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hi there Andrew Lessman here with an

early opportunity to see our today's

special for this evening at midnight

it's our omega-3 which is one of our

most popular products especially because

it has now recognized the role that

omega-3s play not just in heart health

and cardiovascular health which has been

recognized for decades but we now know

the critical and indispensable role that

omega-3 fats play in the health of our


the macula region of our retina the

highest concentration of omega-3s in the

entire human body is found in the retina

of our eyes and the second highest

concentration of omega-3s in the entire

human body are found in the brain or

approximately two-thirds of the dry

weight of the brain two-thirds are

omega-3 fatty acids and that omega-3

fatty acid that makes up the bulk of our

brain it makes up the bulk of the retina

of our eyes its DHA and unlike the

typical omega-3 product that you'll see

in a store we focus on DHA the typical

industrially manufactured omega-3s that

you'll find in stores focus on EPA yes

it's an important omega-3 but DHA is the

most important omega-3 DHA is the

omega-3 that your body can produce EPA

out of if it needs that EPA it cannot do

that readily from EPA so DHA is really

the quintessential omega-3 fatty acid

that we focus on it represents the

majority of our product and this today's

special this year's today's special is

of course our best value of the year by

far it's also the best value on this

product ever by far the capsule is as

small as it's ever been so our capsule

is just a bit more than half the size of

the typical omega-3 product you see in

stores and even though it's just over

half the size it delivers 50% more of

the omega-3s that you want so it's truly

the most exceptional value of the year

unlike any product you're going to find

in stores moreover of course with all of

our products and all of our raw

materials we a say we test those

products to make sure they're delivering


that you want to be getting out of an

omega-3 product and our omega-3 products

when we did the testing our omega-3s

because our the omega-3 fats that we use

are such exceptionally high quality

there are even higher quality than we


so each capsule is going to deliver

about 30% more omega-3s than we even

State on the label so it was a pleasant

surprise when we tested the oils and we

tested our finished product but it's

just another example of the way we go

about making our products that is

entirely different from the way others

produce their products most importantly

we consider not just how this product

will affect you in terms of your

benefiting from the critical omega-3

fatty acids that we do not get

sufficient amounts of the American diet

and we'll talk about the consequences

for brain health and cardiovascular

health in a moment but it's very very

important to remember that a product is

more than the ingredients it contains

it's an experience and every time you

swallow a capsule that's going to yield

an experience unfortunately with most

omega-3 products that experience is an

upset stomach nausea a fishy aftertaste

or any long list of experiences you can

find by just reading the reviews on this

product and when you read the reviews on

this product the reason why you'll see

those things expressed is because those

are the reasons why people hate it or

were disgusted by their omega-3 products

in the past but that's why this product

is so different that we didn't just

continue consider the benefits of the

product and make it numerically and

biochemically the finest omega-3 product

in the world but we considered your

experience because without considering

your experience it is not going to be an

exceptional product it might contain the

benefits but if the experience isn't

going to be a good experience you will

not use the product and you will never

experience its benefits so we long ago

realize that's because I've been making

an omega-3 product for well over 30

years I realized long ago that the

benefits to consuming omega-3s are

almost as bad as the experience of

consuming them so we had to go about


out not only how did we improve the

levels of DHA and how do we make it more

concentrated so you get a small capsule

that delivers more but when we solve

those problems at the same time we were

using a quality of ingredient that was

solving the other problems solving the

stomach upset solving the nausea the

fishy aftertaste so we were able to

create a product that not was not just

superior quality in terms of delivering

the benefits you seek from the omega-3

fatty acids we need but also eliminated

all of the awful experiences all of the

problems that Omega threes typically

deliver and sadly if you went around to

supermarkets and discount stores and you

looked at 99% of the products out there

they are still going to deliver those

unpleasant experiences and in most cases

not in most and virtually all cases

they're focused on EPA not DHA DHA is

the most importantly omega-3s as I said

a moment ago two thirds of your brain

DHA the even as high as that

concentration might be the concentration

of DHA in the macular region of your eye

the critical part of your retina that

