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>>Crazy Nate: We have the pieces put together and now I'm bringing to you what you asked for

Here's everything you missed in LEGO Movie 2 The S econd Part

Obviously because it can't be the first part,

and it's gonna be in less than 15 minutes.

>>Batman: Make it a quarter of an hour

(Intro song)

>>Emmet Brickowski: Here we go!

>>Crazy Nate: Do you love raptors? Do you have to watch every single movie that has Chris Pratt in it?

Then you should also add to your collection a Rexcelsior

I hid these five Easter eggs over here in the video comment where they are and include hashtag LEGO

in your comment for your chance to win your very own official

1820 piece Rexcelsior LEGO building kit

now on to the easter eggs.

>>Emmet: ohoh man this is gonna be awesome

>>Crazy Nate: Right in the very beginning LEGO doesn't waste any time, take a look at this weird hot dog vendor

who shoves hot dogs into his ears.

His name is Mike and that's not just a coincidence. So Mike Mitchell is the director for a lego movie -

You're welcome

>>Chief Tui: You're welcome

>>Crazy Nate: Well, that's the end of the show thanks for watching and you have a great day

>>Wylestyle: Wait, what no this this isn't the end. It can't be this isn't one of those things with a downer cliffhanger ending uh-uh

No, no this needs to have a happy ending.

>>Crazy Nate: Okay, actually, there's a lot more if you haven't seen the movie yet

consider this your spoiler warning

Let's first travel to the future part of the movie to talk about the time-travel machines.

>>Rex Dangervest: I call it time travel.

>>Crazy Nate: These are the famous LEGO models of actual time machines from other movies.

This is doc and the DeLorean from Back to the Future

>>Doc: Yes, of course.

>>Crazy Nate: Bill and Ted are from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

>>Bill & Ted: Excellent!

>>Crazy Nate: Then we have the TARDIS from Doctor Who

The super weird bicycle thing is actually from a 1960s movie called and you would never guess the name of the movie

The Time Machine

Skynet is the time machine used in Terminator to fix all those weird little plot holes.

Oops did I say that?

The last one that you might have picked up on is a hot tub from obviously a hot tub time machine

>>Rex Dangervest: You're too late! I'm just gonna keep going back in time until I get this thing right.

>>Crazy Nate: And of course for Rexcelsior here is powered by the flux capacitor, which is also what powered the DeLorean in Back to the Future

>>Doc: This is what makes time travel possible

The Flux Capacitor

>>Crazy Nate: His evil future self is also disappearing like in Back to the Future.

since he literally mentioned that in the movie though

can we actually call that an easter egg?

I dont know

>>Rex: I'm never going to exist

>>Emmet: Wait, wait, no

>>Rex: Haha look I knew it, I'm Back to the Future'ing totally called it

>>Emmet: What's Back to the Future'ing?

>>Crazy Nate: of course believe it or not? Some people might not have even seen Back to the Future

And so they missed the connection and for those people

Basically, what happened is in Back to the Future he time traveled to the past to change the events

that would change the outcome of the future

meaning it was gonna make it so he didn't exist in the future

That's why he was slowly disappearing.

>>Marty McFly: It's like he's being erased

>>Doc: Erased..

from existence

>>Crazy Nate: So in LEGO Movie 2 as Emmett decided not to change who was, his future evil self would never exist.

So he disappeared

Just like sometimes I wish my math teacher would have disappeared.

>>Rex: it's a classic movie older kids get to watch

And now it's happening to me

>>Crazy Nate: Of course

If you listen to the kid Finn

He hints earlier on in the movie, way earlier on in the movie that Emmett is a time traveler

>>Finn: Story line

Time travel

mind blowing

>>Crazy Nate: Besides getting the song stuck inside your head

If you look closely you can also see characters from Wizard of Oz

We have Scarecrow Tinman. Hopefully he's not made of lead

inside joke

You know if you know

Then we have Dorothy's the star and the Cowardly Lion

they keep referencing that they're going to face their very own armageddon

>>Gandalf: Its armageddon

>>Crazy Nate: This is a reference to the 1998 movie Armageddon and in case you haven't seen it

It's basically where we're all gonna die from a giant meteor

speaking of Armageddon

Here's the iconic slow-motion Armageddon walk

and in that slow-motion walk

We have cyborg the Wonder Woman Superman flash and Aquaman

The movie Armageddon also has Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck

>>Aflac duck: Aflac

>>Crazy Nate:Why does that matter?

