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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 101 Facts About Super Smash Bros

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greetings well the factors my name is Sam and today I'm going to be talking to

you all about a game that I may never actually learn how to play properly but

I will gladly button mash through every installment until the end of time

roll roll air dodge Luz John repeats yes that's right I'm talking Super Smash

Bros Bros but which character's name means bum

what's math been saying for all these years and is Sam actually short for

Samus sure Samus is a lady but I don't mind being named after such a badass

lady to utter through those questions are going to be answered so floaties

heavy weights newcomers all gather round for 101 fact about Super Smash Brothers

number one one of the most enduring rumors about 1999 Super Smash Brothers

is that it was originally conceived for the Snares

but creator Masahiro Sakurai has dispelled this in interviews and even

published the first page of his smash 64 project proposal in this book think

about video games but in spite of this the long-standing myth just keeps

recovering number 2 during early development smash 64 was made pretty

much entirely by Sakurai and the late great Satoru Iwata Sakurai

who had previously created the kirby series worked on game design and

graphics after work voila barter program the game in his

spare time working it around his small job of being the freakin president of

game developer how elaborate tree number three words like smash melee and brawl

all give a pretty good indication of the game's content but the game is original

talking to us much more on the nose initially envisioned with no existing

Nintendo characters the game started its life with the roughly translated title

Dragon King the fighting game number for this game took its name for the roadshow

neighborhood where held apart trees based level backgrounds were taken from

photos in the neighborhood and the fighters were strange dummy like figures

number 5 the game was originally nicknamed Pepsi man owing to these dummy

carriages having a metallic look similar to Japan's creatively titled

Pepsi mascot of the same name some fans have even rallied online for the truth

watching superhero to be included in the Smash series but that would likely ruin

the game based on Pepsi's famous powers a calm large crowds of angry people

hashtag Pepsi last month number 6 but during development Sakurai had the idea

that he could get the game a bit more personality and defined the world better

by using licensed Nintendo characters he knew the fight mechanics would be enough

for an arcade audience but believe the game needed

main characters to translate to home console number seven if you're wondering

how they got Nintendo to sign off on the idea of link whaling on Mario well they

didn't when a water took the proposal to Nintendo exec Shigeru Miyamoto he sent

him packing but he wanted took a gamble and decided not to tell Sakurai who went

ahead with the demo featuring just Mario Donkey Kong Samus and Fox McCloud

but the waterboy did a very uncomfortable conversation with Sakurai

because the demo was a hit and they received the greenlight number 8 the

roster was expanded to eight characters it's funny cos it's fact number eight

with four more available to unlock these characters were actually arranged in the

order of their creation starting the top left of Mario in DK 1981 through to

Pikachu in 1996 even the unlockables are arranged in

this order from 1983 3G to 96 is tickly path number nine top right on that

screen or Captain Falcon - his friends have never been seen outside of his car

blue falcon in the f-zero series so where exactly is his moveset prom in

fact Falcons general build and most of his moves are simply the amalgamation of

all the leftovers of the original Dragon King fighters number 10 it's difficult

to track down a single Nintendo character who hasn't been rumored to

have been planned for an inclusion in the series first installments but the

majority have nothing to support them however both in Tendo and Sakurai have

confirmed that we were supposed to get bowser king dedede and new two in the

smash brothers maiden voyage number 11 despite featuring characters from a

range of already successful titles Nintendo didn't have much confidence in

the game and originally planned it as such a pound only release but after its

instant success alterations were made to create a more approachable international

