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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 통영2탄 하루에5시간 여는 줄서서 먹는 짬뽕집! 사장님의 주문거부..? Korean mukbang eating show

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I'm not eating that much because this is breakfast

It's a very simple meal

*Around 32km from the pier to the island (Approximately 1 hour)

*Tongyoung Yokji Island Episode 2

There is only 1 Chinese restaurant and it holds about 40 years of tradition

This place is really good

*Tzuyang is here to clean it up

I usually eat 2 times as much WHAT!?

They said that there is a place that has fabulous Spicy Seafood Noodle here in Yokji Island

They open from 9:30AM to 2:30PM

Just for 5 hours

I will have to wait in line if I don't go early

I'm here early because I really want to get to try it today

*Yokji Island's famous Chinese Noodle Restaurant (40 Years of Tradition)

It's about 9:43AM right now. They should be opened

*Tzuyang on her way to eat the food as soon as they opened

They said I won't be able to eat if I come too late

*They only serve for Lunch hours

I came to the island 25 years ago

This place was even more popular back in the day

It's really different. The soup is better. Just delicious overall.

There's so much shrimp in there

*The restaurant is busy already

*The Menu

Excuse me,

1 black bean noodle, 1 udon,

1 spicy seafood noodle, 1 fried pork in size 'Medium' please

*She's surprised

She can't do it

*They refuse to take her huge order

Are you going to eat it all by yourself?

*Why are they surprised?

I usually don't eat that much for breakfast

So I only ordered 4 dishes. Very simple.

It will be our very first time showing anyone our kitchen

Even when they come to film, we only allow outside

*Their very first time showing how everything is made

*We can see how these delicious food are made that holds 40 years of tradition

*Thick soup abundant with seafood's true flavors

*Savory and Fresh Udon and Soup

*Shiny Original Black Bean Noodles

Wow, that's a lot of fried pork Is that a medium?

Thank you

*This Medium looks like a Large

*Medium Fried Pork 20,000 won ($17.15 USD)

Do they not give the sauce with this?

Oh this is the sauce? (Sweet and sour sauce for the fried pork)

This is a lot haha

This is a lot of sauce

I'm not sure if I can eat it all since it's breakfast..


It is even more delicious because of the hype

*Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup 7,000 won ($6 USD)

This is the Spicy Seafood Noodle It's full of seafood


Webfoot Octopus

A lot of them

There's a huge oyster in here too

I'll go ahead and try some soup first

The taste is..

How can it taste like this without MSG? (Artificial Flavoring)

You can taste the fire from the seafood

*Udon 7,000 won ($6 USD)

*Black Bean Noodles 5,000 won ($4.29 USD)

The sauce looks delicious

*Mix it up well

*Dips her clothes inside the Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup

This place is known for its Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup

*Tzuyang's elbow Mukbang

*Tzuyang did what Tzuyang does best

I've ruined my clothes already and it's only morning

I'll go ahead and try the black bean noodles first. It has meat

The sauce tastes so good

I can taste the originality


1 piece of fried pork

I have to eat this fast while it's fresh and crispy


Webfoot octopus

Spicy Seafood Noodles

It's not as good if these get bloated

What a happy breakfast

Such a lovely breakfast

I'm eating a little bit because this is breakfast

Really delicious

It's really refreshing

The black bean noodles look better? This place is known for the seafood noodles

I'll put the udon in the middle. Wow udon looks good too

Udon tastes like they put sesame oil

I can taste the sesame oil and it kind of tastes like egg soup. Very Nutty

I'll eat some udon now

It seems like they used the same noodles

This is like the Clear Seafood Noodle

The noodles are different from the Udon that we are used to

The taste is very rich

The Spicy Seafood Noodle is not that spicy

But if you don't like spicy, I recommend these


I think the location is very important as well

The black bean noodles are pretty average

The Udon is very nutty and rich in flavor

The Spicy Seafood Noodle is very refreshing and good

Full of seafood flavor

Is the fried pork good with soy sauce?

I'm going to try it

I prefer the sauce over the soy sauce

I'll finish up the black bean noodles

*Sauce Moles

*They are not watermelon seeds

*They are black bean noodle sauce

*Why is she cleaning me up?

I'm very worried. Me too.

I'm worried.

It's just amazing how much she eats

What in the world...

I couldn't look at her directly, I saw her with the corner or my eye

It's amazing...

*It's just a simple breakfast meal


*Picking out all the vegetables (Only eating the noodles)

Some want me to dip and some want me to pour

So I'll throw in a couple in there

*Doesn't matter how it's eaten for Tzuyang

The Spicy Seafood Noodle is delicious

The oyster is.. just wow

It's huge

So good

*Soup Vacuum Mukbang


Udon is very nutty

Just how I like it

4 people order that much usually, and they get full

*Tzuyang TV viewers

I've never seen anyone eat like that

Ever since I opened this restaurant

I usually eat 2 times as much

*They don't believe it

*That lady from Seoul is not normal LOL

I was going to give her a little bit, But she wanted it how it is usually served

I was thinking she can to-go the leftovers for her mother

*Vacuum Tzuyang Mode

The reason why I didn't order that much is because

I can't eat that much Chinese food for breakfast

I'm not very good with Chinese Food and Rice

*She is not on a Diet

*Putting the rest of the Fried Pork inside the sauce


*Clearing all of the Pork pieces

*She will drink all the soup


*It's amazing how she eats everything but the vegetables

Vegetables? No thanks.

I'm sorry Veggies

*She is checking her belly

It's not even big. That's amazing

Oh my Lord

You want some fried rice?

I will take it easy because it's only breakfast

She ate it all. She ate everything

That's wild

*Tongyoung Ep. 3 They will keep bringing out seafood if I order alcohol

It's my first time trying a lot of the food here

*Black Ink Tint. Coming Soon!

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