Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Video Crowdfunding Bergolf

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My name is Rachel and Im member of the band Bergolf

And weve recorded a new EP

We write songs about nature, about the peace you can find in nature

And how you can connect with nature

We also want people to experience nature while listening to our music

Ive been writing songs since I was 9

My first song was about my hamster

Now Im songs writing about slugs so nothing much has changed

I think I enjoyed it much more to play together in the end

I got to know Thijmen

And with Jochem I was playing in another band before

We know each other for a while already

So right now we form Bergolf with the 3 of us

My name is Jochem Schelfhout and Im playing the guitar

I enjoy playing music together

To create the songs in a joint effort

Often, Rachel comes up with the lyrics and shares them during a rehearsal

Then we start experimenting with sounds

This is when everything comes together and we create our music

Of which we are very proud

My name is Thijmen, I am the drummer And recently also the synthesizer guy of Bergolf

Well, we also need money, really a lot!

2000 euro to be exact

The last couple of weeks weve been busy recording our songs

We practiced a lot and planned a release party for our EP

But it would be a shame if the party cant go on

Because we still need to do the mastering of the recordings

We also asked an artist to design an EP artwork

Last but not least, we need to press our EP

You can support us in different ways

You can buy our EP, you can join our release party

Or you can book us for a concert

Then we will come all the way to your home And we will play live for you

So check our crowdfunding page to see how you can support us

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