version which was released three months later number 12 in the Japanese version

of the original game Jigglypuff retains the Japanese name of Perrine which as a

creature that communicates solely through the repetition of its own name

when the voice actor was also different number 13 other sounds that change while

traveling west included the fighting noises which were originally more

realistic somehow and graphic they more closely resembled come through sound

effects and the playful ones we ended up with like me so the game could ensure a

low age rating in America number 14 some stage names also change in

translation from Japanese to English for example saffron city was originally

called Yama boo-ki City potentially seems like it

would have been easy enough for a Western audience to grasp number 15 on

the flippity flip side though it's not difficult at all to see why Dream Land

official name has changed although how great would it be if we stuck to the

original title Cooper pool and your number 16 keeping it classy now German

versions of the Super Smash Brothers games change popo's name to Pepe because

in Deutschland the word Popo refers to one's derriere although if it was called

but in the English version I'm not sure it ever plays anyone else number 17

Mario's voice actor Charles Martin II is miss credited in the original Super

Smash Brothers instead it was written as it sounds Charles Martin II ok that's

difficult to convey in voiceover but hopefully we'll fix that in post right

Chris Wright number 18 2008 Super Smash Brothers Brawl introduced ridiculously

OTT finishers known as final smashes but creator Sakurai actually conceived the

moves all the way back in the development for smash 64 but the more he

developed them the more he realized the n64 just didn't have the capabilities to

pull them off number 19 evidence can still be found of the abandoned final

smashes in the original title musical cues for some of the smashes can be

found in the game's data some of which even went on to be used almost a decade

later in brawl number 20 in both smash 64 and melee in the Mushroom Kingdom

stage pausing and turning the camera all the way to the left alright we'll reveal

