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what's up job hunters I'm Jonathan from MapleCareer

here with another how-to guide for an interview question

today we'll be covering why are you the best candidate for this job

a variation could be why should we hire you

so first let's go through a couple of do-nots when answering this question

first, do not give a list of all of your skills and qualifications

the key to this question involves selling yourself as the best person for this job

and the key to any selling is to talk about the benefits; a long list of qualities such

as being a great team player or a hard worker only serves to bore the interviewer

secondly do not put down other candidates

this is a mistake that could really frame you as that person

very unpleasant and not good to work with

you can either choose to show that you're the best candidate by focusing on

your strengths or your competitors weakness take the high road please

now that we know what not to say during the interview here's a winning formula

for answering this question

now everybody knows that confidence is the key to an interview but this is one

question where a lack of confidence can ruin the interview because if you don't

even think that you're supremely qualified for the position why should

they be convinced that you are? There's only one attitude that you should adopt

when answering this question: sit up, look the interviewer in the eye, and

speak loudly and confidently that you are the best candidate for this position

you can say something like

if you're a follower of MapleCareer you might remember how in our previous

videos in this series we emphasized reading through the job description

carefully and making a list of all the key relevant skills. Now for this

question you're going to need that list again. Look through that and ask yourself

which skills would be the most important ones and which ones do you have the most

amazing achievements. Then in the interview ensure that you cover these

skills with specific examples of experiences and how you succeeded in them

for example

the best way to sell yourself is not only talking about how good you are but

also talking about how the company will benefit by hiring you

since the interviewer will be comparing you against all the other candidates

I recommend that you talk about a unique benefit that makes you almost irreplacebale

a trick for coming up with a unique benefit:

it should have a combination of skills or qualities

to do this, revisit that list of skills that

you made and identify the interesting combinations of skills

that would be rare in other candidates

technical skills can be combined with communication skills

and creativity can be combined with logical thinking, and et cetera

so you can say something like

so there it is, we just learned how to answer the question of

what makes you the best candidate for the job

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