Practice English Speaking&Listening with: James Mackler for U.S. Senate

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This is what 2017 looks like.

Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States on January 20, 2017.

This is what 2017 looks like.

These people care.

And so do they.

The election wasn't about them.

Or them.

Or these guys.

And certainly not them.

But friends, neighbors, family,

workers, Americans.

Some voted for him.

Some for her.

This man inspired lots of new people to vote.

They all care.

They're tired of partisan fighting.

They're tired of our jobs getting shipped overseas.

They're tired of a system that only

works for big corporations and the

wealthy. So they did something and so did I.

I'm James Mackler, and when America was

attacked on 911, I did something.

I volunteered for the army and served in combat.

This is me in Iraq.

This is what I saw as a helicopter pilot.

This is what we were fighting for.

And when I saw what happens in countries

with no rule of law, I did something too.

I became a JAG officer, prosecuting murderers and rapists.

My grandfather taught me to do what's right for people

and to put country first.

This is him in the army and as a police officer.

This is his badge I carry with me.

Politicians should be public servants like my grandfather

But they're not.

They only care about their pay raises, their big donors, their next election.

And Senator Corker is no different.

Another millionaire politician looking to move up

Vice President?

Secretary of State?


How about the job you have, Senator?

Remember what Donald Trump said?

"Drain the swamp! We're going to drain the swamp of Washington"

It didn't happen.

So I'm doing something.

I'm starting a campaign to serve the state I've always loved and the state I'm raising my family in.

I never thought I'd run for office

Never wanted to see my face on TV

I'm not a politician, but I do love Tennessee.

And I love America.

It's time we have leaders in Washington who put those values first

I'm James Mackler.

Dad, husband, man of faith, former prosecutor, veteran

And I'm running for the United States Senate because like you, I care.

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