Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Aug weekend in the Anchor

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The stage is set up in Main Street. They couldn't get Nathan Carter but got Mike Denver instead.

We're anticipating good weather and a good crowd.

Everything is in place for a good August weekend...

Sive minerals and Heineken have made their deliveries.

Chris, Daniel and Kealan will bartend Saturday night.

But my Führer


The Annascuail - Dromid game has been fixed for Saturday night.

By the CCCC.

Anyone who's not working August weekend, please, leave now.

They could have told me this earlier!

Who the fuck fixes a game for the August weekend?

What am I supposed to do now, serve 500 people by myself?

These people are animals!

They will not wait one second for their drink!

The Dromid lads are afraid of work!

Putting Dromid Pearses ahead of the Anchor Bar!

But my Führer, it's a back logged game

I don't care, it's the August weekend!!!

My Führer, they have no control over the CCCC!

All they're interested in is dodging work!

They are without honor!

Dromid are getting relegated from Division 3 anyway. They are going to West Kerry to dodge work.

The only weekend in the calendar year when I am busy.

And now I can't get a goddamn bartender!

And as for that treacherous CCCC... They couldn't organize a piss-up in a brewery!

Putting a damned game on August weekend.

They would want their head examined!


Time was when people used to put work before football!

Even if I could get someone to just change the kegs and stock the bar.

I could do the rest.

What am I to do now?

Someone get Sean Jackie on the phone!

It's OK, Gerda, we'll go to the Climbers!

I can't even get lads to work for cash.

It is impossible, under these circumstances, to run a bar

It's over.

I should have rentedthe tavern.

Just wait till the Portmagee bus lands and we have only one bar tender! That will not be pretty.

I'm going to Valentia.

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