Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Mail In Visas

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Hi, I'm Kharmika a consular officer at the

Consulate General in Amsterdam.

And I'd like to talk about Mail-in Visas today

Please make sure you meet the following criteria

Still interested?

Let's continue

You can find your class on your current visa

So when is it the same?

For example: you were a B1/B2 visa holder

and your visa expired less than 12 months ago ago.

You can apply without going to an interview at the consulate general.

On the other hand if you were an E-2 spouse and now want to apply for a E-1 principal

applicant visa, you'll have to appear for an interview.

The time you have to reapply differs per visa type

Now let's get started.

The first steps in the process are the same as with a normal visa application.

You Get a ds-160.

You register at the U.S visas website.

But then things go differently.

When you get to the stage to add applicants

make sure to check the following two boxes.

Remember only visas issued in Amsterdam can be renewed via the mail.

Please carefully follow the instructions to send the passport to the U.S. Consulate Amsterdam

at the attention of: Non-Immigrant Visas. Please use registered mail.

So make it an "aangetekende brief".

You can follow the progress of your application

at the U.S. visas website and if there are no more further questions you will receive your

passport back via the mail.

We hope this was useful and don't forget,

do not make irreversible travel plans

until you have your visa in hand!

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