a black wall and a sign saying danger although these are beyond the side blast

lines so if you didn't know that already you're probably not going to be very

well number 21 Sonic and Tails have always been hiring the list of

characters that fans want to see in the series then in 2002 electronic gaming

monthly confirmed that the characters were already in the recently released

super smash brothers melee to get the famous hair chalk and weird mutant Fox

they claimed players had to beat twenty or more enemies in cruel melee but they

later admitted the whole thing was an April Fool's prank all those are their

credit they did give you copies of Sonic Adventure 2 to play so you could prove

that achieve the challenge so number 22 in adapting Delfino Plaza from 2000 to

super mario sunshine for Smash Brothers Brawl developers spared no detail they

even included the wanted posters for shadow Mario which can't even be seen

within the playable areas of the stage number 23 in 2008 to brawl finally

introduced Sonic the Hedgehog to the series which was companied by nod to

Sonics owners in the sonic section a brawl sound tests

are for songs from Sonic's Mega Drive days scrap brain zone emerald hill zone

green hill zone and Angel Island zone they're not in this order in the game

but when a range like this the first letters fella notice onyx publishers say

God number 24 after Smash Bros initial

success Nintendo put out a poll asking players who they want to see in future

installments interestingly this list included James Bond from the Nintendo

publish Goldeneye game Bond ranked joint 6th completely ruining the

double-oh-seven Panama's writing in my head but Sakurai had crushed any hopes

of seeing the man with the license to kill in future games remaining fans that

Nintendo don't have their own license they either his game or movie rights

number 25 Sakurai also pointed to ponds realistic weaponry to explain his

omission from family-friendly games interesting then that the motion sensor

bomb in every Super Smash Brothers game is almost identical to a weapon from

Goldeneye double-oh-seven the game says its origin is top secret

although the credits attribute Perfect Dark number 26 once you beat in

single-player mode at the first game with all eight starter characters you'll

unlock Mushroom Kingdom this also grant you the pointless but

strangely fascinating power of figuring out which characters way more than the

others in the center of the stage are two

connected platforms and jumping on each with a different character will make

them act like scales to tell you who's been packing on the pounds number 27

speaking of weights no one can seem to agree on Yoshi's in Smash Bros he's one

of the heavier fighters on the roster at weighing Samus and Ganondorf in the PAL

versions of melee and weighs the same as Wario in Brawl but in the mario karta

Mario Tennis spin-offs he's either a light or middle thick character sort it

out Nintendo that does make any sense number 28 the subspace emissaries world

contest is - Super Smash Brothers fan fiction yep that's right didn't think

that existed did you would Joss of 2018 has over 4 million words that's not only

almost 7 times the length of war and peace' but made it for a time the single

longest work of fiction ever written until another fanfic took over which

makes you wonder where's all the one of unpacks fanfic come on guys number 29 a

new Smash Brothers game with online capabilities was announced at e3 2005

which came as a surprise to its creator who hadn't been told or asked to direct

the game by Nintendo luckily after the announcement

Iwata met with Sakurai and asked him to direct what would essentially become

roll number 30 artaphernes objected to brawls new mechanics generally so a

gameplay inserted missing characters they took it upon themselves to fix it

the result was the mod project m which reworked a brawl to play more like melee

and smash sixty-four developments concluded in

2015 with version 3.6 and the result has been described as the best iteration of

Smash Brothers number 31 the first roller project them know is that you do

not talk about project m despite no official response from Nintendo

mentioning project M in their miiverse internet forum prior to its completion

would result in a ban for discussing criminal activity this hilariously led

to the abbreviation p.m. which Nintendo had to backtrack when people want to

discuss Paper Mario on a touch or you know anytime after midday and found

themselves banned number 32 now we're getting an english-speaking Marth in

Super Smash Brothers ultimate it seems only appropriate to figure out what math

been saying to us for the past 17 years choice fighters include his taunt

everyone look at me and his victory poses doesn't it seem i am the victor

and the extremely on the nose today I have survived number 30 fray we almost

heard math speak English as early as melee in the game's debug menu is an

unused sound clip of math saying let's dance as part of what would have been