provides the central core of our vision

that is the highest concentration of DHA

in the entire human body so these fatty

acids these essential omega-3 fatty

acids that are not part of the American

diet unfortunately because we don't eat

an abundance of Coldwater fish they are

determinative they are absolutely

structurally critical structural

imperatives for the health of our brain

for the health of our eyes there are

experts and physicians that talk about

the fact that our brain health whether

it be the aging brain or simply the

brain that dictates our behavior

throughout our life that it's suffering

from the imbalance of fats that we

consume that the balance of essential

fats omega-6 and omega-3 should ideally

be about one to one in the American diet

it's about twenty to one meaning that

we're consuming 20 times more omega-6

than omega-3 there's two ways to fix

that consume more omega-3 and consume

less omega-6

what we're talking about here is the

opportunity to consume more omega-3 in a

way that is ideally balanced for the

benefits of your body and with a product

that's perfectly put together to make

sure that your experience with the

product is just as good as the quality

of the ingredients within the product

and you as much as I could talk about

the science and I will talk about the

science throughout the day the most

important thing that you can rely on

beyond what I say about this product

that we've we actually formulate and

fabricate we make it is the fact that

you have the benefit of thousands upon

thousands of reviews and typically with

a product like at omega-3 I would think

in the past if that product could have

fairly decent reviews averaging three

stars or so that would have to be an

exceptional mega three product because

most people don't like it a make a three

product it's sort of this unpleasant

thing we have to do or we're told we

need to do by our doctor or cardiologist

whoever it might be but if you read the

reviews on this product they're

literally nothing short practically of

perfect that if you read the reviews on

this product you're at almost ninety

percent I think 85% of the reviews are

five-star reviews you add in four star

reviews you're well over 90% so it's

almost a unanimously perfectly reviewed

product which i think more than my

speaking about the science and my

speaking about how we go about making it

differently to ensure that all the

benefits from the science which is what

underlies the doctors recommending it to

us the reason why these are recommended

because frankly doctors are generally

not recommending dietary supplements

unfortunately most doctor's visits ends

with our leaving with several

prescriptions so it's unusual when a

doctor recommends a nutritional

supplement like a multivitamin or like

an omega-3 which is just an extension of

a multivitamin because our body can't

make omega-3s and typically when we talk

about vitamins we're talking about

nutrients that we need in small amounts

that then play a role in facilitating

things in our body omega-3s are in a

funny way even more essential than a

vitamin because they're not facilitating

things in our body alone

yes they do facilitate things but their

absolute structure as I said before 2/3

of the dry weight of our brain DHA the

principal omega-3 in our product not the

principal omega-3 and 99% of Omega

products but the principal omega-3 in

ours because ours is not based upon what

the industry of industrial manufacturers

dictates or determines ours is based

upon what science and what clinical

science about the requirements of our

body has determined and also looking at

the food supply looking at fish if you

look at fish the principal omega-3 is

DHA if you look at the industrial

omega-3s made from fish the principal

omega-3 becomes EPA we focus on the DHA

because we're focusing on your benefits

I take this product my parents take this

product this is the same exact product

we take the same exact product that you

will be taking it delivers the omega-3s

in the fashion you want and many of us

are more environmentally oriented and

I'll I've received some some interesting

emails and correspondence criticizing me

for the omega-3s we make because

obviously that's interfering with the

fish in the oceans but that might be the

case for other omega-3 products but our

omega-3 products the omega-3 fish oils

that we use are all independently

certified as being environmentally

responsibly harvested so we make sure

that even when we make our omega-3s it

cost more to do this that we're not

doing something that's disruptive to the

environment because when we go through

our omega-3s today they're very

affordable they're less than half their

normal price today we're going to go

through millions upon millions of

capsules that could have an impact on

fisheries on the fish out there if

they're not being responsibly harvested

which unfortunately sadly most omega-3s

the products the companies don't give it

a second thought first of all the

products are made by contract

manufacturers they're not made by the

company that's selling them when you see

things on a store shelf with that stores

label on it it's made by some contract

manufacturer they simply buy the Omega

threes from wherever and they're not

