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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Google Maps - Create Personalized Maps

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Welcome to Google Maps.

You can use Google Maps to create a personalized map,

complete with your favorite places, photos, and videos,

and share it with your friends and family.

To get started, click the My Maps tab, and

select Create New Map.

Make sure to sign in to your Google account.

You can choose whether to make your map Public, so anyone

searching Google Maps can view it, or to keep it Unlisted.

This way, only people who have your map's

specific URL can see it.

To add a place mark, select the Place Mark tool and click

on where you'd like to drop the marker.

Each place mark has an information

balloon attached to it.

You can also add a photograph from your web album by

clicking on the Image button in rich text mode and

entering the URL.

Or switch to Edit HTML to paste in a photo URL or embed

a video, such as this one about

Google's New York office.

You can drag and drop your place marks.

You can use the line tool to draw a path along Museum Mile,

or use the shape tool to highlight an entire area.

As with place marks, you can add descriptions, photos, and

videos to lines and shapes.

To edit your place marks, lines, and shapes, you can

click on them or select them from the list.

Anytime you want to view or edit your map, just go to that

Created by Me section of the My Maps tab and click on it.

You can also delete a map by clicking on the X. You can

view your map in Google Earth by clicking KML, or share your

map with friends and family by emailing them the URL.

You can try creating a map the next time you're expecting a

visitor, planning a trip, or sharing your

adventures away from home.

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