the best entrance in the whole series number 34

it appears that smash 64 was the only game in the series that created Sakurai

actually planned to make a sequel to in a 2014 interview he claimed not to the

first time that both melee and brawl had been made with no intention of a

follow-up and in the very same interview he suggested he was done with the series

- just four years before ultimate was announced number 35

Mario's blue and pink alternate outfit comes to a signature look in the

original Mario Brothers arcade game Oh looks like he died number 36 in every

iteration for smash by the series elder is an adult but when Kirby takes her

ability he also Don's her headdress from ocarina of time which the only of a war

as a child and which appears nowhere else in the series number 37 Captain

Falcon has two clones in the game there's Ganondorf who's a clone in the

sense they have similar move sets and physics but there's also blood Falcon is

evil clone in the f-zero games Captain volkens red collar swap is

actually just blood Falcons uniform down to the skull emblem on his jacket

number 38 ditto was planned as one of the Pokemon you could summon in melee

and was cut so late into development that he was still included in the game's

official guide which explained that he would transform into the player who

threw him and joined them for a short time it's

possible to get dirt Oh back in the game from the remaining data but he pretty

much just appears says his name and then leaves

number 39 of the playable Pokemon in the smash games Pikachu is the only one to

have a visible difference between gender the Pikachu in the game is male while a

female is an indent at the end of their tail which i think is supposed to look

like the top of a hard but let's face it it looks more like a butt but this

gender difference is only introduced in generation four which came out between

melee and brawl number 40 but smashing through that glass ceiling with

electricity and stuff brawl established a female Pikachu

the Pokemon will also have a playable female variant in Super Smash Brothers

ultimate hashtag feminism number 41 when using pre-existing characters the naming

process is pretty easy that said some characters have a custom name in their

original series of these the only one not to begin a default name in Smash is

pokemon trainer no one's sure why seeing as the characters design clearly matches

red the super creative name given to him in both pokemon gold and silver the

meaning of life only three starter characters well

technically four have ever been cut from the roster pokemon trainer the ice

climbers and lucas number 43 kirby's - attack changes in each of the first

three games in the 64 game it's a football of slide tackle in melee it's

burning Kirby from the Kirby games and in brawl he does yo-yo Kirby's break

spin from kirby superstar number 44 in the first two game is mr. rands first

name was announced closer to the Japanese pronunciation as Samos but from

brawl unwanted adopted the more Americanized Samus naturally everyone

accepted that calmly and there have been absolutely no arguments number 45 in the

Pokemon series Jigglypuff's eyes are blue but in the Super Smash Brothers

series they're colored green this technically makes the check button smash

shiny Jigglypuff's I wish I could tell twelve-year-old me

number 46 some was disturbingly it seems like

Princess Peach can't appear in a game unless someone tries to force her into

marriage by now you'd hope people would take the hint button the Super Smash

Brothers University peers someone has already won her hand that's because in

every Super Smash Brothers game Peach has a mysterious ring on her middle

finger which does not feature in her other game appearances

number 47 during development of melee Sakurai worked so tirelessly that he

fainted from exhaustion at the end of one of the live soundtrack recordings

reportedly in the final miles of developments occur I took one day off

what a slacker number 48 despite barely being involved in melee development the

original games programmer in water also worked tirelessly to ensure its release

when melees release was imminent and the game wasn't ready yet it was has spent

three weeks debugging the game himself to ensure it release on time oh and at

this point he was also the head of Nintendo's corporate planning division

so it's not like it loads of free time either number 49 it's hard to picture it

but Master Roy were never intended to be included in a North American release of

melee the decision makes sense because the Fire Emblem games hadn't been

released outside of Japan in the end though their popularity in Super Smash

Brothers paved the way for the American release of the Fire Emblem games number

50 as the series only 2d fighter you'd think mr. Game & Watch would be pretty

straightforward animation wise but the Smash Bros team had determined not to

make anything easy for themselves and decided to design him as a fully

three-dimensional model which allows him to appear two-dimensional no matter what