going to be thinking about that

independent certification of purity that

independent certification that there

aren't any heavy metals or any

contamination or that it was

environmentally harvested we consider

all these things in fact the energy

that's required to manufacture this

product which is an exceptionally large

amount of energy ours is also

responsibly produced because we use

solar energy here in Henderson Nevada

so everything about this product from

the the just that going through the

biochemistry of the numbers and how we

put it together is responsibly done to

then thinking in terms of how does that

responsibly made chemistry how does that

behave in your body how is that going to

be in terms of an experience for you

there's no health benefit that's worth

swallowing a capsule that's going to be

unpleasant difficult to swallow

interfering with digestion causing

nausea and all sorts of issues that we

read about with omega-3 products so as

critical and as important as they are

for our good health there's there's no

reason to make an omega-3 product that

isn't going to be a pleasant experience

I've joked that because of all of the

bad experiences people have had with

their omega-3 products our reviews read

like love letters and and when I come

there when we talk about these that

tomorrow and we're recording this in

advance oh if you look at some of the

reviews and in those thousands reviews

you'll probably see words like miracle

love just things that are just

superlatives about this product use

hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of

times in the reviews and I think as I

say as much as I could talk about the

science and I'll be reading all of the

charts and all of the science the most

important thing again is the experience

we put together a product that delivers

what you need but it doesn't deliver the

experiences you don't want which are the

kinds of problems that have made omega

threes among the most hated Natalia teri

supplements so for me it ends up

becoming a task where I have to speak to

them sort of blue in the face as blue as

this shirt to convince everyone that

Omega threes aren't all horrible that

Omega threes can be made in a way that

respects your body and respects your

experience and it also respects your

pocketbook because as much as I'll be

talking about how unique these are how


these are how we ask them how you're

getting over 30% of the label potency

more than we anticipated with this

product how you're getting all of these

exceptional benefits

it's an incredibly affordable product

it's about half the size of a typical

capsule and it's delivering about 50

percent more than a typical capsule and

you'll have no issues no difficulties

swallowing them no stomach upset it will

be the most pleasant experience you've

ever had with any vitamin let alone an

omega-3 supplement so we'll be on at

midnight and we'll be on again at noon

we'll be on in the afternoon and we'll

be on in the evening so only after this

evening only two shows during the day so

it's just relatively brief but an

opportunity to get the most exceptional

omega-3 supplement whether it's your

ophthalmologist or your optometrist or

cardiologist you could be proud of this

product just show it to them as we'll

see from the reviews that I read that

many folks speak about in the reviews

how impressed their doctors were when

they got their hands on this product so

I'll see you at midnight I'll go through

all the science we'll go through the

reviews we'll also have opportunities to

answer any other questions so I look

forward to seeing you later and I hope

you take advantage of this exceptional

once-a-year opportunity and one more

thing I feel like what is it peter falk

when you played Columbo there was one

thing I omitted because we we added

another today's special a second today's

special and it's our vitamin k2 mk7 I'll

be spending some time talking about that

throughout the day for all of us who

supplement calcium supplement vitamin D

or even if we simply rely on the calcium

that's part of our diet calcium plays an

essential structural role in our bones

it also can contribute to calcification

of tissues we don't want to calcify like

arteries and blood vessels in our body

vitamin k2 mk7 is really the sort of the

traffic cop that determines and makes

sure that calcium goes where it's

supposed to go because of how it effects

the bones in our body and other systems

in our body and make sure that calcium

doesn't go where we don't want it to go

in terms of our seyh blood vessels

interior in terms of our arteries the

linings and walls of our arteries so

it's a very very important discussion

and I'll be talking about vitamin k2 mk7

I considered among the most important

products I make and talked about

it's not available in our diet and

unfortunately it's really not something

that other companies have been talking

about at all I've been talking about it

for several years the clinical science

and research makes this a critically

important decision that we all should

make on behalf of the health of our

heart blood vessels arteries and I'll

talk about it at length the reviews are

also exceptional in it as well thanks


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