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How to Get a Good Night's Sleep in Your Car. Crashingand by that we mean sleepingin

your car can be reasonably comfortable if you know a few tricks. You will need A tension

curtain rod Blackout curtains Pillows A blanket, comforter, or sleeping bag A safe parking

spot Comfortable clothes A compass Camping cot or sleeping pad A wool cap and socks Ice

water and a t-shirt, wristbands, and a bandanna. Sleeping in your car is illegal in many places.

Check with the local police before sleeping on public property. Step 1. Pick a good spot

to snooze, meaning one that is relatively safe and that limits your risk of being hassled

by the police or anyone else. Highway rest stops are good during the day, when many people

pull over to catch a few Zs. Step 2. Park the car with the morning in mind. If you want

to be up with the roosters and dont have anything blocking out the sunlight, park facing

east, where the sun rises. Otherwise, face your car west. Bring a compass with you so

you always know which way you’re facing. Step 3. Find a restroom to use before you

settle in for the night. You dont want to have to answer the call of nature when

youre bedded down in your car. Step 4. Put your blackout curtains on the tension

rod and secure it between the driver’s side and front passenger windows to block

the view through the windshield. Step 5. Arrange your bedding into a cozy sleeping space. Adjust

the seats to give you the most room, and tuck any seat belts you can into the cushions,

so they dont poke you. If you have a hatchback with seats that fold down, turn your backseat

into a comfy bed with a camping cot or sleeping pad. Step 6. Change into something thats

as soft and unrestrictive as pajamas, yet socially acceptable to wear in public. A sweat

suit and thick gym socks is a good choice. Step 7. If it’s cool outside, put on

a wool cap and socks to preserve body heat. If it’s hot, wet a t-shirt, some wristbands

and a bandanna with ice water and wear them to “bed.” Step 8. Keep your cellphone

nearby just in case. Sweet dreams! Did you know Many Wal-Marts allows people to park

in their lots at night to sleep.

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