angle he's viewed from number 51 pichu only greater smash brothers roster once

in 2001 smell a and while he'll be back amongst the ranks and Ultimates many

believe he never left that's because in brawl biggie juice final smash is vault

attack a move that can only be learned by an egg born pichu he also wears the

same goggles that peachy wore leading many to speculate that brawls Pikachu is

actually evolution of melees Pichu number 52 while rumors have been

dispelled that Meowth was planned as a playable fighter in smash 64 there's one

feline table that proved true in the ice stage of brawls pokemon stadium 2 you

can find a picture of a white kitten in a cabin that's long rumored to belong to

Sakurai Zachariah has since denied ownership but

the mysterious Kitty return is smashed by the Spore and would be a playable

character and Ultimates fired my way number 53 in brawl Donkey Kong was

finally able to fight alongside and against his best pal Diddy Kong but did

he almost brought a plus-one to the party

his girlfriend Dixie Kong was planned to join too but was cut from the final

release they were intended as a tag team as they appear in Donkey Kong Country 2

but the idea proved to technically difficult and developers scrapped it

number 54 when fighting against Daisy be careful

trying to sneak up on her because the closer inspection of her trophy Mele

uncovered a weird third eye in the side of her head let's just hope the third

eye is blind no nothing that joke would have killed in 1993 number 55

the third announcer in the series Pat Cashman provided his voice in brawler's

announcer Master Hand and crazy hand but you may also recognize his voice

as the announcer for Bill Nye the Science Guy the man just loves to

announce number 56 Taylor Hicks place 257 out of seven hundred nine

competitors international super smash brothers melee competition in 2013 why

is that important information well you may recognize the name from another

competition Hicks took place in although he fared much better at American Idols

fifth season 2006 which he won number 57 in every smash she's made an appearance

in as well as Kirby 64 King Dedede haunting vocals have been provided by

the creator of both series Mercer Hiro Sakurai all those credit belongs to the

demonic being completely set up so his larynx number 58 both animal Crossing's

villager and the Mii characters were considered for inclusion in the Super

Smash Brothers Brawl roster but they were deemed too innocent and

family-friendly for a fighting game luckily developers got past all that

silly morality in time to include them in Super Smash Brothers for number 59

keeping it in the family direct him as a hero Sakurai enlisted his wife graphic

designer Michiko Sakurai to work on the Super Smash Brothers titles she's worked

on every installment having designed the user interface and menus and even some

of the stages number strict a maxim tomatoes are about as valuable as

cigarettes in lockup but for some reason you can never find them on the original

games Hyrule Castle stage even if you set items only to spoil the life-saving

fruits every crate will either explode or contain absolutely zip number 61 as

chaotic as it is you'd be hard-pressed to find a player who didn't love smash

mother fours 8-player smash it just makes it all the more frustrating that

we didn't get it two games earlier as Sakurai intended but as usual his mind

was about a decade ahead of modern gaming technology and he was forced to

put it on the back burner number 62 in Malee's fountain of dream stage if taken

above rest or p2 crouches they will close their eyes but their reflection in

the water will keep them open number 63 in the english-language

release of Melia Mewtwo only communicates through grunts

but before you wish you could hear him speak you might want to know that in the

Japanese release he speaks in full sentences when he wins with unbelievably

depressing catchphrases like why am I here Super Smash Brothers 64 in melees

temple stage what appeared to be highly in text could be spotted around the

stage but actually it was gibberish when the sage was up data for the Wii U

though they realized the resolution will make it legible so they change it to

actual Hylian the text can be translated to the romanized Japanese words sue mah

Xu burrows azu for anyone whose romanized Japanese is still little rusty

let me translate it again smash brothers widget from being all

this feels like a waste of 4 weeks on Highland in Japanese on duolingo number

65 in the date of a brawl you can find unused textures for a damaged Hylian

Shield as well as a scratched Meta Knight mask and the cracked Captain

Falcon helmets which Sakurai has revealed were part of a scrapped plan to

throw Battle Damage and disadvantaged injured players but removing armor

number 66 being the taller brother you'd think the wheat you might have avoided

the humiliating torment of having to live off his older brothers hammy downs

but in melee he didn't even get his own voice instead he relied on a pitch

altered version of his bigger brother number 67 in melee Sakurai wanted to

introduce a representative from Nintendo's classic NES era he consider

characters from balloon fighter urban champion Excitebike include

cooland but ultimately settled on Popo and Nana from ice climber number 68

reportedly excited to fight characters were only picked to the post because

Sakurai couldn't figure out how they move around the stage given them they

are as the title suggests on bikes and I need ramps to jump number 16

lately Hal laboratory who developed the first two games in the series got their

name from Hal 9000 the villainous computer from the 2001 Space Odyssey

film this is not because they heard their crisis with one day time tension

and homicidal but because they wanted to keep one step ahead of iron Bay as the

lettuce in Hal do alphabetically that's despite the fact 2001 author had denied

this coincidence as an intentional dig at the company number 17 in the original

game Kirby's bio reveals so he comes in at a height of 8 inches there's

absolutely no joke come on get some other tight

moving on ain't easy what the cloud in Yoshi's Story has never been officially

named but one post in smash boards they're needing Super Smash Brothers

forum coin the title of Randall and the gaming world just adopted that without

question number 72 the only character to share an exact

name of the stage is duck hunt that is a nightmare to say quickly which may sound