Well, because lego movie two references Ben Affleck and Bruce Willis.

a lot

>>WyldStyle: Its just hair

look if I pop it off

am I Bruce Willis now?

>>Bruce Willis: I don't think so.

>>Crazy Nate: Bruce Willis also played the main role in a movie called Die Hard

where he crawled around inside an air duct

>>Wyldstyle: Bruce?

>>Bruce Willis: Willis. Yeah. I spend a lot of time in airducts

I definitely don't live up here.

I have a home

just scootch on by

>>Batman: Were Affleck level hot

>>Crazy Nate: In Batman vs. Superman Ben Affleck was the man behind the mask.


is obviously sister, but I'm sure you figured that one out.



*glitter barf*

And Finns sister also has a pair of wings hanging on her closet door just like General Sweet Mayhem

This explains why both the sister and general mayhem are both trying to make peace to play together

>>Bianca: Just wanted you to play with me.

>>Sweet Mayhem: All we want to do is unite our worlds in peace

>>Rex: You still wanna go back to the matrix when you know the truth?

>>Emmet: What's the matrix?

>>Rex: It's a movie all the cool older mature dudes like us have seen.

>>Crazy Nate: What's the matrix?

It's the world we live in

right Elon Musk

It's also a movie about a very cool dude who can dodge bullets.

If you watch my video about the first lego movie

You know Chris Pratt is the voice behind Emmet and there should be no surprise that

Rex Dangervest is also voiced by Chris Pratt

Partly because there's a bunch of voices in his head and partly because it's obviously just a future version of himself

When trying to create the voice for Rex danger vest Chris Pratt found inspiration for his voice from a famous western

actor John Wayne

>>Wayne: somebody oughta belt you in the mouth

>>Crazy Nate: but it seems that all this futures past adventures are reflections of real adventures from

characters that Chris Pratt played in other movies

>>Rex Dangervest: Rex danger vest

Galaxy defending!

>>Crazy Nate: Like being a galaxy defender, obviously, that would be a reference from star-lord from Guardians of the Galaxy and other Marvel movies of course

>>Rex: Cowboy!

>>Crazy Nate: being a Cowboys from when he was Josh Faraday in the Magnificent Seven

>>Rex: Raptor trainer!

>>Crazy Nate: Being a raptor trainer is a reference to when Chris played as Owen Grady and Jurassic world

>>Rex: Building furniture

>>Crazy Nate: He also was a carpenter in Jurassic world Fallen Kingdom.

>>Rex: Man of the soil

>>Crazy Nate: And we know he wants to be a farmer

>>Rex: Script doctor!

>>Crazy Nate: You could also call him a script doctor because he often ad libbed his lines in movies

>>Michael Schur: the funniest line ever spoken on our show

was improvised by Chris Pratt, which was when Leslie has the flu and she's being led out and he's just at the computer

He's filling in for April Ludgates desk

And he says

>>Chris Pratt: Leslie I typed your symptoms into the thing up here and it says you could have network connectivity problems

>>Michael Schur: Improvised line

>>Emmet: woah

>>Crazy Nate: And in case you didn't know this fun little fact Chris Pratt has a really good relationship with Chevy

In fact, he drives a Chevy

>>Chris Pratt: Chris Pratt here. Check it out. It's moving day.

>>Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi: Ok let's address the elephant in in the room

>>Crazy Nate: Well at least Chevrolet is paying him to drive a Chevy

>>Chris Pratt: New Chevy Silverado. Pretty sweet.

I do a commercial for Chevy Silverado. In fact, technically

This is a commercial for Chevy Silverado

>>Crazy Nate: and we see a Lego product placement for a Chevy truck in the movie

Subliminal marketing they're brainwashing us.

Of course one can argue that the whole movie is actually product placement for LEGO's

It's pronounced LEGO not legos. There's not an S at the end of LEGO get your facts straight. You don't even play Legos

>>Rex: Archeologist!

