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where am i?

who is this guy?

maybe i am on a moving yatch

op..there is the fishing gear!

what can you do... i will fish!!

nice...lets go!

Kevin's 'theory'

we are here with my friend Kevin who has a theory for spinning!

he says: do you know who invented spinning?

i tell him..who?

he says.. the fish so we won't catch them!

the "sorrow" of no-catch

we are going for fishing

where are we going?

(Nasos) to the shipwreck!

the sad truth is that we tried to go fishing for all the clients that asked for it..

without any significant results, apart from few perch fish in vertical fishing and 2 brown meagre in spearfishing

oh yes and few parrot fish

however, traveling in the sea for 5 months.. the staff had to eat some fish as well

i caught it and i cooked it!

the crew eats the best1

thankfully we had our friend Dimitris in Nidri

who was satisfying our clinets' or our needs for fish with his fish shop

how are you?

what do we have here?

(employee) i have more inside!

do you have more?

Mitso.. what's the name of the shop?

the "nightmare" of the lost tuna

i will bring you with me in an one-day trip in a 48 Fjord open

one day for fishing with my employer in the company that i work..which ended in a big nighmare of mines

the loss of a big fish

one stop for the essentials in a port in proximity

we are ready for fishing

the fishing rods were ready with the jigs..and shrimp for vertical fishing for the begginers

listen listen!!


few seconds after the strike i could understand with what i had to deal with

do we have a hook or a net?

none of us could expect that we will catch a tuna of 50kg or more

so it was normal that we didn't have a hook on the yacht

it's not coming

(Nasos) it will come slowly.. it will get tired

i got tired

this fight lasted around 45 minutes

in which i managed to bring the fish to 30mt three times

in which 2 times of these it took 200mt of fishing braid with lot of kg of reel drag

i have reel drag now..they are not free

(Nasos) and what does it need now?...slowly so it doesn't rip off?

no again yes!

leave it Dyonisis..if we loose it... i should better loose it

(Nasos) if the guys were here they could dive and catch it

it has taken 200mt!

(Nasos) this much?

the fishing braid is 300mt all together!

(Nasos) and what happens if it finshes?

it hasn't happened to me before!

(Dyonisis) you haven't reached the end before?


(Dyonisis) we don't have a tender to bring them

please now stop... i had the fish in 20mt depth

here is the moment of the mistake, when i increased the reel drag due to fatigue

and as expected the 0.24mm fishing braid couldn't cope anymore

here i have brought the fish under the yatch!

nice seas.. with respect

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