a bundle of hearts.

There's a rose, there's a pretty flower.

Wait, is that a lollipop?

- [Vanessa] Read it.

- Rose lollipop.

Which one should we get?

There's too many decisions.

- [Vanessa] This one's bigger,

but that one is a lollipop, so.

- I don't know, this one's the biggest.

- [Vanessa] She loves chocolate, though.

- Yeah, and she likes hearts.

Okay we picked.

- [Connie] Get her both of 'em.

- Get her both of 'em?

- [Connie] Now that they're for the locker door,

they'll probably fit.

Get her just a ton of 'em?

- [Connie] Yeah, they're not that much.

- It's so pretty!

It's a magical pillow.

I love it.

(laughing) Wait, wait.

- [Connie] I've never seen an emoji poop rainbow like that.

- [Vanessa] Wait, hold on, do a half face.


- So we picked out the cards.

This one says, things that make me smile,

meat, slow squirrels, and you.

And then it says, celebrating you is a smiley occasion.

- [Connie] Aw.

- Mine says, wishing you a perfect, made-just-for-YOU day.

- [Connie] Awesome.

Filled with sweet moments

and served just the way you like it.

Happy birthday.

- [Connie] Very nice, girls.

Kendall should be very happy.

- Yay.

- [Connie] Yay!

You showed the lollipop?

- I got the marshmallow one then I got the Spongebob.

- And we got a dog.

- Yeah.

- [Connie] Very cool.

Is there anything else that we need to get?

- We were planning on getting a toy,

but we already have a lot of stuff.

So I think we're good.

- [Connie] All right, so then maybe we're ready to head out.

- Yup.

- I guess this is it, we are out of here.

Ready to go home and you guys wanna make Oobleck?

- Gonna make Oobleck, yeah, yeah.

- So I think we're heading home to make some Oobleck.

- [Connie] How're you doing, Ty?

- Good, but I just got sprayed by sparkling water.

I was opening it, but then it was like so carbonated,

that it like, when I opened it like splattered everywhere.

I was like ah.

- [Connie] So it splattered all over the counter?

- Yup.

- My lifesaver.

We got Kendall more candy than she needed

so we're gonna eat a bag, so we don't waste it.

- [Connie] That's so smart.

Yummy. - Yummy.

- [Connie] Yummy.

- [Kayla] Harley doesn't know.

He's all like, I know it's healthy

so I shouldn't be eating it. - You want it?


Oh yeah, now I'll eat it.

He doesn't understand.

- [Vanessa] He's so confused.

- [Kayla] He's just gonna lick it, he's like I don't

feel like biting it.

Hershey and Harley play with their food.

I don't think Harley's gonna eat it,

because he's not even playing with it.

Come on play with it.

It's over here,

here go get it.

He doesn't like it.

He doesn't like biting it.

Oh Hershey's eating it.

- [Connie] Yup, he's goin', he's doin' it.


- [Kayla] Hershey's like mine, mine.

He's like cool, Harley doesn't want it, I'll eat it.

I'm telling you to eat it.

That's why he doesn't want to eat it.

Harley don't eat it, he's like I'm gonna grab it then.

Want this piece?

He wants a small piece, that's why.

Small piece, it's more controllable.

There he goes.

- Kay, we're back home as you guys have seen.

And the girls are going to make some Oobleck.

And if you guys have never made Oobleck,

it is with corn starch, and water.

And if you wanna make it colorful,

just add food coloring, right guys?

- Yeah!

- Yup, right now we're playing with slime and we're

counting how much candy Kendall gets.

So she gets five of these, one of these, one of these

giant marshmallow pops and a giant bag of sour patch kids.

- And we already ate-- - We ate her last bag.


She gets this card 'cause we changed cards,

so this one says Go totally nuts.

And then. - A pickle.

- [Connie] And a pickle card, aha.

- And this one says happy birthday

to someone who's just naturally wild.

- And then this one says, bet you didn't expect

to get a paper pickle for your birthday.

- Yay!

So we have to fit all of this on her locker.

This is the part where we're farting.


- Come on.

- That's the weakest fart of all, okay there I got this.

- That's not what a fart is.

(laughing) - There it goes.

We have farting putty if anyone wants to buy it.

- [Connie] It's a lot of farting fun?

- Lot's of fartin' fun.


It's not farting anymore, there it goes.


- [Connie] Is that satisfying?

- Yes.


Get it ready.

- Punch it.

- Punch it, punch it, soften it, soften it.

Stretch it out on the table, get it prepared.

This is gonna be a good one, hopefully.

Oh no, you ripped it, you ripped it Vanessa!



one two three.

Oh it didn't work.


- Okay ready?

One, two, three.

Oh, it keeps messing up.

- [Connie] Is the bubble supposed to be on the table?

- Yes, it's supposed to be very big.

- We had one that was like up to here.

- [Connie] Oh my gosh.

- Ready?

- [Connie] That looks like a small one though.

- Three, two, one.


- No, this one's the small one but it's really stretchy,

it makes big ones too.

Three, two, one.

It's being dumb, we did it so many times this morning,

it was awesome.

Go slow so we can make it that big.

- [Connie] You guys count one, two, three

but don't do it until on three.

- Ready?

Three, two, one.


- [Connie] Oh that would've made it.

- Three, two, one.

Okay well it's a bubble, it makes a bigger bubble usually.

- Now we can pop it, ready?

Three, two, one.