>>Crazy Nate: But one question would be when was Chris Pratt ever an archaeologist?

Well, he hasn't.


There's rumors that he's gonna be playing a part in the Indiana Jones 5 movie that's yet to be made.

Now he could be Jones's apprentice or he could be

replacing Harrison Ford as the Indiana Jones.

Seeing how Harrison Ford responded when he was asked about it by Variety

It makes me think he may be replacing Harrison

>>Intervierwer: is Chris Pratt joining the..


>>Harrison Ford: I think it's him or me.

>>Crazy Nate: And I get it Harrison is the legend for Indiana Jones when you think Indiana Jones you think Harrison Ford.

But Harrison Ford is also

77 years old .

Eventually he's gonna have to pass the torch

or the torch will pass him

just saying

>>Rex: and having chiseled features previously under baby fat

>>Chris: You got fat, sucker

>>Sucker: I got fat? What did you eat one of your kids?

>>Chris: I'm sexy.

>>Emmet: Woah

>>Raptor 1: Whats the wifi password?

>>Raptor 2: I don't know ask Sharon.

>>Crazy Nate? But who Sharon?

She's one of the co producers

>>Rex: First basemen.

>>Crazy Nate: He was also a first baseman in the movie Moneyball

>>Rex: Wheres Cobra?





The other one.

>>Crazy Nate: Back to the raptor trainer though he has a name for all the Raptors but one.

That one.

>>Rex: The other one

>>Crazy Nate: My guess is that his name is Boo


And if you look at the screen over here behind the rapter

You're gonna see a little space joke that is a seven-day forecast for the weather

In space the temperature is always a constant negative 270 Celsius

and the movie ends connecting back to the first one

>>dad: Honey, where are my pants?

>>Crazy Nate: Honey where are my pants is a reference back to the first movie obviously

>>commercial: tonight on where are my pants

>>Actor: Honey where are my


*Emmet laughing*

>>Emmet: I don't get it

>>Crazy Nate: if you haven't seen my other video I covered all the secrets in the LEGO Movie.


Well, we've been talking for a while I'm not sure why youre saying hello now but fine


(survey time music)

>>Crazy Nate: Today Hannand12 asks, what song was your favorite

not evil

catchy song

Gotham City guys

or everything is awesome



Have you caught the little inside joke the person saying it's a suicide mission next to the mime is Harley Quinn

>>Harley Quinn: That's a suicide mission.

>>Crazy Nate: This is a screaming reference to the movie that she was in Suicide Squad.

Of course you already knew that right?

Congratulations, you get a star.

Let's look at Batman a little bit closer since he is better than Superman

>>Emmet: Hey Batman

How was your last adventure?

>>Crazy Nate: Emmet asks Batman how his last adventure was and his response is literally a

reflection on his last adventure which was Batman vs Superman and if you notice they called it Batman vs Superman

Instead of Superman versus Batman because Batman is better

but back to the easter egg

>>Batman: good, really good, saved the world

again, learned the value of friendship

I loved. I lost and I'm good with it and it's totally on brand for me to be a loner with a broken heart

It's what the fans

want so yeah.

No, I'm good with it. Just me an Alfred.

>>Crazy Nate: He loved and lost of course

that sounds like every Batman movie, but he learned the value of friendship. So that's a little bit more specific for a Batman

>>Batman: I will say it is nice

to get a vegan option.

>>Crazy Nate: I don't know why they show Batman wanting a vegan option a wedding though

just because he doesn't eat nachos

doesn't mean he's a vegetarian.

>>Batman: Batman does not eat nachos.

>>Crazy Nate: If you remember he ate pepperoni pizza with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

>>Batman: It's Pizza time.

How many movies have they made about you?

Because there are like nine about me like three others in various stages of development

>>Crazy Nate: Batman also has way more movies about him than just nine

but then he said that there's three in stages of development

That's probably true, especially since we already know about the Batman, which is scheduled to release in 2021

There's more Batman tea though

>>Batman: with George Clooney level charm.

>>Crazy Nate: He has George Clooney level charm

not only because George Clooney is good-looking, but because back in

1997 he was Batman

>>Batman: And we're Oprah level rich

>>Oprah: You don't believe you're Batman though do you?

