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Shell has been here for more than a hundred years.

This is a place with great outdoors.

You can enjoy activities that you normally cannot enjoy

in a concrete jungle.

My name is Teo Choon Hong, I'm a well intervention engineer,

and I've been working for Shell for the past four years.

I'm currently involved in the event to optimise the production

from the wells and also fix any integrity issues that we may have.

Typical day in my life will be driving my wife to work

before coming to work in the office.

This is my workplace, working over in abandoning wells

and also getting meetings and also having reviews

and discussions with my peers.

I will be clearing emails and also solving operation issues.

Diversity is definitely a big plus.

You can talk to people who have come from various parts of the world,

share their experience.

They are very energetic, you know, the mindset to deliver is very strong

and that's why I enjoy working with them.

Innovation is not just on paper, it is in practice.

So this is the technological edge that we have over our competitors.

Safety is our top priority.

The supervisors will be guiding us in our work

and you can discuss about work related stuff, outside issues

and they're very willing to listen and advise.

After our work, we will go to the club

for either martial arts lesson or gym.

If you were to come to Miri, you can enjoy the great outdoors

which is not that readily available in a city life.

You can see trees, everything is very low-lying, no skyscrapers,

so less stressful.

No traffic jam, no human jam.

Getting from here to the airport is twenty minutes.

We have Curtin University that is for the teenagers

going towards university life, International schools...

So the work-life balance aspect is very good for a family.

I love the tranquillity and peace in Miri.

Here we are very close to nature, so activities like scuba diving

and jungle trekking are all within our reach.

Why Shell? Your job will never be static.

You will be rotated, you will be exposed to new things,

and you will definitely meet new challenges.

You will be developed as a person,

you'll be developed career-wise,

and you will build a very strong technical foundation.

Our people, our training and, most of all, our spirit to deliver.

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