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Today is Sunday

after church, I'm going to meet my dance teacher

And try filming VLOG for the first time

Such a beautiful day

I'm late


Wow Its Sera~!

Sorry I'm late

(fell asleep in the train)

You look fabulous!

You lost so much weight

I'll film you too


Wow what is it?

This camera is Ssooks'

Noona, It looks like a hammer

What are we eating today?

I like

alio olio pasta

Let's eat that

But It's too late for Italian restaurants to be still opened

It's been a long time since we last saw each other

been a year

Do you like pho?


I can't

But I CAN if I rince the noodle with drinking water

Oh So you are..

a child

Why is your screen

so blurry

We can't use this footage :(

It's Ok

I spent my trainee years in this neighborhood



(I know this place so well blah blah)

Let's eat Udon

This place is still opened

Shall we go in?

(We are closed)


Oh no

It's closed

Let's keep looking

It is not going to be easy

What is this? New Cafe?

(Didn't sera say she knew this area well?)

Is that a bar?

No it is a cafe

So we kept looking until...

we found this place

It is on me today


Buying me dinner again

This is the view

It's fun to do Vlog with you

Let's do this from time to time

So this is Apgujeong?

(She looks confused)

Do you know how to use it?

I know how to push the record button but...

Can I take a look?

It has gimbal mode

Wow you look professional

(Changing subject)

I'll open it for you, though Im not used to it

I'll hold the cup

I've never done this before

Sera doens't drink at all, so I'm drinking alone today

This is Soju

Liar Liar, Its H20


I see our food coming

Looks like pho

Soopy noodle

Dry Noodle

Fried dumplings

and Inkyu!

Nang-Man Noodle Signiture menu

NangMan E Myun

Signiture Menu

My drink is here

(Coke Addict)

Let's eat!!

Your Sun Shower concert..

I don't know how many times I monitored the footage

I always monitor your activities

You know how much I care about you right?

(Sera can't talk and eat at the same time)

I like this place


Super good

I think I like Indonesian food

Eexotic taste, yet it reminds me of grandma's cooking

Soooo good

I always tell my friends how amazing you are

as an artist

Then they say "I know Sera Since Nine Muses Era"

She always stands out on stage

It is a powerful talent

I feel proud when I hear comments like that

Too much compliment maks her choke

let's eat first then

I've been to Indonesia and I had local food

Taste different?


I needed this, I needed alcohol

(Sera can't sympathize)

I hope

You keep doing Vlogging

whether it is

writing music

or even eating

So your fans can see your daily life

to be honest with you, I made another channel

and working on it

I still trying to figure out what to do with it

To show my support, I'll buy your coffee later

what are you talking about

It is ok

When you were with the band,

You were the crucial member

I think I could shine because

the circumstances and timing were right

and since then

I became to fear people

That fear holded me back

You can't try new things without trusting people

I always hesitated

1 year, 2 year,

5 years have passed

These days I try to figure out my next dream

If I think about it, I achieved my first goal

Even though it was not

a huge success

So on this next journey

I want to find my altimate dream

and prepare myself

I learning to be humble

Of course

Growing pain, I think

What would I do If I were you

I'm glad that

you can share this much about your weakness

I also don't want to be judgemental as I get older

Sometimes It is hard to admit

that I don't know everything

getting older does not mean getting wiser

Let's be pretty minded granma and granpa

When will you stop eating

I know you had a burger before we met

From now on, my favorite food is Indonesian

are you for real

all clear

Are you full?

Let's go drink some coffee


Thanks for the coffee, Inkyu

Coffee looks huge

Grande size, cuz we need to keep talking

(Worried about insomnia -30's concern)


You started your own channel recently

Is there any change in your life?

I am super happy

I stopped auditioning,

and I sleep so well everynight

I practice songs that I really ENJOY now

Not trying to fit in and satisfy OTHER ppl

I'm finally doing things I like

Wow so straight forward

Not caring what other people MIHGT think about you

So your channel is also..

Yup. Inkyu Inkyu hae means

Inkyu doing what he likes

OK let's talk some more

Coffee is gone

In a year, lots of things happened, Yet we are still here

Good brother

Lets rap up

Today was awesome

Adore our channels!

and also

Ryutube too!

We met as a teacher and a student

and last year, He happily helped me out

with my concert last year

I'm greatful

and today we chatted like close friends

I learned that

I can always learn from everyone even if they are young

I hope his channel will do well

I'm ready for bed

you too

should get some sleep


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