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Hello gracious people of the internet and boy do I have something to tell you today

I never thought I'd be the type person to make a special announcement video, but here

I am making a special announcement video

So what's up bitch?

It's a really cool announcement you guys are probably gonna like it unless you don't give a shit about me, then you probably aren't gonna give a shit

About it unless you hate me then you're probably gonna hate it

Why are you watching this video if you hate me? Now i bet you're wondering

It's one of those stupid ass videos you make where you say you're gonna say something

But then actually don't say anything at all, and I'm just gonna waste my time no

I know

I'm not a trustworthy bitch when it comes to my titles, but I promise this video is actually a special announcement. Now I bet you're wondering

MAC! "What's the special announcement?"

MAC! "Whats happening?"

"Hows Raven doing Cory?"

Shes fine, and for the other two questions

The answer is we'll get to it, but first Let's get this watch time cuz your bitch need it. How's everyone's day?

How's everyone's day how's everyone's life how are things?

I went to a convention called Complex-con a few days ago

or a day ago, i don't know when i'm posting this

the convention was cool, it was great, the clothes were unneededly expensive though.

Let's talk about that real quick, okay

So I went up to this booth. i saw this really nice Justice League Jacket

I just looked like a bunch of patches on a $50 jacket from forever 21

I asked how much it was home boy said 800 dollars, and I said bitch from whose wallet

Ha ha

excuse my floor in the background

I just did a video where I played with moon shoes that video will be out pretty soon, or it's probably already out

I don't know when i'm uploading this

I already told you a mess

mac just get to the god damn special announcement OH MY GOD

Ok damn but after this sponsor

this video is brought to you by the good book of Jesus Christ hallelujah the good Lord

mac hits the bible

Yes, especially my favorite line in the Bible

mac contemplates the line


okay now here's a special announcement

My birthday's coming up ok.

I'm joking, but it is coming up with that's not a special announcement

I just want to say that right now Can you believe it?

I've been on this earth for 21 years

I can finally drink my first ever drop of alcohol,

and i am so excited. I just really wanted to share that with you guys

Now that we gotten a few minutes in and a few more coins right how do I approach this

wait a minute.

How do I say this?

without sounding like that bitch ummm

regrettable silence

I'm going on tour?

Yeah, I made that sound so anti-climatic

Going on tour bitch I'm going on tour

this is only part one of the announcement ok wait

lets refine this

I am currently in discussion with fullscreen to go on tour

currently in the discussion to go on that tour bitch

Meet a bunch of you guys, go around the country, possibly the world do a bunch of really cool things

Make a bunch of really cool videos

It sound like a great idea, and I'm very excited it all depends on you, and how it goes down

This is what's gonna happen listen carefully

There is going to be a link in the description of this video right below me right now. You can see it

You can even click it if you want to I don't care

make sure you open it in another tab

Because like I said watch time bitch in order for me to know what I'm gonna do on the tour and where I'm gonna go

on the tour

I need you guys the man's bitch head on down to a link in the description or go to you can request what cities I will go to on my tour. Ah

WHAT? You mean, I don't possibly have to go super far to go see somebody?? you might even appear in my backyard??

I probably won't appear in your backyard. I probably appear on a stage but like if your backyards a stage bitch


I can possibly appear in your hometown

all you have to do is demand it link in description down below put in your email, your

Phone number, a city you want to request, and boom goes the dynamite

now these are just some of the entertaining things I could bring on tour with me

I can stand, I can sit, I can hold a bottle of alcohol cuz I'll be legal and many more

But probably just those three things cuz bitch but the tour all

Depends on where you guys demand me and that website is the only way you can request the city of your choice

Don't Just tweet me names of cities

Don't just comment down below names of cities those will not count, you have to click link in the description and request your city through that

Website to contribute to the way this tour happens you want me to go to your hometown, New York City and request

New York City want me to go to your hometown To pika (what)

I request To Pika you live in the town of ***king then request your hometown of ***King

That's a real city in the world. Are you single and look in the date a black man that makes videos on the Internet?

Requests me bitch. have you seen my videos before and you're like


request me bitch, are you watching this while sitting on the toilet right now?

Very freaked out on the fact that I just mentioned that and now you feel like I'm watching you

mac please thats fucking creepy.

Request me bitch link in the description below

I'm gonna bother you about it for like a week straight all over my social media, so get ready, anyways

thats all I wanted to say I'm watching you I'm gonna give you five seconds click the link right now

right now

did you click it?

Did you click it? It's that simple. It's very simple. It's super simple you can all do it, even your dog can do it

don't make your dog do it, anyways

I'm gonna go bother you guys some more on Twitter and instagram and snapchat linked them to bitch. I got a link to it

Hopefully I'll see all your faces in person, thank you guys for watching

My name is Mac and don't forget to Like comment share and subscreabe bWA

click the link bitch

click the link bitch

bitch click the link

did you click the link bitch?