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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Flesh & The Devil

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(bugle blowing)

"Raus mit Euch... Schweinhunde!"

"Out all night again!"

"He'll catch

Himmelherrgottheiland- teufeldonnerwetter!"

"Ulrich von Eltz!"

"Leo von Harden!"

"Leo von Harden!"

"He is ill, Sir."

"We'll see about that later! Fall out!"

"He did his best to turn out, Sir...he even dressed..."

"What's the matter with you?"

"You'd better stay and nurse him."

"Report yourselves under arrest!"

"Never mind, Ulrich...

think of next week!





Lippedetmoldt-Hannoveran- derlein!


" dear son!"

"Little sister, how you've grown!"

"You may kiss my hand, Herr Baron."

"I'll eat you in two small bites!"

"She must be one of the guests

arriving for the ball at Stoltenhof."

"There's our 'Isle of Friendship,' Leo."

"Leo, have I offended you?"

"That's only Schmitz Island.

Why do you call it

'The Isle of Friendship'?"

"When we were boys,

and Hertha was a little girl..."

"By this rite of blood we are united...

in riches and in poverty...

in love and in sorrow in life and in death..."

"in undying friendship... forever...and ever!"

"Foolishness! You might have got blood-poisoning!"

"I'm going to the ball tonight, too."

"I'm almost as tall as you."

"It's mean of you to treat me as if I were a baby."

"How old are you?"

"I am sixteen."

"Well...almost sixteen."

Halewitz Castle Leo's ancestral home.

"See you at the ball tonight!"

"Beloved young master,

your humble retainers have humbly gathered

to bid you a humble welcome.

Since feudal times your humble retainers

have humbly tried..."

The ball at Stoltenhof opened the social season.

"Good evening, Pastor Voss..."

"I christened these boys separately...

but since then I've never seen them apart!"

"I've had enough!

I just looked at a girl and she was twins!"

"Fraulein Hertha, may I have this dance?"

"Leo, I've saved the first dance for you."

"Who are you?"

"What does it matter?"

"I'm going to see you again often."


"You are very beautiful."

"You are very young."

"You know when you blow out the match

that's an invitation to kiss you?"

The tragic, unquestioning

amusing love of youth.

No one had ever loved before...Leo was sure of it.

"One more day, Leo. How can I let you go?"

"In five months my service expires

then we shall be together always."

"So that you may not forget me."

"Forget you? Not while I live not if I die!"

"This is Count Rhaden, my husband."

"Leo von Harden at your service."

"Leo, my only excuse is...I love you!"

"My seconds will call upon you in the morning."

"No scandal must touch my name!

A dispute at cards will serve as my excuse for killing you!"

"Leo, this is insane...

you can't shoot each other

over a few hasty words in a game of cards!"

"Leo if we should be seen together."

"I had to see you again

and we'll never meet anyone here who knows us."

"How long shall you be gone?"

"The military court advised me to enlist

in the African service for five years."

"Five years...without you."

"Take me with you, Leo."

"I know it's impossible

but I'm afraid to face those lonely years."

"When you come back, Leo I'll be waiting."

"Good evening Leo."

"Good evening Pastor."

"All because of an angry word at cards."

"Felicitas von Rhaden is now a widow...alone...

unprotected and I am responsible."

"Go to see her. Help her and console her."

"You would have gone away without bidding me goodbye!"

"I am here on behalf of my dearest friend

Leo von Harden."

"Is there anything I can do to lighten your grief?"

"If you should ever need anyone to advise you

to help you."

"Forgive me for mentioning it...

I don't know your circumstances...

but if ever you should need money."

"I am rich and my purse is Leo's."

"You are very kind.

It is good to know that in case of need

there is someone to befriend me."

"...and you haven't told mother I'm coming?"

"Welcome home, Herr von Harden."

"Leo, let me present you to my wife."

"I didn't write you...

I wanted you to meet Felicitas before I told you."

"...she has freely forgiven you for that tragic duel."

"When you know Felicitas better,

you will love her, too."

"Herr von Harden is undoubtedly weary.

We'll drive him home, Ulrich."

"Countess Eltz is very kind.

"I think I would rather greet my mother alone."

"Two more years,

and our Leo will come back to us."

"It would make me very happy

if you and Leo were to fall in love and marry."

"I shall never marry. I shall go into a convent."

"Wasn't that little Hertha?"

"She came to live with me the day Ulrich married."

"Why did she run away?"

"She is a young lady now and she wasn't dressed."

"You'll find everything the same nothing changes here."

"Come into the garden, dear...

...your brother wants to talk with Leo."

