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- What is the intermediate plateau?

Hello, hello, hello,

ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls!

I'm Julian Northbrook from

here with another quick two-minute

English learning tip for you.

Two minutes on the timer.

Hit it.

What is the intermediate plateau?

This is a rather frustrating period

in any language learner's life

that we inevitably hit and that many,

it has to be said, fail to ever overcome.

You may be stuck there right now.

But essentially as a beginner

we improved fast

and this English learning,

English improvement luck

seemed like it was a piece of cake.

We just kept going forward and forward,

getting better and better and better,

and things felt amazing.

Until suddenly one day (clap)

bam, everything changed.

Suddenly you stop making progress,

you hit around and no matter what you do,

you don't seem to be able to get out of it.

You are in English learner limbo

unable to push yourself past that level

to get to the higher proficiency levels,

always stuck at a fairly mediocre,

a level that you are able to do

kind of the things that you need to do

but not smoothly, not efficiently, not well.

You are stuck making mistakes,

using embarrassingly slow English

and you frustrate your co-workers

with you inability to articulate yourself

and to express ideas clearly.

The problem here is that you are still doing

the things that you did

when you were a beginner.

You see, as soon as you hit

the intermediate level, things change.

Being a high-level English learner

is not the same as being a beginner.

When you were a beginner

you only knew a few words

and a few phrases of English

and learning just one or two more

was enough to make quite a big impact

to the amount of English

that you had and could use.

Well, once you get to a higher level,

first of all, people don't give you

the same kind of treatment

as they did as a beginner.

They no longer look at you and think,

"Oh, he's just a beginner, he's trying.

"Let's make things easy for them."

No, now they look at you and think,

"Well, you've got this far.

"It's about bloody time

"you started doing things properly."

They don't give you the same kind of

benefit of the doubt as they used to.

Not only that but the methods

that you used previously are simply

ineffective at that level.

Simply put, you've got to change

what you are doing

in order to get different results.

Keep doing the same thing

and you will keep on getting the same results.

Change them and you will change

the results that you get.

Get it?


Well, if you head over


I teach you my rocket launch method

and the five key changes that you need to make

to your English learning and English using routine

in order to break past that plateau

and go into the higher proficiency levels.

Again, that's

This is me, Julian Northbrook,

signing out from another video.

See you in the next one.


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