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On today's episode i'm going to show you how to update the firmware on your Ender

3 v2 not just the motherboard but also the display and if you have an

Ender 3 or Ender 3 pro you can do the same thing by changing

one thing, the motherboard I'll explain it all on today's filament


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in a previous video i did talk about updating the firmware on the v2

and i made a mistake i said you need to rename it firmware.bin

you don't have to as long as it's a different name than the firmware that's

on there you're good to go. so just that dot bin

file on the sd card insert it turn it on and it updates. But the latest creality

version 1.0.1 has some bugs. first off you can't run

my bed level software and also if you try to do any pause to change filament

none of those work because it's missing some of the g-code commands.

well marlin has released a totally updated version

which includes all those fixes but creality hasn't adopted it yet.

but you can get it from my website so I'll show that.

We'll update this machine and I'll show you how you can actually update the

display to the latest firmware as well so let's

go through that right now. I updated my machine to the latest

creality version 1.0.1 and what this did is added the ability

to save your configuration but it doesn't save it to eeprom. Let me

show you. So let's say I want my max acceleration y

to be set to 600 so I go in here I change it to 600

and then after that set 600 i go down to the storage configuration, you click on

there, it beeps and it should save it to the eeprom but

it doesn't. It saves it to the sd card. I'll show you. See I'll turn it off, turn

it back on after removing the sd card go back to that it's back to 500. But if

I put the sd card in because that's where the configuration

was saved turn it off turn it back on it reads that configuration now it's

back to 600. version 1.0.1 also has some g-code

issues if i run my bed level or if you try to

do pause to change filament it's not going to work because it's missing some

g-code here's my bed level it's supposed to

pause right here and let me click the button

but it doesn't it goes to the corner it goes down and then just moves on to the

next point never lets me level the bed but we can fix that with the latest

marlin. I actually include it on my

site there's the link to get to it and what you want to do is download the

marlin latest release this is later than version 1.0.1

you put it on an sd card and there's going to be basically two sections

you're going to have a folder called dwin_set

and the firmware.bin that's all we want on this sd card. shut

off your machine slide in that sd card with those two

files turn it back on and your machine will update. and it's

going to update to this latest version. now if you go down to info it'll tell

you version 0.0.6 but it's got the date, even though it's a

earlier number it's a later version of firmware.

if you update it and everything changes to chinese here's how you fix it.

Go to the second menu item click on it scroll all the way to the bottom you'll

see a cn. click on the knob it'll change the en

and everything will change to english. that's how you fix it. now I did notice

when i went to the control menu the word storage was cut off so I want

to update the display to see if I can fix that. so let me show you how to

update the display. shut power off remove the sd card

and we're going to take that sd card remember had the the folder

the dwin folder? we're going to use that so take the display off

disconnect the wire and there's four screws you need to remove.

so we can get at the sd card that's on the display just take these screws off

and then set those aside because we'll need to put this back together. so I just

dumped them in my hand and set them aside. now the back just

pops off, you got to take the knob off first, and

then you just pull this and it unsnaps and once you get it off you can see

there's an sd card slot. take that sd card and it's actually

going to read that folder that's on here instead of the dot bin

file. just slide it in and now we'll hook up the cable

and then we're going to power this thing up and the display

will update itself from that folder that's on the sd card.

so just flip power on and the display will go black

and then update and then it'll change to a blue and then an orange. it looks

yellow here but it's actually really really bright orange.

now we need to shut power off again and get that sd card out of there because we

don't want to update it again. just push it and it pops out. take the sd card

out and now when we power it up it should be the normal display so power

it up and yep normal display so everything

went as expected. but now let's scroll through and see if

it fixes that word. nope so I'm gonna have to contact them

and have them fix that. that's something in the firmware.

so from here you just pop the cover back on

and then shoot the four screws in and then once those are in

put the knob back on then just connect the electrical connector

and slide it back into the machine. you're all done.

now i want to leave the sd card out because I want to test this new firmware

to see if the storage really works. go to control motion max acceleration

max acceleration y instead of 600 i'm going

to make it 550. now i'm going to save it by clicking on

"orage" configuration. so now it should be saved. I'm going to

shut power off and turn it back on, and remember no sd card,

so now let's go into control motion max acceleration

and 550. so it saved it. It's working. The new firmware is working.

now let's check my bed level. so here it is parked in the first position. I can

come in here with a piece of paper and level it

and then when I click the button it moves to the next spot.

So now I can level each spot and just press the button so the g-code

is now working. This new firmware fixes those issues.

And there you have it my Ender 3v 2 is totally updated. The latest firmware in

the control board and also on the display. I have talked to

the marlin team about fixing the word being cut off hopefully that's

fixed in the future. If you want to help support

marlin because it's basically, they do it for free. So their only support is

through patreon, I'll put a link to their patreon

in the description below you can help support it. Updating your firmware with

an sd card is awesome but what if you got an Ender

3 or Ender 3 pro? Well you have an option big tree tech

released the skr mini e3 a little while ago. This has been

out for a while a lot of people have already installed this on their machines.

it's a plug and play it's the same mounting the same connectors as your

stock ender 3. you put this on but it's 32-bit and you

can update it with the sd card. it's also got a display. An optional

display, which is touch screen you can do the click

and turn but it's touch screen which even the v2 doesn't have that.

I got this set on amazon for 70 dollars I plan to do a video on it it's going to

be out in the near future. But it's really, if you watch my creality

updates with the silent board it's pretty much the same thing only this is

only thirty dollars. It's cheaper than the silent board and it has the silent

drivers on it. So if you have an Ender 3 or Ender

3 pro you can still get the features that the v2 is giving you

and possibly more with a touch screen. So don't go out and buy a v2 just

because you want to update the firmware. Update your Ender 3. So that's it for

this week. If you like what I'm doing here maybe check out some of the other

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I'll see you next time right here at Filament Friday

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