- It's made bigger bubbles, but at least we got that.

- [Connie] Is Oobleck basically the same?

- No.

- [Connie] It's way different?

- It's way different than slime.

Have you ever played with Oobleck?

- [Connie] No.

- You haven't?

Let's go make some Oobleck.

We gotta put Cotton Candy away first.

So we're gonna make some Oobleck.

And we're making, it's one to one

so do we want more than that?

- [Connie] One to one what?

- Water and corn starch.

So if you added one cup of corn starch

add one cup of water.

You add in one tablespoon,

add one tablespoon of water.

Do we want more than that though?

- Yeah.

- [Connie] One more cup of each.

- It's stuck.

Hopefully that's good.

So do you have a plastic spoon, mommy that we can use?

- [Connie] Yeah of course.

- Or should we just mix it with our hands?

Oh, it's so weird.

- [Connie] It's like all stiff?

- Yes it is,

very stiff.

Ah look.

If you keep moving it, oh gosh, this is why

we need to go outside, it's so weird.

Like if you go fast then it's hard, so if you

keep moving it it's solid, as soon as you stop, it's fluid.

- That's funny.

- [Connie] Is it even mixed up yet?

- Yeah, it is.

Look it's solid,

and then it's liquid.

- It's all gone.

- Where'd it all go?

- I have no idea, it just like melted.

- It's gone, we need more corn starch.


- [Connie] It's gone, gone?

- It's gone, gone.

- [Connie] It finally all dissolved?

- It's like water.

- [Connie] So does it take time to?

- It's not supposed to dissolve.

(door bell)


- Time to get the pizza!


We got our pizza.

It's sound like the girl's have

accomplished their Oobleck.

- [Kayla] We added more cornstarch, a lot more cornstarch.

- Pizza!

- Now it's just water.

- You go like this.

- [Connie] Oobleck should be called Ooyuck.

- If you grab the water really fast then it turns solid.

- [Connie] Really?

- Yeah.

In water really fast.

- [Connie] It just looks like milky water.

- It feels weird.

If you grab, push your hand

through it really fast, it's like really hard.

- Let the girls go outside and be messy on the lawn,

and when you're done with that we've got pizza which

is gonna be really good.

Oh, I gotta help them get the door opened.

I'm not reaching over you, I'm not doing it.

- Go, go, go.

- [Connie] Oh there goes the dogs.

Don't get it on the dogs.

You guys are so silly.

They're so funny, oh look at Hershey and Harley

are all interested in this, so curious.

They're very curious.

- [Kayla] They're our evil-mastermind dogs.

- [Vanessa] They're trying to play with the water.

- We need more cornstarch.

Oh my God, I got it all over me.


- [Connie] Maybe it thickens over time?

- No it weakens over time.

- [Connie] It weakens?

- It weakens!

- [Connie] Oh my gosh, well don't totally soak yourselves.

- Need more cornstarch.

(dance music)

- [Connie] Hey Ty, do you want some pizza?

- Uh.

- [Connie] You want pizza?


Come and get it.

- Yummy.

- [Connie] Did Tyler get some?

- Yeah.

Okay so we're gonna take the doggies for a walk

because we're gonna meet a fellow Nasty and yup.

And if you don't know who a Nasty is, we have

our Nasty clan so we have a Nasty that lives

across the street from us, so we're gonna go

meet them at the park right now, and we're gonna

take the doggies with us, let's go.

(instrumental music)

- It's so cold outside.

I'm bailing out on the girls,

and lettin' them hang out for a little bit.

And we'll see them in just a second.

Well the time has gotten away from me.

And I didn't get back to the girls

so Kayla's friends have left now.

And everybody's kinda just wrapping it up for the evening,

and winding down.

So I'm just gonna go around and check on everybody

and see kinda what they're up to.

Whatch'ya doing?

- Playing with my phone, nosy.

- What did you do to your head?


Bet you forgot about that, huh?

What were you guys doing?

- Nothing.

- What, why do you have big, crazy eyebrows?

- They're not eyebrows.

- What are they?

Ears? - They're ears.


- Why do you have ears?

- Because.

- What did you do? - Nothing.

- Mm well I was thinking we almost forgot to say goodbye.

- Okay.


Goodbye. (laughing)

- Should I come back to you?

- No.

Nobody else has said goodbye yet.

- No.

(laughing) - Don't come back to me.

- I have to.

I'm coming back.

- [Kayla] No, don't.

- I'm coming back. (laughing)

- [Kayla] You're not coming back.

- We're gonna say goodnight to Tyler and Shawn.

'Cause Shawn's busy working now.

- Hey everyone.

- He's a little bit in the dark here, I guess he's working

in the dark.

- [Shawn] I like working in the dark.

- He's working on his gaming thing.

Gaming thing that I don't do, so I don't know anything

about what he's doing.

- Just editing.

That's what you do right?


You know exactly what I'm doing.

- Well, I don't know what he's doing with the gaming thing.

And here's Tyler.

- Hi.

- We're saying good night to everybody.

- Oh, good night.

- Have you been doing the gaming thing,

are you with Uncle Glen?

- Yup.

- So he's playing with Uncle Glen on the gaming thing.

And I'm sneaking back over to Kayla.

Dun dun dun dun dun dun.


- [Kayla] Why?

- 'Cause we gotta say good night.

- Hope you guys enjoy this video, like, subscribe.

Until next time, bye.


- Bye guys see you next time.

(Pop music)

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