"Leo, is it so difficult for you to meet

von Rhaden's widow?"

"If Felicitas can forget that tragic duel

for my sake can't you forget it, too?"

"I know how much you care for him, Leo

but you are right you must give up his friendship."

"Because you still love her!"

"My boy, when the devil cannot reach us

through the spirit he creates a woman beautiful

enough to reach us through the flesh."

"Once before that woman led you into temptation

and you sinned."

"Aren't you afraid of

what she may do to you a second time?"

"Yes, Pastor I am afraid."

"Promise me you'll never see her again."

"I promise nothing!"

"You wished to see me?"

"And you have not wished to see me Leo?"

"Don't judge me, Leo...

You left me all alone and Ulrich was so kind."

"That's all over now, Felicitas and forgotten."

"Not forgotten you still wear my ring."

"Leo why do we pretend?

I love you and you love me."

"But I can endure the pain of seeing you day by day

if it will make Ulrich happy."

"Leo you must come back to him you must!

He needs you!"

"Come today, Leo."

"Leo you have forgiven us?"

"This will be a happy surprise for Felicitas."

"I am glad you have come. Ulrich has missed you greatly."

"To our undying friendship!

And may nothing ever separate us three again."

"The text of my sermon this morning will be."

"My sermon this morning will be:

'David hath done evil in my sight,

and his deed stinks before Heaven!'"

"For David hath seduced Uriah's wife!"

" And David hath slain Uriah...

so that the woman might tarry with him!"

"And I found David not repenting

in sackcloth and ashes!"

"...but flaunting his sin in public places,

and on his right hand was Uriah's wife!"

"Yea, David, thou hast broken

the Lord's holy commandment!"

"...and a fire from Heaven shall consume thee!"

"...thee and that woman who sits in sin by thy side!"

"Jesus, Bread of Life grant that we come to this,

Thy table, not in vain

nor to the injury of our souls."

"I've said a thousand times

that I hate to have people messing about my desk!"

"Aren't you ashamed of yourself?"

"Ever since you've been home

you've acted like a surly old bear!"

"But I, for one, am not going to put up with it any longer!"

"You haven't been over since Ulrich went to Munich. Why?"

"There was no reason to come with Ulrich away."

"I tried to stay away...

I fought...I prayed... I lied to myself."

"But in the end, I had to see you."

"Don't cry, please...

You know I can't bear to see you cry."

"But I must talk with you, Leo,

or I can't go on!"

"Not here...not alone."

"Leo, if you stay away from me, I can't go on with Ulrich."

"You shall go on!"

"You'll have to carry me back."

"Felicitas why do you make it so difficult for us?"

"We must be honest with Ulrich

and I am afraid of myself and of you."

"But are we honest with Ulrich now...

when we love each other?"

"And we came together again only for Ulrich's happiness!"

"And now look at us!"

"This is the end, Felicitas!

I can blow out my brains or run away!"

"If you die, I'll die with you!

I'll never be parted from you again!"

"But why not go away?

Isn't it only false happiness we're giving Ulrich now?"

" least we wouldn't be hypocrites."

"But can you face ruin disgrace?"

"I can face anything with you!"

"We'll go tonight, Felicitas!"

"Watch for him.

When he comes bring him up here."

"The master has come home!"

"Show him up here. Be very quiet."

"You aren't dressed or packed?"

"You're not going?"

"Leo I love you love you!

But I'm not brave enough to leave all this.

We needn't run away."

"You mean stay here...

in Ulrich's house faithless to him?"

"But if we love each other?"

"What are you doing here?"

"He's mad...mad!

He broke in here...

and when I wouldn't go away with him he..."

"She's telling the truth the truth! Shoot me down!"

"We'll meet in the morning, when you can defend yourself."


"On the 'Isle of Friendship', Leo."

"Leo and Ulrich have gone to kill each other!

And you are the only one who can stop them!"

"I what can I do?"

"You can tell the truth!"

"You must stop them for your own sake!

Can you have this on your soul?"

"Is there anything,

anything I can say to make you understand?"

"Father in Heaven you must hear me!"

"Father Leo and Ulrich their friendship so sacred."

"Father I love Leo and I am so helpless helpless."

"...if Leo dies, Ulrich will be lost!

Father in Heaven, hear my prayers...

open her eyes!"

"I shall count three. After that we fire at will."

"Leo, defend yourself. I shall shoot to kill."

"Leo, everything is suddenly clear to me...

as if a veil had lifted."

"I know I felt it too."

"I understand now... the duel with Rhaden...!

I understand!"

" friend... my friend!"

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