>>Crazy Nate: Oprah on the other hand was never Batman to the best of my knowledge.

>>Oprah: I guess I've been told

>>Batman: And Val Kilmer lips

>>Crazy Nate: Val Kilmer was Batman in 1995

And then The Legend Batman is Adam West and that's why we see him in the classic version of Batman

>>singer: I ain't Selina Kyle

>>Crazy Nate: Batman also had a thing with Selina Kyle

>>I ain't no Vicky Vale

>>Crazy Nate: Yep, Vicki Vale was a girl Batman smooched with back in 1989's Batman.

That's hot

Another thing is Batman has a sidekick named Robin.

Emmits sidekick is Rex and they both have R's on their chest

>>Teacher: Coincidence?

I think not!

>>Rex : But I don't like to talk about my backstory

So don't even ask

>>Crazy Nate: But according to Lego Rex actually stands for Radical Emit eXtreme.

Lex, the guy making smoothies is Lex Luthor who is also in the DC world and he's Superman's enemy.

You recognize Abe Lincoln

I'm sure and if you didn't know this he is America's 16th president

And one of his most famous speeches was the Gettysburg Address where he said four score and seven years ago

Please I think that's how he sounded.

They didn't have YouTube back then, I don't know

>>Abraham Lincoln: Stuck in the past a quarter score ago

>>Crazy Nate: He also was killed in a theater from an assassin and that's where they get the weird joke about having theater tickets

>>Abraham Lincoln: I had theater tickets tonight!

>>MetalBeard: Welcome to Shark Week

*shark punching*

>>Gandalf: And Marvel not returning our calls

>>Crazy Nate: Well that's interesting

does that mean that the problems between Marvel and DC were going on for a while fighting over spider-man?

>>Gandalf: Only original Aquaman

and unlicensed knockoff Larry Poppins

>>Larry Poppins: Well I say a spoonful of salt helps the medicine go down

>>Crazy Nate: And if you want to help the medicine go down.

spoonful of sugar or a spoonful of salt are both garbage solutions and stad use a spoonful of honey because it is


It has health properties including reducing your allergies

Speaking of the whole Disney Marvel thing, some of the other similarities that I'm seeing here is a superhero with a hammer

Of course the hammer here isn't very strong

But then the same superhero has a giant axe

but the super punch looks a lot like something Thor would do

>>Rex: Master breaker

>>Crazy Nate: Then when Emmit is going through the stair gate

He's surrounded by asteroids and he's saved by a father figure who destroys everything around him

kind of reminds me of guardians of galaxy

>>Rex: I can't hear you.

>>Crazy Nate: I said like Guardians of the Galaxy.

>>Rex: Sorry, man I'm just a little hard of hearing

from listening to my mixtape super loud

with no regard for my future hearing

because I live in the now.

>>Crazy Nate: Rex also can't hear too good because he listens to mix tapes too loud.

Oh, that sounds familiar

Oh, yeah

And Emmet is literally flying a glove around and in Marvel

Basically half the universe died because he messed up taking a glove from a guy

>>Batman: Alfred, battle cars

>>Alfred: Send out the battle cars

>>Battle cars: Nonstop vehicles

Nonstop vehicles

Nonstop vehicles

>>Crazy Nate: The war party is a reference to Mad Max with crazy people banging drums on cars

>>Refreshments: Lets all go to the lobby

>>Crazy Nate: So if you notice the phone has a six digit password

and yeah

I watch it slow enough to see that the password is

one, three, zero, one, six, and unless my math is wrong

That means they are missing a number

So why in the heck did the phone unlock?

I don't know.

If you remember in Aladdin, you can't wish for more wishes

>>Genie: X-nay on the wishing for more wishes.

>>Crazy Nate: Well, apparently a shooting star lives by different rules

>>Emmet: I always just wish for more wishes

because you can never have enough

and it seems that general mayhem seems to have the same amount of power as

Jafar in Aladdin because they both turned a ferocious feline into a little house cat

Having a house with dedicated toaster rooms

would be a dream come true for Eleven cuz then she could have waffle whenever she wanted

this Girl here is Velma from scooby-doo.

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