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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: We Took Pills To Make Our Farts Smell Like Flowers

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- I'm eating all this food out of a fart bag

and then I'm taking all these pills to see

if it's gonna make my farts smell good.

So my question to you is will you smell my farts later?


- What?


- Here goes nothing.

It's like the Matrix for my butt hole.

- My magical fart pills.

- Fart, fart, fart.

- Let me fart flowers.

- We're gonna go home and like fart our brains out.

- The fun's just getting started.

- It's about to be an atomic adventure of assholes.


- Ooh, that was loud.


- I smell fart.

Ooh shit.

- So fart etiquette like I hold it in at my workplace.

And like on the subway because I'm not a monster.

- I think the proper fart etiquette

is farting and getting away with it.

Fart in peace, FIP man.


- Not that you should suppress you real self,

but I would just say go to the bathroom to fart

because ain't nobody wanna smell your farts.

- A fart, either it's coming out or it's not.

Like if I go all the way to the bathroom, it's gone.

- Farting, especially for women, is so taboo.

Like women don't fart, women don't poop.

But that just makes me want to fart more.

- I farted so many times in the bedroom over the weekend,

and I started yelling at her,

oh my gosh it stinks so bad,

and then she's like, "Jade, I didn't fart,

"that's from you two hours ago."

I was like damn girl you love me.

- I dreamed of creating a pill that would make

your farts smell like Cinnabons.

Can't you take a pill that

makes your farts less stinky?

- Absolutely, 100% I'd be interested.

- Then I could eat dairy as much as I wanted.


- This is what my dreams look like.

- It's not even in English guys.

- It's French, so you know it's fancy.

See even French people fart.

(French speaking)

- A fart sing pill to perfume

your fart with a violet flavor.

It's made mostly of coal.

- [Interviewer] Activated Charcoal?

- Yeah, gelatin and blueberry.

- I don't think anything is gonna

make my farts smell any better,

but I'm willing to give it a try.

- I'm optimistic all the way.

- This honestly could change my life.

- What if one of us thinks that they're safe,

because of this and farts at work

and it stinks up the whole place?

- Welcome to Anita's fart cam.

The farts are real, raw and smelly.

- So I'm gonna chug this milk

and see if this pill can kick in.

- Good stuff.

- I really need to test out my farts on people.


- You better not fart over here.

Take that shit somewhere else.

- I haven't farted.

The first time I ever farted

in front of any significant other,

I thought it was gonna be like a cute little toot

and he was like oh my god, you need to go to the doctor.

- Did y'all smell anything during that conference?

- What? You did Jay?

- No!

So the pill is not working yet.

- I'm gonna try and kick things up a notch with cheese.

- Just in time for the experiment, fart town.

- I'm a little gassy.

If I do fart it'll probably smell like roses.

- Yeah, I can't see why I wouldn't be okay with that.

- What do y'all think about farting in the office?

- Do it, let it out.

- Do it?

- Do not let it out.

Keep it in, definitely don't let it out.

- If you have a stomach ache and you need to fart, do it.

- Time to eat from my fart bag.

I am feeling a rumble in my tummy.

- So I did some research online

to see what foods make me fart.

Supposedly, fruit is good so I'm gonna

add a little bit more fruit to my fart box.

Wheat thins have three grams of fiber.

- I haven't had any gas yet.

I'm gonna beef it up a little bit.

Get some beans maybe get some broccoli and cheese.

- I just let out a little toot.

It was quiet, it was scentless.

I think I'm really building up to something good.

- I'm almost done with my hot chocolate.

Hopefully when I'm done, there'll be some flowers

and gases and lavender fumes protruding from my booty.

- Half way through the day

and my farts haven't smelt any better.

Take myself another fart pill.

See if my toots can smell sweeter.

- I was trying, I bent down in the same vicinity

in which I farted in and I can not smell it.

Not getting any whiffs of anything.

- Will you smell my farts?

I've gotten all no's today.