impressive but I could probably do that if my name was also a verb - number 73

in case you didn't catch it in the intro the name John is given to any excuse

given for wire player lost the fight because what would Super Smash Brothers

be without one person who blames the faulty controller the term and the

accompanying phrase originates one of the best crews of the Mallee era the

Crystal City crew and a whiny member called oh well you can figure that out

right number 74 both Zelda and Sheik and Samus and zero suit samus were intended

to have a Tyler Durden thing going on his super specialist for each pair were

intended as two parts of an individual character but the 3d s is Hardware

restrictions round them up as four separate characters instead number 75

fighting on a train is dangerous enough without having to worry about who's at

the wheel or stick however trained work that's why if he plays Tomb link or link

on Super Smash Brothers for spirit train stage Alfonso will replace Tomb link as

the conductor number 76 similarly playing as King Dedede in

dreamland will mean he won't be seen in the background because if he was in two

places while fighting a floating platform multicolored sky it would be

just unrealistic wouldn't it number 77 elsewhere in Smash Brothers for the

dollar dollar bills y'all used in coin battle are complete with an image of

Nintendo's Kyoto headquarters number 78 wily coyotes worst nightmare the blast

zones in Mushroom Kingdom - are so close to the cliff edges at the side of each

screen but you can actually see them if you pull the camera out far

enough it's such a dangerous level in fact it's banned from official

competitions number 79 the fourth game in the series was the only one not to

include newcomers from The Legend of Zelda or starfox franchises

although barring some very late announcement ultimate is set to continue

that trend and it seems we may never see tingle join the roster number 80 Metal

Mario on the wall sorry in melee the shiny surface of the Metal Mario trophy

acts as a mirror which reflects the Yoshi's Island stage from the game

number 81 these reflection textures are a great

detail but developers might have hoped that players didn't look that closely

when they included an image of oso Castle in several men a trophies the

castle comes from earthbound 64 which was cancelled a year before the release

of melee awkward number 82 for all the universes Super Smash Brothers borrows

from you'd think it would crop up more throughout Nintendo's various releases

well you can show your support for the series of Metroid Prime 3 in which the

series logo is available as a bumper sticker number 83 players technically

had to wait until Super Smash Brothers four to play a zero suit samus you're

probably thinking she was playable in brawl and that I'm a stupid ugly idiot

well I'm not an idiot because in brawl her name is actually

misspelled zero suit samus okay so they're sorry I need to calm down them

Jennifer Lawrence has been asked for my calls again so I'm a bit wound up number

84 including ditto super smash brothers 4 allows from 1711 character matchups in

the 1v1 match number 85 melees event 39 states includes a large screen playing

back the event of the fight as well as making you really self-conscious about

your playing it also provides the basis for the Easter Egg sleepytime that's

where players who you sing while their images on the screen will make their

opponents sleep for much longer than usual number 86 this and the fact the

level is entirely inhabited by Jigglypuff's is likely a reference to

the fact that Jigglypuff is number 39 in the national dex of the Pokemon games

number 87 your chances of getting new Celebi orter arching a Pokeball in brawl

is exactly 1 out of 493 that's because there are 493 Pokemon in generation 4

which is cool and all just not enough to make me accept there are more than 150

cuz they're on are they're not I need that matter anyway

number 88 left over character data in Brawl reveals planned but ultimately

undeveloped characters all of which are easily identifiable by their file names

that is except for prom my the most popular theories at prom my refers to

the Japanese names but Plusle and minun otherwise known as Brussels and minun

but this is put into doubt by the fact that the two would likely have separate

character files as is the case with the ice climbers also none of the games

refer to other Pokemon by their Japanese name so the proper College number 89 in

melee rotating the bowel cannon trophy will reveal an easter egg on the bottom

in the form of the message to l8 for me likely referencing the KO that typically

follows on from being shot out of a barrel and the final thoughts going

through the head of the shootie number 90 in my laser net stage standing just

right at the blue house pausing and zooming out will reveal the on its

message board which reads caution a black van driven by this guy has been

spotted racing recklessly through town be careful this reference is the runaway

fires reckless driving in earthbound which itself is a reference to the

police brothers on which the characters are based it's more matter than Meta

Knight number 91 although I keep lazily referring to the Wii U and 3ds is almost

as a series of super smash brothers for their creator Sakurai actually considers

them to be two separate installments of the series making ultimate the sixth

century so mister Sakurai if you're watching this I want to say I'm sorry

and also asked what is your skincare secret because honestly the man does not

age number 92 ultimate will be compatible with multiple controllers

including the switch Pro a single joy Khan and most importantly the GameCube

controller Q an entire generation getting angry

with their moms are throwing out their old controllers number 93 in case you

didn't get from the name by the way ultimate is pulling out all the stops to

outdo its predecessors that's why the game features its largest roster yet

with over 70 fighters confirmed Plus at least six more from DLCs that guest list

includes every character who've ever been playable and smashed by the series

smash 4 DLCs and everything number 84 11 of these fighters will be brand spankin

new the first three of which Nintendo unveiled at their 2018 a3 presentation

inkling from splatoon Daisy from the Mario series and ridley from Metroid but

not Daisy Ridley from Star Wars or the distinction I should make number

95 with these unique moveset will allow the player to spew fire at their

opponent and spear them on his tail inkling on the other hand will be

equipped the splat blobs and spot roller from the splatoon averse which will make

their opponents need some new clothes I guess I think I know who I'm picking

number 96 before e3 we not only had no idea who the new fighters would be we

didn't even know if it would be a full game one news of ultimate first hit no

one was sure whether it be a brand new title or simply an expanded port of the

Wii U game as with Mario Kart 8 deluxe number 97

Masahiro Sakurai revealed that during the development of melee the creator of

the Metal Gear series Hideo Kojima called him with a request

supposedly grrrrrr Timur was such a fan of the first game that he practically

begged Sakurai to include Metal Gear snake as a biter in the new game

unfortunately it was too far into developments but Sakurai Okajima he

would add snake if they made another installment which they did and he did

number 98 31 years after the first Metal Gear game snake was announced on the

Smash Brothers website as the 31st character to join the odds burg roster

voice actor David Hayter will be reclaiming the role after it was handed

in the Metal Gear series to keep a Sutherland who was in 24 just to keep

the numbers motif going number 99 despite all these returning favorite and

fresh faces the game starting fighter selection screen will include 8

characters meaning character start the game with the exact fighters they

started with all the way back in 64 number 100

Nintendo have confirmed that the new game will offer 103 different stages

each complete with the battlefield and final destination forum all told that

makes more than 300 levels in which to smash if you're worried about working

away through all of them fear not because they never have introduced stage

more which makes stages more from one to another mid-march number 101

trophies will be replaced in the new game by collectibles called spirits

these spirits will be character artwork from various games and will power up

your fighter when equipped unlike the spirit I equipped myself which just

makes me think I can fight people so that was 101 facts about Super Smash

Brothers who's your favorite fighter who would you like to see added in the next

game because there will be a Mexican one better

let me know in the comments down below be sure to give this video a like and

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