- Me? No.

- I did, I farted a few minutes ago next to Chelsea

and she didn't realize it.

- I realized it.

- And I was trying to whiff it, but I didn't get anything.

- [Interviewer] You didn't get anything interesting?

- I got a neutral smell.


- I don't smell anything.

- I feel like it's trying to create a filter for my farts

but my farts are like just let me out.

- Let me be free.

- Just let me be free and stinky.

- I'm gonna kick it up another notch.

Question is, will it make my burps smells like lavender?

Nope, I just burped and it smelled like chili.

- I just to a massive ass shit

and it didn't smell like lavender.

Though I had to fart, but I actually had to take a shit

so I'm glad I went to the bathroom.

That's the problem, I keep wanting to and then I lose it.

- What the fuck, do these pills make me stop farting?

- That's what I'm worried about.

- Yeah.

- They're making us fart constipated.

- Damn.

- So sadly, it was a pretty fart free workday today.

Just to really take things to the extreme,

I'm gonna heat up some hotdogs

that I have left over from Labor Day.

Toss them in there and about to bust

into this chili with bean roadhouse.

If this can't make me farty, nothing can.


No, definitely not lavender.

Oh, it was such a disappointing little fart.

- I filled the room up with farts

and then lured people into this room.

- We're doing it. - Do it, do it.

- Let's do it, one, two, three, go.

- I don't know what it smells like.

I feel like it smells like people.

- Do you have a fart bag.

- We got a beer each, 16 ounce.

- Was that a fart?

- That was a fart.

- You didn't even - What, let him smell it.

- I didn't hear it.

- Is it possible that this was a success?

Cause I did fart, we acknowledged it,

Eric heard the fart, no one smells anything.

- Do your farts usually smell?

- Hell yeah they smell.

- Been a little bit frustrating.

My stomach is full and I haven't really

found the full effects of it.

- I went to a workout class

and I farted outside on the street.

I didn't smell anything,

but you know the best thing about farting

while you're walking is a good ol' crop dust.

- So it's been about 30 minutes since I finished my chili

and I only had one fart and it was potent.

It did not smell like lavender.

I still have a shred of optimism in me.

- It just happened.

Do you smell anything?

- Right now?

- Correct.

That's good.

- Should I be smelling flowers?

Maybe it's neutralized them, cause I don't smell

like a field of lavender, but I also don't smell a fart.

- My fiance's refusing to smell my farts.

I farted, will you smell it?

I just did one and it doesn't smell good.

My main problem with this is like French.

I feel like a true French attitude is I don't give a fuck.

- I'm about to go ask my girl friend

if she can smell my farts.

I hope it's a silent one.

- There's no way that you just farted.

I don't smell anything.

- There's something that doesn't sit right with me

about the fart uncertainty that happens when you fart

and you can't smell it.


- Ooh, that was loud.

Eww, and that one was proud.

Yep, I'm calling it.

These pills do not work.

Farts are going to smell like farts.

- [Clark] Have you ever shit your pants?

- I have never shit in my pants,

but this morning when I farted

like my fart smelled so intense

and I was like damn, was that all the smell

backed up from yesterday?

- That's what I was wondering,

because the smell was so incredibly bad this morning.

Like it was making me sick.

- Cause I was just farting left and right and it did not.

Nothing could neutralize those smells.

So I kinda see that prolonged fartyness.

- Perhaps this pill delayed the farts

or the intensity of the smells.

- For like a situation that I don't want to fart,

I'll just like rely on Beano or anti-gas pills.

I do not trust these pills enough

to neutralize the smell of the fart.

- Whenever I don't want to stink,

I will definitely keep it like for just in case.

Break in case of emergency situations.

- [Clark] The amount of shit

that I was shoving into my stomach,

like I should have gotten the tummy grumbles.

- I got tummy grumbles.

- My stomach was talking all evening.

After I took three of those pills,

my stomach was like what's going on, what's going on.

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